Monthly Summary: October 2020

October has been completely dedicated to Hallowe’en! I love the spooky season most of all, so what better time to play a bunch of horror games to get in the mood. So, let’s take another look at which games myself and WesleyWhale got stuck into this month!

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Hallowe’en is here! Throughout October, myself and WesleyWhale have been focusing on a selection of horror games once again as spooky season is my favourite time of the year! I’ve pretty much dedicated all my time to horror games this month with a range of different genres from visual novels to FPS to puzzle platformers – I think this has been the best horror year yet! You can view our previous horror posts for 2018 and 2019 here.

If you haven’t got anything lined up to play this Hallowe’en, then hopefully we’ll have something that might interest you here. Steam has already released their Hallowe’en sale and all the games featured in this post are all discounted, ranging from 30% to 75% off until 2nd November. There’s also a few games here with free demos if you just want something to keep you occupied for an hour or so. Well then, let’s get started!

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The Horror Tag

Welcome to the Hallowe’en season over at gamergal.exe! It’s my favourite time of the year, so for the next 6 days running up to Hallowe’en, I’ll be presenting a post each day with a Hallowe’en theme and bringing my good friend WesleyWhale back once again to join me.

First up, it’s The Horror Tag from Michelle at A Geek Girl’s Guide featuring a bonus question from McKenna! Let’s get started!

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Monthly Summary: September 2020

After my slight gaming lull in August, I feel like I’ve redeemed myself during September. I somehow managed to completed 10 games, publish 8 blog posts and still have enough time to no-life Smite… all in all, it’s been a good month.

With September over, it also means it’s time to pull out the horror games and get into a spooky mood! I have a huge list of games to play with the run up to Hallowe’en and I’m itching to get started. But before I do, here’s what I got up to during September!

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Seriously Geeky Sundays: Ahoy Matey!

A’hoy me ‘arties, welc’me t’ anoth’r Seriously Geeky Sundays post wi’ prompts fr’m Heather at Just Geeking By! In case yer couldn’t tell, t’is week be all ’bout pirates, so grab y’self a barr’l o’ grog, join yer fello’ buccaneers, sea dogs ‘n’ lan’lubbers… e’en those ‘ho’re three sheets t’ the wind alr’dy! All hand hoy! Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! Avast ye!

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The J-Pop Tag

Today, I’m straying away from my usual topic of gaming to share my other passion – music. This post is my take on ‘The K-Pop Tag’ by Michelle over at a Geek Girl’s Guide, but I changed it to J-Pop instead. For me, J-Pop covers a whole variation of Japanese music including J-Rock, EDM, Utaite and Vocaloid music as well as the typical Pop chart music (although theirs’s is so much different to what we have here in the UK), so you can expect a selection of genres within this post.

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Seriously Geeky Sundays: Story Time

It’s Sunday again which means it’s time to take part in another Seriously Geeky Sundays prompt created by Heather over at Just Geeking By! This week’s theme is all about stories due to today being Roald Dahl day.

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Smite: Odyssey 2021

The first content for the Odyssey 2021 has arrived with Patch 7.9: Odyssey: Reckoning update notes. This year, the Odyssey works a little different to how it has in previous years, so in this post I’ll give an overview of what’s new, what you can gain for free and how to make the most of your Gems!

Firstly, the winner of the Odyssey T5 Skin contest was awarded to Hel with the Eclipse Summoner skin which arrived to Smite with patch 7.9. You can see the process of how Hel was crowned winner of the T5 skin here.

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