Monthly Summary: February 2019

February is that awful month that tricks people into thinking they have more time than they actually do… Despite that, I feel like I’ve had a pretty productive month, especially since I’m three days down on last month.

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Smite: New Skins [PTS 6.2]

During this weekend’s PTS release for Smite’s most recent patch for update 6.2, there seem to have been a number of skins added that weren’t included in the patch notes. I’m sure people who have logged in to PTS over the weekend have noticed the 8 new ‘mystery’ skins featured, but the question is, when will we be getting these skins?

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Smite: 6.2 Patch Notes

With the introduction of Season 6 last patch, we saw a vast amount of changes and some new additions, including the 100th God, Merlin. As well as making some slight alterations to a handful of 6.1 content, patch 6.2 will be bringing some new skins and another new God! God number 101 is a massive addition to Smite, literally! This god is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and I’m sure he’ll cause some chaos on release. Personally, I can’t wait!

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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle: Spring 2019 Update

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle (BBTAG) was one of the few games I purchased on release last year and it is still currently taking the top spot for my go to fighter. There was a lot of content being teased when the 6 mystery character packs were announced on release, but with those now a story of the past, what’s to become of BBTAG next?

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Backlog: A Word We Love To Hate

Valentine’s Day is upon us and what better way to spend it than showing some love to all those games you’ve accumulated and ignored over the years? Every gamer has a backlog in some form or another so I’m sure many of us can relate to the Backlog Blues, feeling slightly ashamed and a little guilty for letting all those games gather dust for far too long.

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Smite: 6.1 Patch Notes

With Season 5 coming to a close, it’s time to make way for Season 6! The patch was delayed an extra week behind schedule, so we should hopefully be into the new Season from Monday 11th Feb.

As expected, this is the biggest patch of the year bringing a new God, crossplay and of course a hefty amount of balance updates! There’s also a handful of new skins including the end of Season 5 rewards and the next instalment to The Legend of Camelot.

Patches during Season 6 will be released every month rather than every two weeks. Hotfixes will still be issued when needed, but more time between patches should help improve the game quality.

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