Smite: Angelic Awilix Community Skin

Hi-Rez have officially announced that Awilix will be getting a new Angelic theme created by the community.

*Edit: This competition has now ended. Click this link to see my post on the winning skin!

*Edit: For my post on the top 3 skins click here:

*Edit: For my post on the top 10 skins click here:

Awilix was announced the winner for the community skin a few days ago after the vote between her, Hel, Poseidon, Cernunnos and Thoth were shortlisted from the entire godpool, as voted for by the community.

I originally voted for Hel originally as I love playing her since the changes in Season 4 but decided to vote for Awilix out of the 5 as she really does need a decent skin. Besides, we all know Hel needs a remodel before she gets another skin (I think someone leaked that Hel was going to be looked at during the Season 4 patch notes show – whether this is a rework entirely or just a remodel I don’t know – or I could’ve just imagined it…. who knows!).

I’m not overly excited about the theme. I voted for lore-based, but I’m just so happy it’s not genderbent or sci-fi….. It will be interesting to see what Angelic concepts people come up with, especially for Suku.

If you’re interested in entering your concept idea, click the link I’ll leave below and get your entry submitted before April 11th 2017 for the chance to have your skin in the game!

Voting on the top 10 will commence on April 14th – 17th, then I believe the ideas will be created by the Smite team and voting on the top 3 will begin on May 9th – 11th before the winner is announced on May 12th.

Good luck to everyone who is entering!

Smite 4.5 Patch Notes

Yesterday I watched the Smite 4.5 Celestial Voyage patch notes on Twitch. If you haven’t seen the patch notes already, click here:

For those of you that hadn’t already heard, Poseidon’s remodel had been announced a while back and this is now being released with the patch. As well as his default skin being updated, his recolour, mastery and team skins have all been updated too. I personally like the change, he looks more like a god now rather than part sea creature although his model somewhat reminds me of Zeus a little bit (and he now has nipples!). His Kraken ultimate model has also been updated and it looks really cool. His voicepack is still the same as before though as there was nothing that really needed to be changed with that, and the Dreadbeard and Poolseidon are also staying the same.


There is now also a new Egyptian event being added with this patch. This event involves buying the new Star themed skins for Anhur, Bastet, Khepri and Neith to unlock a crafting system. Completing mini quests will unlock crafting hieroglyphics which can be used to craft bonus items which include a loading frame, pedestal, music theme and the new loading background feature. As always, if you buy all the skins listed above you unlock the final skin for Thoth. I quite like this idea as it gives you something to work towards rather than just buying the skins, however I don’t think I’ll be involved with this event since I used most of my gems on the Gothic Chest (if you’re interested, see my previous posts on these chest items).

The best thing about this patch is definitely some of the small god changes, my absolute favourite being the Jing Wei buff as I play her all the time at the moment, so this buff is totally welcomed by me! Her explosive bolts cooldown has decreased and her base basic attack damage and movement speed have been slightly increased. I also love the small change to Nemesis so now you can use basic attacks and abilities in between her dashes similar to Susano! Although this is a small change it could completely change the way she initiates and escapes.

Another thing I love is that Thoth’s ultimate now costs mana to cancel… I know this might sound like a bad thing, but when a Thoth player just sits in lane spamming the ability, the noise can get soooooo annoying as it’s so loud and off-putting. As I don’t play Thoth, I’m very pleased with this change.


Lastly, if you didn’t already know… This week Smite are having a Birthday event to celebrate their 3rd Anniversary so are holding a load of different things every day such as chest sales, enigma chest rolls, gem quests, worshiper boosters and loads more. Make sure you check out the schedule on the website (or follow the link below) so you don’t miss out on all the stuff going on from March 21st to March 27th . It’s also double login bonuses all week, the god pack is 50% off and gem packs are also 33% off so now is the time to buy if you’re thinking about it!

Oh, and Hi-Rez are doing another community skin vote, so make sure you take part in the surveys to have your say and you could have your skin design in the game! Just follow the link at the bottom of Smite’s birthday blog (link shown above) to get the latest on what stage of the vote they’re on.

GW2 10,000 Achievement Point Reward

After playing for just over 2 years, I finally reached 10,000 Achievement points and was able to claim this reward!

For every 500 Achievement points you get a small reward, some milestones rewarding you with a choice of the Zenith skins or a choice between the Radiant and Hellfire armour skins. For every 5000 Achievement points earned you get a much larger reward including 400 gems and a title.


For reaching 10,000 AP, I was awarded:

  • Massive Achievement Chest
  • “Acclaimed Achiever” Title
  • 30 Gold
  • 10 Laurels
  • 400 Gems
  • +1% Magic Find
  • +1% Karma Gain
  • +2% Experience Gain
  • Choice of a Zenith Weapon

I chose the Zenith Recurve Bow for no particular reason other than it was at the top of the list. I already own all the ones for the weapons I want and I don’t really like these skins much anyway (mainly because of the colour) so never use them since I have better ones.


This is what I got in the Massive Achievement Chest (everything in the Uncanny Jar bag slot, obviously excluding the bow skin I just mentioned):

  • 2 Catapult Blueprints (WvW)
  • 1 Arrow Cart Blueprint (WvW)
  • 2 Flame Ram Blueprints (WvW)
  • 5 Jugs of Liquid Karma (6750 karma per jug)
  • 25 Mystic Forge Stones (used to craft in the Mystic Forge)
  • 2 Heroic Boosters (Experience and Item booster lasting 2 hours per use)
  • 2 Revive Orbs (Instant revive when dead – useful for dungeons)
  • 2 Instant Repair Canisters (Instant armour repair – useful for dungeons)
  • 2 Bank Access Expresses (Access your bank from anywhere)
  • Box of Fun
  • Experience Scroll (used by a character under level 20 to get them straight to level 20)
  • Total Makeover Kit

The blueprints are useless to me as I don’t play WvW even though I’ll have to soon because I need the Gift of Battle to craft my legendary, so maybe I could keep them for that… but they’re pretty cheap to buy on the market anyway.

A total makeover kit is always nice to have, but I’m planning on saving this to use of my Revenant when I make one. I’ll probably use the gems to buy a new character slot and make a Charr Rev but I’m waiting until the March daily sales have ended in case the character slots go on sale.

I’ll probably use the gold to buy recipes for the Gifts of Blood, Totems, Dust, etc. that you need to buy to craft legendary weapons since I’ve nearly collected all the materials. Damn legendaries are super expensive and time consuming to make!

Dota 2 Update 7.03: Jakiro Remodel

Yesterday, Dota 2: The Bladeform Legacy (patch 7.03) was released featuring the Juggernaut Arcana and the Jakiro visual update.

Before: CQ4smfB


Jakiro is my favourite hero in Dota 2 so I am so happy about his remodel. As you can see from the before and after pictures he hasn’t had a major character model change but just an update which he really needed to bring him up to date with the rest of the game. Now it looks like he actually has a body and not just a blob of tar! There’s a lot more detail, especially to his tail and the underside of his neck, as well as him now having one red wing and one blue wing. I love the glowing eye and dripping fire effects and not forgetting the new visual on his basic attacks.

This remodel might also mean he could be getting some sets in the future which would be awesome! I’m also kind of surprised about the buffs they gave him as he seems to be fairly strong at the moment, but I like it.

The Juggernaut Arcana has also been released in this patch which is pretty cool. It features new animations, teleport animations, new ability effects, new colour scheme, voice change, new hero portrait and it comes with an emoticon. Strangely though it doesn’t change anything about the healing ward which is disappointing but understandable since the mask is the arcana item. You can check out some of these animations by following the link below to the official page.


The rest of the patch is really just balance changes with the majority of changes just being tweaks to the new skill trees. I’m happy about the buffed changes to Death Prophet and Enchantress as these were heroes I used to play a lot before they were nerfed. I also used to really enjoy playing Puck so I like the changes there too.

Here’s the link for all the patch notes if you haven’t read them yet:

I’ve played Dota 2 for about 200 hours. It isn’t a game a play often and when I do it’s always with friends (who have played for 10 times the hours I have). I’m still learning, but I do know it’s one of those games with a love/hate relationship. I’ve recently bought a Razer Naga Chroma mouse which is really helping me to play better and I’m hoping Dota 2 might be a game I can get into more in the future.

Smite Gothic Chest: Item List

The official Smite page hasn’t been completely updated yet which is quite irritating for those of you who want to know all the items available in the chest before you decide to roll, so using the Smite wiki and a thread on Reddit, I have created a list of 55/55 items that are in the chest. (*I updated this post as more items were known.)



  1. Ma Chérie Arachne (added with patch 4.21)
  2. Dreadful Doll Izanami
  3. Twisted Metal The Morrigan
  4. Chilling Grasp Ah Puch
  5. Dark Whisperer AMC
  6. Demonsoul Serqet
  7. Slaughterhouse Chaac
  8. Expelled Hel
  9. Fallen Lord Chronos
  10. Fire Lord Ne Zha
  11. Metal Horns Raijin
  12. Heavy Metal Thor
  13. Squirrel Squad Ratatoskr
  14. Daisy Despair Scylla
  15. Wyrm Slayer Ullr
  16. Gravehound Anubis
  17. Joki Loki
  18. Nature’s Guardian Rama
  19. Siege Engine Xing Tian
  20. Shinobalanque Xbalanque
  21. Almighty Zeus
  22. Volcanic Agni
  23. Digimir Ymir
  24. Riftshaker Janus
  25. Solar Sentinel Ra
  26. Stormbringer Zeus


Voice Packs:

  1. AMC
  2. Anubis
  3. Cabrakan
  4. Camazotz
  5. Cernunnos
  6. Chiron
  7. Chronos
  8. Fafnir
  9. Fenrir
  10. Freya
  11. Hercules
  12. Hun Batz
  13. Jing Wei
  14. Kukulkan
  15. Kuzenbo
  16. Ne Zha
  17. Nu Wa
  18. Skadi
  19. Sobek
  20. Sun Wukong
  21. Ullr
  22. Xing Tian
  23. Ymir



  1. Gnome
  2. Fwuffy Manticore
  3. Denton Balloon
  4. All Seeing Eyes
  5. Sword in the Stone


Announcer Packs:

  1. Swagni
  2. Nox


Here is the link to the Smite Wiki page:

Hope you found this helpful, and good luck with your chest rolls!

Smite Gothic Chest

Patch 4.4 was released earlier today, and with it came the new Gothic Chest and the updated Spring Holiday Chest.

If you want to see a list of everything in this chest, follow the link:

I have been so excited about the Dreadful Doll Izanami skin, but unfortunately it had to be in a 55 item chest… thanks Hi-Rez… It costs 200 gems per roll.

I already owned 22/55 of the items in this chest, so after researching on the Smite wiki and on Reddit, and finding out that the Nox Announcer pack was in this chest too, I just HAD to give it a few rolls. So this is what I got with 5 rolls:


Although I didn’t get the Izanami skin, I did get the Nox Announcer on my 2nd roll! I’m so happy as Nox is one of my rank 10s and probably my overall favourite. I don’t play Scylla a lot but I like the skin, and same goes for Chacc (but I want everything out of the Halloween chest so getting this for 200 gems means at least I saved on a 400 gem roll or a straight up buy at 600 gems). I’ve started to play Kukulkan a lot and recently got the exclusive Kuku skin for him, so now I can annoy my teammates with the voice pack! And I’ve been thinking about getting into playing Ullr so that’s okay too.

I’m hoping that during Smite’s anniversary week (starting 21st March) they’ll have gems on sale so I can roll this chest some more before it goes in 28 days.

*Update: I bought some gems since they were on sale and ended up rolling the whole chest…. Izanami was the 52nd item and The Morrigan was the 55th/final item. Unlucky for me. To be honest this 55 item chest has the best stuff in it anyway.

The Chibi Kukulkan skin was also added to the Spring Holiday chest along with the new Loki skin bundle.


I would’ve liked the Chibi Kuku skin but I’d much rather use the gems on the Gothic Chest as I’m not a great fan of the other skins in this chest. Check out the Smite wiki for the contents of this chest, but unfortunately at the time I’m posting this the contents of the Gothic Chest is not entirely listed.

Good luck with all your chest rolls!


GW2 2nd Year Birthday Gift

My 2nd character reached their 2nd birthday this week so I thought I’d share with you what I got in my 2nd birthday gift.

I received:

  • 1 birthday booster
  • Bag of spirit shards
  • Birthday Blaster
  • Experience Scroll

The birthday booster gives you 100% increase to experience, magic find, gold from kills and WvW reward progress and 10% to PVP progress which lasts 1 day.

The bag contained 5 spirit shards. These are used as currency with Miyani, the Mystic Forge vendor.

The experience scroll can be used on any character under level 20 to be immediately boosted to level 20, receiving all the rewards for levelling up as well. These can only be consumed by characters under level 20.

Lastly, the birthday blaster. This can be equipped by you character as shown in the picture. This will give you 2 options when wielding the birthday blaster, 1 will shoot a cake and 2 will shoot 3 cakes. When a player, including yourself, runs through these cakes they will be consumed. On consuming the cakes, a nourishment buff will be given to the player which increases all attributes by 40, 10% boost to karma gain, 15% boost to magic find and experience from kills which lasts 10 minutes.


When consuming a cake you will also get another boon called Sugar Rush (the blue cake icon shown in the picture above). This boon lasts 30 seconds which means during that 30 seconds you cannot consume another cake which gives other players a chance at gaining the cake’s buffs too. If you already have any other food nourishment buffs on you (displayed by the apple buff like in the picture below) then the cake’s buffs will not affect the player, likewise if food is consumed while the cake buff is still on the player.


As well as gaining these out of the birthday gift, you are also granted the title of “Veteran” shown in the screenshot above. This is account bound meaning it can be used on any character created on that player account.

Smite 4.4 Patch Notes

I always watch the Smite Patch notes show every 2 weeks when it’s on Twitch. I really like to watch the show rather than just read the notes as it gives you a preview of the new skins in game and not just the card art as well as getting a good listen to the voice packs.

If you haven’t seen the patch notes yet then here’s a link to the official website:

This week I’d have to say that “Dreadful Doll Izanami” is my favourite part of this patch. When I saw the skin my first impressions were “oh that’s pretty good”, but then I heard the voice pack… and wow, its production is pretty incredible.


I feel like recently Hi-Rez have been improving greatly with their overall skin quality, but lacking something with their voice packs… but I have to say this one for Izanami sounded great and I was impressed. I have no idea how to get this skin, but I hope it can be picked up straight with gems rather than it being in a chest since she already has a limited skin. I love the Chibi Kukulkan too but I believe that is a chest exclusive.


There have also been a few item and god balances, my favourite change being the cost decrease and lifesteal increase to “Book of the Dead” as I like building this item as a support Aphrodite role where I need to build a bit more damage, but found it was quite expensive.

Also, the new Celtic god, Cernunnos, has been announced. He has been classed as a hunter although from the preview on the patch notes show I don’t think he really fits the hunter role. He seems to be more of a jungler than a laner, but I think he has way to much CC for a hunter. However, I do really like the stance switch on his basic attacks: Green (Spring) giving lifesteal, Yellow (Summer) giving extra power, Red (Autumn) giving a physical protection debuff and Blue (Winter) adding slows on each basic attack (refreshing, not stacking). It will definitely be interesting to see how he is played and in what position.


Also during the show, Hi-Rez leaked that starting March 21st there will be a week of events, sales and other things happening on each day during the week to celebrate Smite’s 3rd year anniversary. Looking forward to it!

Smite: What I got in my Cutesy Avatar Chests!

Smite is another game I play an awful lot. Last weekend (Friday 3rd March to Sunday 5th March) you could win a Cutesy Avatar chest for each first win of the day on the Clash game mode. I won a game each day and was awarded my chests last night.

As you can see from the picture, I got Cutesy Zhong Kui, Cutesy Bastet and Cutesy Fafnir.

I actually already own most of the items you can get in this chest, but I really wanted the Arachne one and I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get it. I’m only missing Arachne, Merdusa, Ah Muzen Cab and Doge.

There are 15 cutesy icons available in this chest: Neith, Thor, Bastet, Arachne, 2 Freyas (Freya and Valkyrie), Medusa and Merdusa, The Morrigan, Fafnir, Chef Special Khepri, Changé, Ah Muzen Cab, Zhong Kui and the most recently added Doge.

You can get a roll for this chest by reaching level 1 in the season ticket this year, which is now free! You need 750 Fantasy Points for level 1 and are awarded 10FP for a win and 5FP for a loss. 10 levels have been announced so far, but it’s great that you can get some rewards this year just for playing the game and not having to spend any gems.

If you haven’t played this game before, it’s free to play on steam. But be warned… buying gems can get addictive!

So about my obsession with Guild Wars 2…

I spend most of my free time on Guild Wars 2. After just receiving my 2 year birthday gift on my first character and being just a few hours off having a total play time of 2000 hours, I thought I’d show my main character (from the 7 I have).

In total I have played this character for approximately 800 hours total, so over a 1/3 of my Guild Wars hours have been played using this character. She is a thief class (Daredevil with the Heart of Thorns expansion), human race and my current build uses the short bow and the Daredevil staff.

I’m currently crafting the legendary short bow “Chuka and Champawat” for this character. The precursor weapon “Tigris” can just be seen in the screenshot. It’s taking a lot of time to craft this and I’m sure I’ll talk about more it in the future.