Monthly Summary: February 2021

I know February is a short month, but these past few weeks seem to have been a total blur. I haven’t got a great deal to report in regards to gaming this month as my desire to play anything came to an abrupt halt a few weeks ago despite the amount of new releases I was looking forward to playing. Instead, I’ve been getting completely sucked into watching as many anime shows on Crunchyroll as I can possibly fit in, with Fruits Basket Season 2 being added last night as the 18th series (and 2 films) in just three weeks. That’s more than I watched throughout the whole of 2020…

I was considering adding an anime section to these Monthly Summaries, however, I think I’ll be over this phase in a few weeks so I’m just going to continue as I usually would. At least I’ll have plenty to write for #AniMay this year! Anyway, back onto the topic of gaming, since this is a gaming blog after all – here’s what I’ve been up to during February:

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Valentine’s Day: Otome Special

Throughout the week, I’ve noticed an otome themed hashtag #OtomeVdayWeek reoccurring on my timeline, posted as part of a 7 day thread. Since I was late discovering this hashtag, I decided to put all the topics together in one blog post as I don’t often write specifically about this genre. With it also being Valentines Day, what better time to dive into a genre containing romance! Of course, I couldn’t resist featuring Eltcreed Valentine for the header image as his name is just too appropriate.

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Completions List: 2020

At the start of 2020, I composed a Twitter thread to record my gaming progress throughout the year. Instead of transferring that list to my blog like I did for my 2019 Completions (which ended up being ridiculously long), I decided to showcase all 66 games in picture format to hopefully make it more engaging this time around. I’ll link in my original Twitter thread and my Steam Curator Page in case anyone wants to read my thoughts on any of these games, but I wanted to keep my visual summary simple by only displaying my playtime and overall star rating.

Firstly, here’s a short list of gaming stats and a summary of my star rating system.

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