Smite: 4.23 Patch Notes

Patch 4.23, Rally to Rome, is the next patch to be introduced to the game. This will be the last major patch of the Season to get ready for HRX. Patch 4.24 will contain some minor final changes leading up to HRX, and then we’ll be onto Season 5 before you know it!

As always, If you haven’t seen the Official Patch Notes yet, follow the link.


Defiant Bellona is the first of the Odyssey skins this patch. I actually think the card art looks way better than the skin itself. I like the idea, but I think the colours are a bit bright particularly on the effects.


Badlands Vulcan is the second Odyssey skin. I think this skin has been designed really well and it looks really good in game. The ability effects and sound design has been done very well and it has a decent voice pack.


Order and Chaos Hel is the skin everyone has been waiting on for such a long time! This is one of the skins I was most looking forward to seeing… and to be honest it hasn’t blown me away. The skin itself looks fairly simple, but I do really like how each stance has been inspired by the Order and Chaos Titans. The ability effects are pretty good and as always the voice pack has been done to fit each stance. I do like this skin, but I don’t know if it’s worth reaching Odyssey level 21 (73500 Odyssey Points).


Abyssal Knight Ares is the next skin in this patch. Not sure how you get this one to be honest, but it will probably be a chest exclusive. It reminds me of the Xing Tian skin that was awarded for Ranked last year, so maybe this skin is the alternative for this year. It looks awesome though and comes with it’s own custom emote.


Discordia now also has mastery skins alongside the mastery skin updates for Hel and Vulcan.



Item Changes:

  • Jade Emperor’s Crown – Reduced Physical Protection from 60 to 50.
  • Gladiator’s Shield – Reduced Protections from 35 to 30.
  • Executioner – Reduced Physical Power from 35 to 30.
  • Devourer’s Gauntlet – Increased cost from 2000 to 2100.
  • Hydra’s Lament – Increased basic attack basic attack damage from 30% to 40%.
  • Jotun’s Wrath – Reduced cost from 2450 to 2350.


God Changes:


  • Moonlight Charge – Increased range from 65 to 70 (bug fix as it was listed at 65 but travelled to 73).
  • Gravity Surge – Increased range from 70 to 75 (to make up for the bug fix).


  • Screech – Increased Physical Power buff from 10/15/20/25/10 to 20/25/30/35/40.


  • Strife – Reduced Magical Power Scaling from 70% to 60%.


  • Coerce – Changed his attack speed buff from 10/20/30/40/50% to 15/20/25/30/35%.


  • Base movement speed increased from 350 to 355.


  • Viper Shot – Increased base damage from 10/15/20/25/30 to 15/20/25/30/35.


  • Divine Light
    • Increased base damage from 60/100/140/180/220 to 70/120/150/220/270.
    • Increased Magical Power Scaling from 40% to 55%.
    • Mana Cost Reduced from 60/70/80/90/100 to 60/65/70/75/80.


  • Wind Syphon – Increased base damage from 60/75/90/105/120 to 80/105/130/155/180.



This weekend (Friday 1st December to Sunday 3rd December) earn an Enigma chest for 3 FWOTD each day!


Frostfire Ullr has also been mentioned. Although the finished design hasn’t been revealed yet, this skin will soon be here in the next patch (4.24)!


Steam Black Friday 2017 Purchases

The Black Friday Sale is here so obviously it’s the perfect time to invest in some more games! There are a lot more games on my wish list this time around, so I really am struggling with deciding what to buy. Sales are on until 28th November 2017.

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GW2: Living World Season 4 Announcement – Daybreak!

On the 28th November 2017, Living World Season 4 is set to return to Guild Wars 2 with the first Episode: Daybreak! If you haven’t seen the release trailer for this Episode yet, follow the link to the official Twitter announcement post. Please note, this may contain spoilers for those who haven’t completed the Path of Fire story yet.

Although Living World Season 4 was announced last week, the announcement of the first Episode: Daybreak was only released earlier today. I’ve recently had a break from Guild Wars, but now I’m feeling excited again with the news of this episode and maybe this is just what I need to get back into it!

I’m actually more excited about this than I was about Path of Fire as I loved Living World Season 3 and how the story progressed over time. I’m also eager to see where the next instalment of the story takes us. For me, the PoF story seemed more like a sub-episode, so I’m really looking forward to the story after seeing the ending scene of PoF!

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with Kralkatorrik as I really enjoyed the “Edge of Destiny” book telling the story of Destiny’s Edge and their battle with him. I also hope to see plenty of Aurene and see how far she has come.

The Living World Season 4 content will be free upon release. Logging into the game will claim the most recent story episode for free. However, you will need to have purchased the Path of Fire expansion to be able to play the content (but you can always claim it now and buy the expansion later). Apparently a new Raid and Fractal level will also be released with the Living World update!

Hopefully the return of Living World will get me back into playing the game as I did feel a little disappointed after the PoF release. Wintersday will also be returning soon, but I’ll talk more about that when we have solid dates announced.

Smite: 4.22 Patch Notes

It’s that time again for another Patch Notes post, this week bringing patch 4.22, Passage to Egypt, to the game. As usual I’m sat here starting to write this post while watching the Patch Notes show on Twitch, when suddenly the Stream goes offline… Thankfully they were aware of the issue and went back to show the content we had missed at the end. For a moment I was panicking about missing the Serqet skin!

As always, if you haven’t seen the Official Patch Notes yet, follow the link.

Adventure: Nightmare mode is being released with this patch. For completing Nightmare Mode you will unlock an animated Avatar (the last quest at the castle).


I have been waiting for this Serqet skin for so long! I really like Serqet, she is one of my most played gods and she has actually not had a new skin since I started playing the game 2 years ago… so I’m excited for this Kunoichi skin! Still gutted that I just missed out on the Limited Ebonsoul skin… but I think this makes up for it for the time being.


Serqet has also had her mastery skins updated with this patch.


Druidstone Geb will also be released with this patch as part of the Odyssey purchases alongside Kunoichi Serqet. I actually really like the style of this skin as it suits his character, but I’m not sure if it’s one I’ll be purchasing.


Oni Musha Hachiman honestly looks great. I really like this skin which is an Odyssey bonus reward for reaching 63,000 Odyssey Points. Owning this skin myself will all depend on what the Order and Chaos Hel Odyssey reward skin is like. This will be the decider as to whether I want to commit to this Odyssey or not…


Other skins added with this patch are Snow Day Scylla and Ice Mage Agni which will both be included in the Holiday Chest. With each purchase, $1 will go towards the Child’s Play Charity.



I really like the Scylla skin! The design and effects are really well done, but I’m not feeling the Agni one so much. It looks too similar to his original design, but I do like that he’s got an icy theme to contrast his usual fiery abilities.

There’s also a Cutesy Snowman Avatar and Winter Music theme being released, so I assume these will also be put in the Holiday Chest.


Item Changes:

  • Warrior’s Bane – Decreased passive penetration from 22% to 15%.
  • Titan’s Bane – Cost increase from 2150 to 2300 gold and decreased passive penetration from 33% to 30%.
  • Spellbound Kusari – Decreased Magical Protection from 50 to 40.
  • Shogun’s Kusari – Decreased Magical Protection from 50 to 40.
  • Void Stone – Decreased Magical Protection from 70 to 60.
  • Tiny Trinket – Increased Magical Power from 15 to 20.
  • Lost Artifact – Decreased cost from 600 gold to 550. Increased Magical Power from 15 to 20.
  • Soul Trap –  Decreased cost from 1400 gold to 1350 gold.
  • Doom Orb – Increased Magical Power from 40 to 60, increased MP5 from 7 to 10 and decreased amount of maximum stacks from 40 to 50.
  • Soul Eater – Reduced the cost from 2400 to 2300, increased Physical Power from 30 to 40 and decreased the evolved power bonus from +20 to +10 power.


God Changes:


  • Energy Surge – Reduced heal from 60-140 to 40-120. Decreased Magical Power Scaling from 20% to 25%.
  • Life Tap – Decreased Magical Power Scaling from 10% to 5% per tick.

Cu Chulainn:

  • Berserk – Reduced his bonus shield from 20 +24 per level to 10 +20 per level.
  • Vent Anger – Reduced his self movement speed buff from 10% to 5%.


  • Unbound Runes – Seething Howl is now no longer affected by this passive.
  • Brutalize – While channelling this ability, Fenrir now gains 5 Physical ad 5 Magical Protections (+1 per level).
  • Seething Howl – No longer consumes runes (passive). Increased Fenrir’s Physical Power buff from 10-70 to 20-80 and increased Lifesteal buff from 30% to 35%.
  • Ragnarok – Increased the attack range from 12 to 15 and added a cone targeter to more clearly show the range of this ability. The damage has also been adjusted to be more consistent per rank.


  • Shards of Ice – Frostbite (passive) is now applied to enemies within the ultimate area before it is detonated, and then refreshed upon detonation.


Nothing else to report this patch, so join me again in 2 weeks for Patch 4.23!

GW2: Mount Adoption Licence Opinions

I briefly saw ArenaNet advertise the new Mount Adoption Licences on Twitter last Tuesday. I didn’t really give this content much thought at the time (until now) since I’ve got other issues with the game at the moment (which I will also talk about in this post). However, I’ve seen so many people explode about these skins, so I thought I’d share my views too. If you want to air your opinions in the comments, please feel free – I’d love to hear them!

So firstly, for those of you that don’t know: ArenaNet have released 30 new mount skins and a new Reforged Mount. “Well that’s awesome!” you might say, and yes it is… however they have put all 30 skins into a random drop chest and set a price of 400 gems per roll. Or, for those people that are quite happy to sell a kidney, you could buy all 30 skins in a pack costing 9,600 gems (about £100) which is also only available for the first week of sale. To buy all these separately, it would cost 12,000 gems, or as three 10 packs for 10,200 gems. The Reforged Mount is sold singularly for 2,000 gems. Pricey. I know you can convert Gold into Gems, but this would take a while to even afford one.

gw2 MAL

Don’t you think 30 is too many? They’ve obviously been working on these skins for a long time as I must say that the quality of them does look great, but why are there so many? Surely it would’ve been better to make 15 totally individual skins (3 per mount) and put those in a mystery box if they were so set on that idea. This would have been much more affordable and people may have actually agreed to roll one or two here and there. Or maybe they could even split them into separate mystery boxes specific to each mount? At least this way if you wanted a Springer skin, you could roll the Springer box. I don’t know about you, but I have never even used the Jackal mount – so if I rolled this box and got 3 Jackal skins I’d be pretty damn annoyed.

Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but all the Skimmer mounts look way too similar to each other – they just have different markings but don’t change the model like the lop-eared Springer mount has or even had any added effects. Obviously everyone wants the super sparkly Griffon mount (I suppose being the reason why they haven’t split them up) which is this season’s stereotypical GW2 “must have” fashion mount. In my opinion, some of these skins (like the sparkly Griffon mount) are just way too over the top as I prefer my items to be more realistic to fit in with the settings and surroundings.


I mentioned I had a few other issues with Guild Wars 2 at the moment. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I feel like adding mounts to the game has just totally ruined the experience, particularly with the use of mounts being allowed in the old maps. I understand it’s much faster to use them to get to places, which I must admit I do use them rather than walking in most cases, but passing several players using the leap on the raptor mount is rather emersion breaking. Also, not forgetting those annoying people that use the dismount abilities while farming…

I was also very annoyed to have to purchase the mounts with gold from the vendors to unlock them permanently. Paying 20 Gold to buy the Jackal mount which should be included with the expansion has really annoyed me considering I was broke on Path of Fire’s release. I had just saved up enough Gold to buy a Commander Tag (finally) and I was not happy to be forking out more money after purchasing the expansion when this really should be included.

Looking back at Heart of Thorns, this would be like having to pay 20 Gold to upgrade to a leaning glider. I never felt the need to have to pump money into this game while working my way through Heart of Thorns as there was so much stuff to do that was included purely with the purchase of the expansion. After completing the Path of Fire story, I actually feel like there is nothing more for me to do other than work towards the Griffon mount. The collections were fairly easy to do for it, but I do not have the Gold to buy the collection items needed and it’s going to take me months to farm this much Gold.

I’m no stranger to putting actual money into the game, but when I have done, it has been to purchase things like character slots, bank tabs, etc. If I want something cosmetic from the Gem Store, I will farm and save up which to me feels much more rewarding than handing over my card details. My point being, I feel like Path of Fire requires Gold to get anywhere and to enjoy the new content.


TLDR: In my opinion, the mount chest rolls are too expensive for the contents of 30 skins which drop at a random rate. Sure, you will be guaranteed a mount skin, but 30 is a lot to roll to get a specific skin for something you can only equip one of at a time. It’s not like you can randomly change your mount skin every time you summon your mount or have all 5 mounts out at once. ArenaNet should either sell these skins separately, group all the skins for each mount type together in a mystery box or just sell a select few with similar themes in a smaller bundle (e.g. one skin for each mount per bundle)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so please feel free to leave a comment! And just to clarify – I have not purchased any of these skins.

Smite: Shadows Over Hercopolis Adventure

The next adventure, Shadows Over Hercopolis, was brought to Smite with patch 4.21. I was really looking forward to playing this adventure as I really enjoyed the Trials of King Hercules Adventure early this year. Once again, this mode is for 3 players who can be solo queued, parties or a mixture of both.

If you missed out on the Trials of King Hercules Adventure, follow the link to catch up on the content there.

For details on Hard mode, see the bottom of the post.


Patch 4.21 brought 2 difficulty modes to the game, Normal and Hard mode. Normal is the entry level dungeon which everyone will start on to build up their inventory and work their way through the different stages. Hard mode will become available to players who complete the dungeon on the Normal mode. I believe Hard mode will be the same as the Normal mode in terms of content, but this mode will be open to players who have already experience the dungeon and will therefore be able to complete it faster for loot. There will also be a Nightmare mode added, but this will be released with patch 4.22.


Once again there are a few gods banned in this mode as they have abilities that will not work with the PvE style of the game. These are mainly gods with pets and global abilities. The gods that are not able to be chosen are: Ao Kuang, Apollo, Chronos, Erlang Shen, Hades, Hercules, Izanami, Janus, Jing Wei, Loki, Nu Wa, Rama, Ratatoskr, Susano, Thanatos, The Morrigan, Thor,

Clicking on the Adventures tab on the Smite homepage will open the Hercopolis menu. Like before in the Trials of King Herc Adventure, you will be able to use the facilities around Hercopolis but you will notice that the town’s statue is missing.


There are different quests you can complete at the different areas in the town, starting with the Blacksmith. You will need to complete these quests in order. If it’s like the last adventure, players who haven’t purchased the bundle will only be able to complete the quests at the Blacksmith and Church and won’t be able to use any of the town services in any area even if the currency has been unlocked.


The town services at the Treasury will only become available after completing the “Defeat the Surtr” quest at the Church, even if you have purchased the bundle. These services will allow you to turn your Diamonds into Smite Gems and your Rubies into Gold to spent on item chests.

If you click on the missing statue in the middle of the town, you will see that you can collect pieces of it from chests throughout the dungeon. Collecting all the pieces of the statue will award you with the Legion Hercules skin (250 gem skin).


The bundle costs 900 gems and comes with the Agent of Darkness Loki skin, a music pack, avatar, loading skin and Golden Key (for a choice of skin in the Golden Vault) and will also unlock all of the town content for the Shadows Over Hercopolis Adventure. If you’re interested in the Adventure, I suggest buying this bundle as you will be able to purchase items rather than just looting them which will make the collection process so much faster and far less of a grind. Buying the bundle will also allow you to unlock an Awesome Chest, 2 Enigma Chests, 10 Minor Chests and earn up to 100 gems for completing certain quests throughout the process.


So far, I have spent about 4 hours on this Adventure and I’ve only defeated the Draugr once despite being in numerous parties with different team compositions and item combinations. Obviously I don’t have many items yet and to me it feels much slower to farm items and gold than it did in the last Adventure. This may be because the Rare item chest rolls cost 2000 gold this time instead of 1500 gold, and since the dungeon is a lot bigger it takes longer to get to chests and boss sections.

This is the team I defeated the Draugr with and the items we had for the run:


*Edit: I have now been playing this Adventure for about 9 hours and only just managed to defeat the Surtr. It’s a long process, but once you’ve completed the “Defeat the Surtr” quest and unlocked the use of the Treasury services then it seems like it will speed up a bit since you can turn Rubies into 3000 Gold to spent on an Epic item.

Some heroes I recommend are Aphrodite, Hel, Amaterasu, Bellona, Artemis, Cernunnos and AMC as these are the Gods I have found to perform best, however, it does depend on what items you have.

I’m not going to feature any spoilers in this post, but all I will say is that defeating the Draugr is not the end of the Normal mode…


Hope you all have fun and safe travels on your journey into the depths of the dungeon!


Hard Mode:

I’ve found that 2 ADCs (Cern, AMC, Anhur or Ullr) and Aphrodite work best. I’ve also beat Loki with players who have yet to collect a full item build (as shown below), so just give people a chance as it is doable.


After you defeat Surtr, you will drop through the floor and into the next section in an underground jail. Here you will have to fight your way through a number of familiar enemies to unlock the gate leading to Loki.


I have defeated Loki 4 times now with different line ups and builds. Here are a few screen shots showing some of them if you’re struggling.



1 - Copy

Loki Trinkets don’t drop every time, so you might have to defeat Loki multiple times before getting the trinkets needed to open the Awesome, Enigma (x2) and Minor (x10) chests.

I haven’t tried Nightmare mode as I’m not really bothered about getting the Avatar, and from videos I’ve seen, it looks like it’s going to be difficult for people who aren’t playing in parties. The Animated version of the Avatar that comes with the bundle is the only extra reward you will receive by completing Nightmare mode.

Smite: 4.21 Patch Notes

Patch 4.21, Shadows Over Hercopolis, is the next patch coming to Smite 7th November for PC and 14th November for Console. I didn’t get chance to watch the Patch Notes Show on Twitch last night as I normally do, so here I am watching it now and writing this post. It was a pain to find on the hireztv page though as they broadcasted it partway through the Super Regional Day 1 stream…

There will be lots of new content in this patch including a new god, new adventure and plenty of new skins!

As always, if you haven’t seen the Official Patch Notes yet, follow the link!


New God – Discordia

Discordia, Goddess of Strife, is a Roman Mage.


Contest of Gods (Passive): The allied God with the most player damage will receive a power buff from Discordia that scales on her level. The player with top damage can be shown on the T screen and will also have a pink swirly effect around them.

Unruly Magic (Ability 1): Discordia sends out a large projectile, choosing how far it travels in a straight line in front of her and damaging any enemies it passes through. This projectile then stops and splits into six smaller projectiles which bounce of walls and damage enemies hit.

Strife (Ability 2): Discordia creates an area which she can place anywhere in front of her. Any enemies in the area take damage, but if more than one enemy is in the area then they will be affected by Madness (causing them to attack each other within the area). This effect also works on minions and jungle camps, but gods can only attack other gods and minions can only attack other minions.

Erratic Behaviour (Ability 3): Discordia leaps a short distance and creates a “cloud of confusion” where she lands. This cloud gives Discordia stealth and movement speed within the area and reduces all her cooldowns for every 0.5 seconds she stays within the area. Damaging Discordia will not reveal her stealth and casting her own abilities will reveal her temporarily before she disappears again while stood in the cloud.

Golden Apple of Discord (Ultimate): Discordia throws her Golden Apple forwards in a line, bouncing off walls and obstacles it comes to and damaging and passing through any minions in its path. If it hits an enemy god, they are forced to hold the apple, crippling and intoxicating them while placing a detonate on them. After the duration the apple will explode, dealing damage and spreading the effects to nearby allies. Only gods who were affected by the original apple can pass on the effects to others.

I love the way Discordia looks and I think her kit could be quite interesting. She definitely seems like a lot of fun to play so I can’t wait to try her out in a game! Her recolour looks good too in a pink and black design.


Adventure – Shadows Over Hercopolis

Hercopolis is back, but everything has been stolen and Hercules is missing. Journey into another Dungeon in search of Hercules with 2 other players, but watch your back as there are many more obstacles to overcome.

shadow over hercopolis

This adventure will be very similar to the Trials of King Hercules adventure with the same PVE playstyle. It has been revealed to be at least twice as big the Trials of King Herc map, and this time there will be 3 difficulties. Some gods will be unable to be chosen to play in the game mode, some of these will differ from previous adventures, but there will still be at least 70 gods to pick from.

The easy mode will be there for absolute beginners to make them familiar with the map. I assume all players will start on this mode and can only unlock the medium mode after finishing the easy play through. The medium difficulty is designed for players who have already experienced the dungeon but need to farm for the items. This is meant to increase the farm time as people will not be put with totally new players and failing sections.

A Nightmare mode will also be added in patch 4.22 which will bring a whole new experience for players. Like in Trials of King Herc, players will need to have got all the items by farming the medium level to form a full build in order to progress to this nightmare level.

This will free to play, however there is also an Adventure bundle available costing 900 gems. This will include the Loki skin (shown below), an avatar, music theme, loading skin, golden key (for a choice of skin in the Golden Vault) and will allow players to unlock the Awesome Chest (containing exclusive skins) on completion of the adventure.



Starting with the skins associated with the Adventure:


Cursed King Cernunnos is getting a skin for the Golden Vault this patch. This skin follows the gentleman skin concepts and his coat changes colour depending on what season stance he’s in.

To get this skin you will need a Golden key to be able to unlock it from the vault. Golden keys are earned by buying the adventure bundles, each bundle containing one key, but if you buy all five bundles then you will earn a bonus key which will unlock the sixth skin in the vault.


The Agent of Darkness Loki Skin will be available as part of the Shadows Over Hercopolis Adventure bundle (see the adventure section for the bundle details). I quite like this skin as it is quite simple but detailed at the same time and the voice pack fits Loki’s character.

New Odyssey skins added this patch: Primal Shaman Ganesha and Exterminator Kali.



Other skins this patch include Vanquisher Nemesis and Ma Chérie Arachne which will both be chest exclusives and come with their own unique emotes.


I’m not keen on the voice pack for Nemesis as it does not suit her at all, but I like the creepiness of the Arachne skin and the animations and sound design are great (except the wallpaper on the ceiling).


There’s also the Wasteland Wander skin for Cu Chulainn which is only available in the Odyssey chest (containing 489 items…). This chest can be bought for 200 gems per roll or earned for every 3500 Odyssey points gained. Updated mastery skins for Kali are also coming with this patch.



Item Changes

Blackthorn Hammer – Decreased cost from 2300 gold to 2200 gold. The passive will now trigger at 40% health instead of 30%.

Stone of Fal – Decreased cost from 2700 gold to 2500 gold.

Relic Dagger – Health increase from 250 to 300.


God Changes


  • Increased base attack speed from 0.95 to 1.2 per level.
  • Rain Fire – Increased Magical Power Scaling per Meteor from 60% to 70%. The cooldown per Meteor has also been reduced from 20 seconds to 18 seconds.

Da Ji:

  • Increased base health from 425 to 440, and base health per level increased from 74 to 76.
  • Basic attack animations have been changed so her progression now goes 1/1/1 for both timing and damage.
  • Horrible Burns – Haste is now granted when Horrible Burns is active (haste gives immunity of basic attack movement penalties).
  • Pao Lao – Decreased the chain travel time from 0.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds.

Hou Yi:

  • Ricochet – Ricochet bonus bounce damage now only applies to gods.


  • Circle of Protection – Increased base damage early game from 160/200/240/280/320 to 180/215/250/285320.


  • Unstable Vortex – Increased base damage from 90/150/210/270/330 to 100/165/230/295/360 and increased the power scaling from 70% to 80%. Double hit bonus damage has now been reduced from 30% to 20%.
  • Through Space and Time – Increased both the base damage and scaling from 200/300/400/500/600 + 50% of your magical power to 300/400/500/600/700 + 75% of your magical power. Scaling per travel distance has now been altered to cap at 100% magical power scaling at 800 units rather than the 200% at 800 it was doing before.


  • Weapon Master (Passive) – Now includes a passive meter that shows cooldowns in the opposite stance (similar to Artio’s).
  • Bladed Arrow / Thrown Axe – Increased physical power scaling of Bladed Arrow from 70% to 80%. Increased physical power scaling of Thrown Axe from 60% to 70% and decreased the cast time from 0.4 seconds to 0.2 seconds.
  • Expose Weakness – Decreased mana cost from 60-80 to 50 at all ranks.
  • Hail of Arrows / Glory Bound – Updated the Targeter  of Hail of Arrows to more clearly display where it is going to hit. Decreased mana cost of Glory Bound from 70-90 to 60 at all ranks
  • Wield Axes – Decreased cast time from 0.3 seconds to 0.2 seconds.



All world champion’s skins are also now available for purchase: COG Scylla, NRG Chronos and Epsolon Sol and are also 25% off.


All Season Ticket passes and select E-Sports Bundles are 25% off. If you missed out on getting these limited skins then now is your last chance!