Smite: 4.12 Patch Notes

This week’s Divine Light 4.12 Patch Notes is quite a small patch, so I will try to keep this fairly short. Click here if you haven’t seen the 4.12 Official Patch Notes yet.

The next patch, 4.13, is the Mid-Season patch and is going to be massive, live from Dreamhack (Valencia) with Hinduman and PonPon. Hinduman teased the next Patch Notes show is going to be at least 1 hour and 30 mins long, similar in length to the first Season 4 Patch, so prepare yourselves for a huge patch in 2 weeks time! The Odyssey 2018 T5 skin will also be announced at Dreamhack, so voting will be happening very soon! Check out my Odyssey 2018 T5 Skin post here for any other information.


Changes to the Adventure: Trials of King Hercules first. This adventure seems to be staying around for a bit longer, so there’s still time to go on an expedition for some Hydra heads… I mean Scales.

The Blessing of Might will now give 40% damage increase instead of 20% and the Blessing of Protection will now give 40% damage reduction instead of 20%, so if you’re still struggling to kill the Hydra this should help you out a lot. Here’s my Trials of King Hercules post if you need any information.


There have been quite a few skins this patch considering the Patch Notes show only lasted 25 mins.


I love the Venus Aphrodite skin so much. The dark hair and the green colour scheme for her design and ability effects is really different which I really like. It appears this skin is related to Hand of the Gods (Smite Tactics) and sounds like you’ll only be able to get hold of it through buying a HotG bundle like the Enyo Bellona skin… VVGT.

*Edit (8/7/17): This skin is now available for purchase as part of the Hand of the Gods Venus Competitor’s Pack. It is on sale at 25% off for a limited time, currently costing $14.99 (about £11.50). As much as I want the skin, I don’t think I’ll be getting it…


Beamy Chibi is next… and wow this skin is pretty great. At first I wasn’t too sure on the design, but the Voice Pack won me over. His ultimate screams “BYE” as you fire it… need I say any more? The laugh is great too, mimicking Ra’s standard laugh with a little chuckle at the end. I must say, I’m not really a fan of Hi-Rez’s VP designer, Tina’s, Voice Packs as they are normally too cheesy for me, but this one is great.


Izanami has a new T2 (250 gems) skin, Hou Yi has a T3 (400 gems) skin and Ares has a Team Elevate skin which comes in a bundle with an Elevate Ward.


  • Artemis has had her health per level increased and a mana reduction scaling from 70-90 to 50-70 on her Suppress the Insolent (ability 3).
  • Athena’s passive (Reach) now has 15% magical scaling instead of 5%.
  • Kumbhakarna has had a mana reduction on his Mesmerize scaling from 70-90 to 50-70.
  • Tyr’s Power Cleave has had a mana reduction scaling from 50-70 to 50 at all ranks.
  • He Bo’s animation for Water Cannon has been reduced by half so he can now cast another ability afterwards sooner.



From Friday June 30th – Tuesday July 4th, earn Double Everything (worshipers, experience and favour) to celebrate Independence Day.

Speaking of Independence Day, the Independence Chest is on sale right now where you can get your hands on the new Lady Liberty Nox skin. It’s available for the next 4 weeks so there’s plenty of time to roll!

The God pack is also still 33% off, so if you’re into the game then now could be a good time to pick it up and increase your God pool.

Steam Summer Sale 2017

It’s that time of year again… the Steam Summer sale is here! If you’ve had your eye on a game or whether you’re just in the mood to try something new, now is the time to make that purchase!

The Steam Summer Sale is active from 22nd June to 5th July and is the biggest sale throughout the year with hundreds of games at great discounts! As well as the sale there is also the yearly Steam Summer Sale badge to craft along with a new mini-game.


The Steam Summer Badge is crafted with Trading Cards. You earn these cards daily by completing your Discovery Queue (you can complete the queue twice to earn 2 cards per day) and by spending money in the store. Card drops are random so you can end up with duplicates, however you can craft the badge multiple times. Cards are also tradable and marketable. On completion of the badge you will receive a badge to display on your profile, level XP, an emoticon and a profile background. All cards will expire on 5th July so make sure you craft your badges before then.

This year the mini-game is in the form of a sticker book where you complete mini quests to earn sticker packs which you then fill your book with. There are 3 quests each day – today mine were: Complete your Steam Discovery Queue, Review your Preferences, and check out your what your friends are doing on the Activity page (earning 1 sticker pack per quest). You will not get duplicate stickers until you own one of each sticker available. There are 112 stickers altogether and you get 3 stickers per pack.


I added NeiR:Automata to my wishlist as soon as it was advertised on Steam. The game just looks beautiful and I love the style of it. Over the past few months I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and I think I would have a great deal of fun playing this game. My only doubt is that it is still quite expensive… but it is still a new game and from what I’ve heard, it sounds like it’s worth it.

In my opinion the sale isn’t as good this year as it has been over the past few years so I’m not sure if I’ll be making many purchases, but I’m hoping I can decide what games I’d like to buy from my wishlist and possibly make some reviews. Here are some games I’ve had my eye on for a while:

  • NieR:Automata (Was £39.99 / 30% off / Now £27.99)
  • Tales of Berseria (Was £39.99 / 40% off / Now £23.99)
  • Total War: Warhammer (Was £39.99 / 66% off / Now £13.59)
  • God Eater 2: Rage Burst (Was £39.99 / 66% off / Now £13.59)
  • Black Desert Online (Was £6.99 / 20% off / Now £5.59)
    • Explorers Package (Was £29.99 / 40% off / Now £17.99)


I’ve been thinking about trying Black Desert for a while now but I was worried that I wouldn’t get into it so much. Since I play an awful lot of Guild Wars 2, I didn’t really want to start playing another MMO as Guild Wars took up so much of my free time (and still does from time to time). However, I’m not playing Guild Wars as much as I used to and I’m interested in trying to invest my time into something else, so maybe Black Desert could be just that.

Let me know your thoughts if you have played any of these games and/or have any recommendations!

Smite: 4.11 Patch Notes

It’s Thursday… which means it’s time for my patch notes post! I watched the patch notes show last night on Twitch, so if you missed the show you can view the Smite 4.11 Official Patch Notes by following the link.

So this week there has been a lot included in the update which is scheduled to release on 20th June (for PC, 1 week later for console) with additions being the new Celtic Warrior, Cu Chulainn, and the new event “Code of Chivalry”.

New God:


So firstly, meet the new Smite God “Cu Chulainn” (pronounced Ker-Cull-In). He is quite unique in terms of how he uses his mana and how he switches stance.

Passive: Berserk – Cu Chulainn’s mana bar is capped at 100 (his mana cannot exceed this limit even with mana items) and only regens naturally up to 25. Hitting basic attacks, abilities and taking damage (himself and allies) regenerates some of Cu Chulainn’s mana (ferocity). When he reaches 85 mana , after 3 seconds, Cu Chulainn transforms into his Berserk form giving him different abilities as well as gaining a power and maximum health boost.

Ability 1: Barbed Spear/Ground Slam – Cu Chulainn throws his spear forwards, dealing damage and reducing enemy healing for 4 seconds. If used on minions, the spear will apply a stun. This ability restores 6 ferocity (mana) for each god hit (3 enemies max, 18 ferocity max). Ground Slam is his Berserk ability, slamming the ground dealing damage and rooting enemies hit.

Ability 2: Vent Anger – This ability is the same in both stances. It increases his movement speed and drains his mana (as a means of controlling when he changes to Berserk form). Enemies stood in range with take damage every 0.5 seconds (like Mystical Mail).

Ability 3: Salmon’s Leap/Furious Charge – Cu Chulainn leaps to a target location vaulting over his spear and doing damage where he lands and where his spear slams in front of him. This ability restores 6 ferocity (mana) for each god hit (3 enemies max, 18 ferocity max). Furious Charge is his Berserk ability, charging forwards he pushes and deals damage to enemies.

Ultimate Ability: Spear of Mortal Pain/War Cry – Cu Chulainn swings his spear out in a circle around him, knocking up enemies it hits and damaging them. This restores 12 ferocity (mana) per enemy hit (3 enemies max, 36 ferocity max).

Other information:

  • Berserk form lasts 20 seconds and cannot be cancelled early.
  • Mana (ferocity) cannot exceed 25 while in Berserk form and abilities cost no mana to use but still have cooldowns.
  • When not in Berserk form, the more enemies hit (capped at 3) with the same ability grants more ferocity/mana so hitting 3 enemies will grant 3 times the ferocity than hitting 1 enemy.
  • Buying items which gives you mana will not allow Cu Chulainn to have more mana.



Item changes:

  • Aura items have been hit this patch… Gauntlet of Thebes has had a health reduction from 350 to 300 and a protection aura reduction from 20 to 15. The aura on Sovereignty has also been reduced from 30 physical protections to 15 (which is a huge change!) and the protections for the buying has been increased from 30 to 40.
  • Shifters Shield has been nerfed since its change in 4.9. It now costs 2500 gold as opposed to the 2350 gold it was before.

God Changes:

  • Da Ji has had her ultimate (PaoLao) tweaked again. Now when she has fired her 3 shots early she will be able to dismount the PaoLao instead of waiting for the timer to run out. The jump targeter will also appear as soon as Da Ji cancels the ability.
  • Fafnir and Ganesha have both had their slows altered. Fafnir’s cursed strengths now does a 20% slow as all ranks. Ganesha’s ultimate, Dharmic Pillars, now gives a 35% slow at all ranks in the area inside the pillars.
  • Nemesis has had a slight passive change where her power gained and lost is being reduced from 6% to 5%.



Moving onto the skin releases. There have been a lot of skins released this patch, some of them tied to the event which I will talk about later. So first, my favourite skin of the patch, Lady Liberty Nox. (Edit: This skin is not being released with this patch but will be added at a later date.)


I like the idea for this skin, since the statue was based on the Roman Goddess “Libertas”, as Nox is Roman and she already holds candles. I’m not so keen on the look of the candlestick, but I really like the ability effects. However, the twinkling sound and the stars trailing behind her when she walks is a bit too much. When she lands her ultimate it shoots fireworks into the air which is a nice touch, and the voice pack is decent although it would have been better if it was French (since the Statue of Liberty is a French statue).

This skin will be in the Independence Chest with 7 other items and costs 400 gems per roll, so I’ll probably be giving it a roll as Nox is my favourite and most played God, and my goal is to own all of her skins!


Nox and Osiris have had their mastery skins updated. I love that both sets of card art have stayed the same, just re-coloured, as generally when Hi-Rez have been updating the skins they also change the card art.


Da Ji now has some Mastery skins too (I love her Legendary skin… time for me to get her to Rank 5). Again, the card art is great too.


Osiris actually has two new skins this patch (as well as his updated mastery skins) which includes the Black Knight skin shown above and similar version in white and blue called Noble Knight. These skins will be featured in the new event that I will talk about later.

Another skin involved with the new event is Draco Knight Tyr. I really like this skin but I’m not sure of the bat wings he seems to grow during his backing animation… There are two other skins with the similar Knight theme and colour scheme – Jackel Knight Anubis and Dead Knight Odin – which will also be part of the new event.



Codes of Chivalry Event:

Now moving onto the new event, “Codes of Chivalry”. To take part in this event you will need to buy the bundle which costs 1200 gems (pricey if you ask me) which will unlock a series of quests for you to complete. I’m not 100% sure how it will work, but on the patch notes show they were saying that there are good and bad quests and you can choose which path you will take – good or evil. I believe this will then determine which Osiris skin you unlock first.


On purchasing the bundle you will unlock:

  • Draco Knight Tyr
  • Chivalry Loading Frame
  • Fire Giant Ward

Completing the quests will also award you with:

  • Jackel Knight Anubis
  • Dark Knight Odin
  • Noble Knight Osiris
  • Black Knight Osiris
  • Chivalry Music Theme
  • Chivalry Loading Screen

It also sounds like you might get other rewards along the way such as Enigma Chests or Boosters. Also, if you don’t manage to finish all the quests before the event ends, you will be given all the items listed above without completing the necessary quests when the event ends (but you will miss out on any other bonus rewards it may offer).

It’s unlikely I’ll be buying this bundle since I bought the Trials of King Hercules Adventure bundle, and if I decide to spend some gems it will probably be on the Independence Chest for the Lady Liberty Nox skin.




*Edit: It’s also time for another “Gabe Said So” sale. From 23rd to 25th June, Smite will be having a summer sale. Here’s the bargains you don’t want to miss out on: There will be 25% off all current chests and scaling prices on all direct purchase skins:

  • 10% off Season 4 skins (excluding patches 4.9, 4.10 and 4.11)
  • 25% off Season 3 skins
  • 33% off Season 2 skins
  • 50% off Season 1 skins
  • 75% off Season 0 skins

Also earn up to 300 gems over the weekend as you receive 10 gems per First Win of the Day (FWOTD). Now’s the time to earn some gems and pick up some bargains!


Submissions for the T5 Odyssey skins for the hunters Medusa, Skadi, Jing Wei, Hou Yi or Ullr has now ended (19th June). Follow the link for my post about the T5 Odyssey Hunter Skin Submission where you can follow the links and find information to keep you up to date with the process.

GW2: Chuka and Champawat Vol 1: Hunter’s Journal

The Hunter’s Journal is part of the Chuka and Champawat Volume 1: The Hunt collection. After you have spoken to Bagred the Hunter in Snowden Drifts, received the recipe for the Crude Leather Book and crafted it, a new sub-collection will unlock:

Chuka and Champawat I Hunter’s Journal: “Under Bagred’s tutelage, I now undertake my hunt. The pages will chronicle the pages of my deed”.

This is what the collection looks like in the achievements tab:


There are 20 parts to this collection, the first being the Crude Leather Book that unlocked the collection and the other 19 have to be completed in order. As I completed this collection just over a year ago I cannot replay the steps to give you accurate screenshots. I briefly looked at a few guides (mainly referring to Dulfy) to refresh my memory and make this as helpful as possible.

I remember it taking me about 2 hours to complete without using any guides and following all the trails rather than skipping ahead. This is going to be a long guide, but this was probably my favourite part of the Chuka and Champawat collection.

It would be useful to do this collection with a character that has 100% map completion as there is quite a lot of moving about and traveling to different places, so it would save a lot of time along the way.

Entry 1: I’m looking for a challenging hunt, and rumour has it there’s a tiger harassing researchers in Metrica Province. I’ll contact researcher Hrappa at the Rana Landing Complex. Could this prey be worthy of my skills?”


You will need to complete the renown heart at Voloxoan Passage in order to speak to Hrappa about the tigers. You will then need to interact with some of the Alliance Monitors to look for camera footage of the tigers. The entry will be completed when you find the correct monitor.

Entry 2: “I’m told there may be two tigers! They’ve been tearing into supplies and terrifying research subjects. The evidence points east, I’ll follow the tracks and see what turns up.”


Travel south-east from Desider Atum waypoint. Roughly where the arrow ends (screenshot below) you will find Signs of Tiger Habitation and tiger tracks at the circle. Interacting with the tracks will complete entry 2.


Entry 3: “The hunt is on! I discovered signs of a den and – more importantly – I’ve picked up their trail. The trail leads into southern Caledon. Maybe the local Hylek villagers know something.”

Again you will need to complete the renown heart to the west to be able to speak to Atzintli and complete the entry. He will lead you to the cliffs.


Entry 4: “What luck! There are recent reports of a tiger sighting near the cliffs to the south!”

Go to the pace by the cliffs marked on the map and interact with the Signs of Tiger Habitation. This will spawn Legendary Chuka and Legendary Champawat and you will have to fight… at about 2/3 health they will run off before you can kill them. Chase them to complete the entry.


Entry 5: “I tracked them down! They fight with such ferocity! I wasn’t able to bring them down before they escaped, but the trail is fresh. To Southsun Strait! I’ll cut them off at Southsun Cove. If my luck holds, someone at Lion Point will have spotted them.”

Talk to Lionguard Liella located in the camp where Lion Point waypoint is to complete entry 5.


Entry 6: “Circumstances have changed. It seems the beasts are now attacking people. Did our confrontation drive them to this? Settlers have been killed and dragged off to the west. The stakes are rising rapidly – this hunt is no longer merely for sport. Lives are in danger. They’ve fled west. The wet sands should preserve their tracks.”


Follow the tiger tracks west. This will lead you to a Tiger Attack Victim north of Southsun Strait (northwest corner). The tracks will then lead you east to the very edge of the map and lead you to Sparkfly Fen, roughly following the path of orange arrows on the map below.


Entry 7: “Tracking them is difficult in this terrain, but I think I’ve gained ground. Signs point east into Sparkfly Fen. I should search for the man-eaters’ whereabouts around Verarium Delves.”


Follow the rough direction of the arrows through the caves, past the hero point and then onto a ledge where you will find another Sign of Tiger Habitation. Interacting with this will spawn both Legendary Tigers (as you can see from the screen shot below – it’s the only screenshot I took when I was actually doing this collection myself!) which you will have to fight, and they are quite tough this time. Again they will run off (at about half health) before you can defeat them.

The tiger face symbolises a tiger den which you need to find for the Spirit of the Tiger Achievement. Although the tiger dens have nothing to do with the Chuka and Champawat collection, it is a good time to start this achievement alongside the Hunter’s Journal as you will have to go to places where some are the dens are. Likewise for future parts in the Chuka and Champawat collections. After the tigers run off, walk north to the edge of the ledge you fought the tigers on, drop off the ledge onto a lower ledge and you will find the tiger den hidden in a corner within the cliff.


Entry 8: “The vicious animals had slunk off into the cliffs near the Tower of Modius! They escaped me but not without a fight. I must stop them. I tracked the vicious animals down and gravely wounded the male. Following its trail should be simple enough.

Follow the trail of tiger blood through Sparkfly Fen into Bloodtide Coast then through the Lornar’s Pass. Interact with the Tiger Tracks on the orange circle to complete the entry.


Entry 9:The Brutes have led me to Lornar’s Pass and are heading for Ettin Territory. I must be careful. The nearby Ettinworks Lab is investigating ways to avoid Ettin detection. Aiding them should give me ample opportunities to search the area.”

To complete this entry you need to complete the event chain at the marked location. The specific event in the chain that completes the entry is “Free Venpa and help her reach safety” so if this event isn’t active when you get there just continue with the event chain or wait for the chain to start.


Again there is another tiger den here for the Spirit of the Tiger achievement. It is on a ledge marked with the tiger face and you will just need to jump up some rocks to get to it.

Entry 10: “The local Ettin Chief seems to be fascinated with pets. It appears at least one of the tigers was held here in captivity for a time. I’m too late. They’ve moved on. Signs point east into the Shiverpeak Mountains. I should search the Tribulation Caverns for clues.”

Travel to Sorrow’s Embrace waypoint in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. You will need to completed 2 jumping puzzles in order to reach the next locations. The first you need to do is Tribulation Rift Scaffolding which then leads you onto Tribulations Caverns. The orange arrows roughly point out the direction of the jumping puzzles but looks up video guides if you’re not familiar with them.


When you have completed the Tribulations Caverns jumping puzzle, interact with the Tiger Signs to spawn the Legendary Tigers again. Be careful this time because if you die you will need to do the jump puzzles over again, bring a friend if you need to. Chuka will spawn on 50% health, so focus him as Champawat only runs off again later. You will actually need to kill Chuka this time and the entry will complete on his death.

Entry 11: I’ve slain one if the evil man-eaters! The cold and snow give me and advantage. The other creature fled, but this hunt will end soon.”


This entry involves following more tiger tracks from Dredgehaunt Cliffs, through Hoelbrak and into Wayfarer Foothills. You need to interact with the Tiger Tracks leading to Diessa Plateau to complete this entry.


Entry 12: “Hours of trudging through the snow, yet still the beast eludes me. I need to rest in Nolan before I can complete the hunt. Perhaps I can learn something of value from the Nolan locals.”

Travel to Nolan waypoint in Diessa Plateau and speak to Primus Kurr located next to the portal leading to the Black Citadel (the first orange circle). Head west to the vista in the Town of Nolan. You will need to jump up the mossy cogs here, go through a pipe, and make your way into the cliff where you will find a cave with a strawberry patch in it (marked with the second orange circle). Here you need to speak to Anya Fairmind to complete the entry.


Entry 13: “The death toll rises. Nolan residents reported that an old soldier was attacked and killed not long before I arrived. His body was dragged west into the foothills. Searching west I met a young charr tending a strawberry garden. Her tale sounded a bit suspect, but it’s clear the tiger has turned east. I’ve picked up the trail again. If my suspicions prove true, it will lead me to the Crimson Plateau.”

You will need to do the Crimson Plateau jumping puzzle to complete this entry. The puzzle starts roughly where the orange arrows begin and follows the general direction of the arrows. You will need to jump to a hidden gap in a wall nearing the middle of the puzzle, so look up a video guide if you aren’t familiar with it.

There is also a tiger den on the way, at the very end of the puzzle it is on a ledge behind the huge tree just before you drop down to get the chest. It is only possible to get on this platform during the puzzle, so if you jump down to get the chest you will have to do the puzzle again to get the den (unless you have a Mesmer friend).

Signs of Tiger Habitation will be shown in the area where the chest is. Interact with the signs and Legendary Champawat will spawn again. Getting the tiger down to about 50% health will again cause it to run off and the entry will be completed.


Entry 14: “I cornered her! Another brutal fight, but again she slipped away. She’s escaped south fleeing for Martyr’s Woods in the Plains of Ashford. I’ve lost the track. Hopefully the charr at Spirit Hunter Camp have seen something.”

Speak to Latres Bladebane located at Spirt Hunter Camp waypoint in Plains of Ashford. She is stood next to one of the tents by the waypoint. Speaking to her will complete the entry.


Entry 15: “Some charr at Spirit Hunter Camp tell me a tiger attacked them during the night. They fended the beast off without any casualties. The trail continues southeast. I expect it leads to Loreclaw Expanse.”

Travel to Loreclaw Waypoint and head east through the water. You will find more Signs of Tiger Habitation just on the shoreline. Interact with them to complete the entry.


Entry 16: “I uncovered ample evidence of her passing near a separatist camp in Loreclaw Expanse. I’ve tracked her south but her path is too treacherous for me to traverse. I’ll cut her off at Secluded Glen.”

Travel to Tenaebron Waypoint in Fields of Ruin and head northwest to the Secluded Glen where the hero point is (very furthest point in the top left corner of the map). Talk to the Travelling Priestess to complete this entry.


Entry 17: “Incredible! A travelling priestess at Secluded Glen told me she saw the tiger pass through and – with no hesitation – proceed into the Dragonbrand. The Brand is terrifying for a well-trained warrior – I can’t imagine what courage that tiger must possess. I’ll resume my search around Sentinel’s Perch. If she somehow survived the Brand, that’s her likely destination.”


Travel to Thunderbreak waypoint in Fields of Ruin. Head east and follow more tiger tracks until you come to some Obscured Tiger Tracks. Interact with them and you will be directed to Captain Carbins (at the second orange circle). Speaking to him will complete the entry.


Entry 18: “A villager at Halkor Meadows is missing. Apparently the beast is still hungry for flesh. An Ebon Vanguard member searching for the missing villager was mauled near the cliffs north of the village. I go north.”

You need to get up the cliff for this entry. Use the wooden structure in the village to get onto the cliffs, then jump to the next cliff using the stone pillars (the arrows mark the rough direction). When you reach the top of the cliff there will be more Signs of Tiger Habitation. Interact with it to spawn Legendary Champawat at 50% health. You will need to kill the tiger to complete the entry.

There is also another tiger den here (marked with the tiger face). Go to the edge of the cliff and head east round the back. The tiger den is on a lower ledge you can glide to.


Entry 19: “The beast is slain! The countryside is finally safe from her murderous rampage! I’m exhausted. I’ve rarely seen creatures so relentless, so single-minded in their will to survive. Time to return to Bagred the Hunter, he’ll want to hear the details of this hunt.”

Travel to Snowdrift Haven waypoint and head south west towards the bridge where you will once again find Bagred the Hunter. Speak to Bagred and tell him you’ve completed the journal.


This will complete the journal and award you with a Completed Hunter’s Journal. The completed journal will also count towards the Chuka and Champawat Vol 1: The Hunt collection.

Entry 20: “Warming my sore bones by a norn campfire, I’m unsure how to wrap up this journal. I started this hunt seeking a challenging game. I ended up with quite a bit more than I’d bargained for, tracking a pair of vicious creatures over vast territory. Their tenacity was unparalleled. In the end I’m pleased I could bring an end to the tigers’ wanton violence, but a part of me can’t help but wonder what drove these creatures to madness.”

Stay tuned for Chuka and Champawat Vol 2 and a full Spirit of the Tiger achievement guide!

Smite: Trials of King Hercules Adventure

Patch 4.10 was released earlier today and with it came the new adventure: Trails of King Hercules. I’ve been really excited for this adventure since I saw it on the Patch Notes show last week and I have seen a few videos of people playing the first “Easy” mode on PTS so I did know what to expect. This mode is for 3 players who can be solo queued, partied or a mixture (party of 2 and one solo).

*Edit: For details on hard mode see the bottom of the post!

There are a few Gods you are unable to play as in this mode as they are either too strong or have aspects which could cause problems in the game. These Gods are: Ao Kuang, Apollo, Chronos, Hades, Hercules, Izanami, Janus, Jing Wei, Ne Zha, Nu Wa, Rama, Ratatoskr, Thanatos, The Morrigan and Thor. So basically anyone with a global ability and I know Hades and Izanami were really strong in PTS so they have probably been banned for that reason…

Firstly I loaded into the game and opened the Adventures tab which led me to the Hercoplis town menu.


There are 4 sections to the town. You can complete some of the quests within the town without buying the bundle (all the quests at the Blacksmith and Church, and the first 2 quests at the Treasury), but you cannot access any of the town services without buying the bundle for 900 gems even if you have looted the currency.


As you can see from the screenshot, this is the Blacksmith hub. There are 3 quests available which have to be selected to be completed meaning only one quest can be active at a time. You need to click on the quest you want to activate and click “Accept”. When you have completed the quest you will need to click the “Accept” button again (which will say completed) to be given your reward. From the “Kill 10 Boars or Harpies” quest I was awarded the Morningstar item (first tier of Transcendence and Hydra’s Lament) which gives me 10 Physical Power.

The services section at the bottom allows you to spend the gold you earn in the dungeon on chests to unlock an item. It appears that you can only buy items from here if you have bought the 900 gem bundle. In my opinion, this is really stupid as Hi-Rez usually make it so you can complete the in game content (but without the rewards) if you don’t buy the bundle. This is difficult though if you can’t buy any items to make you stronger in the Dungeon as you’re just relying on luck to get decent items, however, you can get tier 3 item drops from boss chests. When trading for chests you don’t get to choose your item, but there are 3 chests you can purchase:

  • Uncommon Item (1000 gold) – gives you a random first tier item e.g. Morningstar.
  • Rare Item (1500 gold) – gives you a random second tier item e.g. Charged Bow.
  • Epic Item (3000 gold) – gives you a random third tier (complete) item e.g. Bloodforge.


Since I was awarded a Physical Power item, I decided to play as Cupid, mainly for the heals and he can do well if he runs out of mana. At the beginning of each game you will need to re-equip all the items you want/need for your run but you can only equip items you have received out of chests. This means that you will not be able to equip items on your first run. You can change or equip new items during the run when you are awarded item chests for completing boss fights which I’m glad about as you pick up items from chests during the play through.


Currently these are the only items I have, so I selected those. Just like normal you can equip up to 6 items so even if you don’t have decent items for your character at the start, it’s still worth equipping them until you get better ones later on. Also if you get a magical power item but want to play as a physical god you can still equip the item – even though the power won’t be used by your god, if the item has another stat e.g. health, then your character will still receive the health stat.

For example: If I had 2 items, Heavy Mace (25 Magical Power, 10 Penetration) and Uncommon Sash (15 Magical Power, 75 Health) and I chose to play as Chaac, I could equip both items to have the stats 25 Magical Power, 10 Penetration and 75 Health as the 15 Magical Power will not be effective on Physical Gods.

After playing a few games I decided to buy the bundle as I like the Vanguard Hercules skin and I love the Abyssal Sorcerer Poseidon. I think I will play this a lot as it has similarities to other games I play so to me it is interesting to see how it’s been done in Smite. So here is what is included in the bundle:


For buying the bundle, you are immediately awarded the Vanguard Hercules skin, Dungeon Jump Stamp, Dungeon Loading Frame and Dungeon Music Theme as well as 1 Golden Key. Here is what you can unlock with your Golden Key:


The Golden Key gives you the choice of ONE of the following skins. You can unlock all these skins if you have bought all the bundles, as one key is included per bundle. You are given a fifth key if you buy all 4 bundles (there’s still one more adventure to come, so don’t worry, we have only had 3 so far!) which also means there is another skin to come too! You can hold onto your key/s until all the skins have been released which I think I might do and see if the next skin can possibly be better than the Poseidon one!

Other benefits of buying the bundle are other rewards such as an Awesome Chest (containing only exclusive skins), 2 Enigma Chests (containing 600, 400, 250, 100 gem skins, voice packs, avatars or wards) and some Minor Chests (containing emotes and boosters) and 100 gems!


This is the first room where you are awarded an item for defeating the enemy waves. The first boss is just after this room. I don’t want to talk about the levels too much as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but it can be quite tricky… just keep playing and farm some gold and loot some items! Don’t forget that once you complete the easy mode, the hard mode will become available which I believe has different bosses and probably a new level scenario all together… we’ll wait and see!

Have fun in the Dungeon!


*Edit (11th June):


Well obviously because this is Hi-Rez the hard mode is still the same level… what was I thinking. It’s definitely a lot harder and I wouldn’t even try this mode until you have all the Epic items or at least a full build. Although, saying that I had a full ADC build and someone had a go at me for playing hard because I didn’t have any healer items and they personally didn’t want to play a healer…. so I recommend farming all the items first unless you want angry players.

I’ve managed to complete the hard mode twice. The whole level is the same with the same enemies and mechanics, just more difficult. After the Lion you go through the other set of doors where there’s a short farming section before the Hydra boss. I completed the Hydra in the same party twice with the same line up and item selection which I will show you here:


The two people I played with were already in a party together, so I would definitely say that it is easier to play with people you know or who you can chat to while you are playing. It’s also worth buying all three blessings each (you can only buy blessings if you have bought the bundle) before you start your runs if you’re in a party and know there’s a chance you can complete it. I had a Blessing of Might during my first run and then all three blessings on the second run.

I’ve seen loads of different line ups working, mainly with a healer and two ADCs so I was shocked in a way to see it work with a tank. As Aphrodite I was tethered to Amaterasu 95% of the time as Cernunnos had plenty of lifesteal and Amaterasu was taking the agro. If you are playing with two ADCs as a healer, picking Shogun’s Kasari instead of Rod of Tahuti is a really great choice as it still gives you mana regeneration and helps with the attack speed of your teammates greatly (it also has handy cooldown too)! I didn’t buy it this time because Amaterasu did and there’s no need for two as they don’t stack and we’re always grouped up anyway.

Because our party killed the Hydra twice, I got 2 Hydra Scales to spend on chests. I got an Enigma chest for completing the quest “Defeat the Hydra” and bought another Enigma chest and an Awesome chest with the scales. I got Demon Catcher Zhong Kui from the Awesome chest and Nile Stalker Sobek and Bacchus’ Voice Pack from the Enigma chests. If I get another scale I can get another Enigma chest roll…

Lastly, here is a nice glitch which happened after myself and another player defeated the boar on easy (then died at the spiders) with a disconnected player still at the starting zone…


Let me know your thoughts and be sure to let me know any other ways, line ups and builds you defeated the hydra with.

Smite: 4.10 Patch Notes

Last night’s patch notes show was restructured and gave all the balance changes first… and really fast, so forgive me if I don’t have much else to say about some changes.

As always here are the Official 4.10 Patch Notes.

Firstly I will start with the new adventure, Trials of King Hercules. I’m actually really looking forward to this one as it’s very different to the other adventures Hi-Rez have released already. The loot system sounds great and I’m interested to see what awaits in the dungeon!

This game mode will be free to play just like the others, but there is a purchasable pack which includes the Vanguard Hercules skin shown in the featured picture (it looks like Ares to me), a loading frame, jump stamp and music pack as well as a Golden Key. This key will allow you to choose a skin from the Golden Vault (I’ll talk more about the new skin included in this later).


The creature (Hydra) in the picture above is shown in the trailer for the adventure which is one of the bosses you will fight in this PVE mode. There are a number of currencies used to buy different things, one of which being a Hydra Scale (which I assume will drop from this boss) which you can use to purchase an Awesome Chest, Enigma Chests and Emote/Booster chests. However these are only available if you have purchased the pack, which should be 900 gems.


This is Abyssal Sorcerer Poseidon which is the new limited skin that will be in the Golden Vault. I love the effects on this skin and the Kraken is now a tentacle monster… The only way to get this skin is to purchase any adventure pack to receive a Golden Key to unlock the Vault. You can choose which skin you want thankfully so it’s not like a standard chest roll. Also in the Vault are Intergalactic Change, Guan Unicorn and Swashbuckler Susano.

There have been a few other skins released in this patch including a T2 (250 gem) skin for Da Ji already… I like the idea but the model in game isn’t quite right and looks a little dodgy. I think it would have been better to make this a T3 (400 gem) skin and just put a bit more effort into it and change the effects and voice pack.


Other skins included in this patch are The Marksman Rama, Eliminator Ravana and Bacchus has also had a visual remodel…. I hope you’re ready for this because I don’t think anyone watching Twitch was.


I get that it makes him look more “God like” and everything but his model is just so small now with a very similar, if not the same, walking animation and it just looks so wrong… I don’t like it at all. His Mastery skins and the Enemy skin are also being updated to fit the new model, but all his other skins will stay the same.

Da Ji has been adjusted quite a bit which I think will make her a lot better in game. When I was playing her I noticed her abilities could easily screw her over or get cancelled by other Gods therefore leaving her a bit stuck. I opted to try an attack speed build which worked late game but early – mid she just did no damage at all.

Here are Da Ji’s changes:

  1. Horrible Burns (ability 1) will provide a scaling slow from 10%-30% at max rank.
  2. Her One Thousand Cuts (ability 2) now gives her knockup immunity. In my opinion this is the best change as I found the most problematic situation to be in was when the ability was cancelled by knockups leaving her with no escape.
  3. Trickster Spirit (ability 3) now has a 0 second post fire time from 0.2 seconds.
  4. PaoLao (Ultimate) can now be cancelled early by right clicking to select the jump target so she can jump off without waiting to use all her shots. You also now have 5 seconds to choose where to shoot the chains and the deployable time has been increased to 9 seconds as well as the chains now being easier to see.

Neith has also had a buff for the first time since 2.5! Her backflip now does 80 – 240 damage and her ultimate now stuns for 1.5 seconds at all ranks.

There have been quite a few relic changes in this patch, decreasing cooldowns on Bracer of Undoing, Heavenly Wings (Sprint), Horrific Emblem and Phantom as well as all their upgrades. Bracer now also gives 60% of your health and mana back and Sunder has had its power decreased to 30 but with the upgrade keeping the 40 power and the cooldown increased to 120 seconds.


Lastly don’t forget to take part in the Odyssey 2018 T5 skin vote. The Hunter has already been chosen and votes will be in tomorrow for which 5 hunters have been selected. Submissions for concept ideas will start 2nd June so be sure to submit any ideas you might have before it closes on 19th June.

Check out my Smite: Odyssey 2018 T5 Community Skin post for any information about this year or previous years skins. I will be sure to post again on July 8th when the top submission have been chosen and the voting opens. Good luck to everyone who enters!