Monthly Summary: December 2018

Today is the last day of the year! Happy New year to you all! I’ll be going away for a few days with my boyfriend’s family but I’ve still managed to squeeze in a final post for you all. What will you guys be doing to celebrate the New Year?

Even though it’s the end of 2018 and I’ll hopefully be doing a yearly summary shortly, I still want to keep the theme running and share what I’ve been up to this month.

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The Games That Define Us Collaboration: Guild Wars 2

On 4th December, Normal Happenings published my piece as part of “The Games That Define Us” Collaboration. This was an incredible project consisting of 34 writers coming together to share their experiences with a game they connected with. The variety of games chosen was pretty incredible with many different stories to be told.

You can check out the Adventure Map for “The Games That Define Us” which lists all the writers and their pieces, and you can also view my piece (as posted below) in it’s original form on Normal Happenings’ site – his web design for the entire project has been phenomenal!

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Smite: 5.24 Patch Notes

Welcome to the final patch of Season 5! This patch will see the introduction to a new Pantheon, New God and plenty of new skins. The skins weren’t shown during the patch notes show, so I haven’t been able to write a description for those yet.

This patch should release some time in the New Year, although it’s unclear when this will be. I’m estimating the release date being anytime from 7th of January.

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Smite: 5.23 Patch Notes

Patch 5.23 will be the penultimate patch in Smite Season 5 and features a new mini adventure, the final Odyssey items and the reveal of the Godslayer Ares T5 skin as the final Odyssey reward! This patch should be released on Monday 17th December for PC and later in the week for console although there have been no official announcements.

*Edit: Patch 5.23 has been delayed until later in the week. A date hasn’t been set, but I imagine it will be available within the next couple of days.

The final patch, 5.24, of Smite Season 5 will be coming in January with the announcement of Season 6 soon to follow. These patches will be fairly small in terms of balance with the run up to the start of a new Season.

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Smite: 5.22 Patch Notes

It’s been a month now since we saw patch 5.21 introduced to Smite. Due to the Smite tournaments, this patch was delayed an extra two weeks but as PTS was released on Wednesday so I’ve already had a peek at the skins. The new Nox skin is incredible!

Patch 5.22 will be available to play on Monday 3rd November for PC and should later in the week for console.

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