Smite: Season 4 Summary

With patch 5.1 coming to Smite tomorrow, I thought I’d do a review of Season 4.

This Season we saw 9 gods released in game. Although this was a few less than the previous year, the quality and variation has been much better even though nearly half of these were Guardians! The Celtic Pantheon certainly expanded leaving just an assassin needed to complete the set.

Season 4 Gods:

Kuzenbo – Japanese Guardian (4.2)


Cernunnos – Celtic Hunter (4.4)


Ganesha – Hindu Guardian (4.7)


Da Ji – Chinese Assassin (4.9)

da ji#.jpg

Cu Chulainn – Celtic Warrior (4.11)


Artio – Celtic Guardian (4.14)


Hachiman – Japanese Hunter (4.17)


Discordia – Roman Mage (4.21)


Cerberus – Greek Guardian (4.25)


Season 4 also brought the new Season Ticket mechanic to the game. This saw the Season Ticket divided into 3 splits, each bringing a new bundle with it containing a limited skin, fantasy points (earned thought quests) and the new team boosters. Season 5’s Season Ticket will also follow this new layout.


Obviously there was the return of re-occurring events such as Summer of Smite and the Odyssey where you could get a load of new skins and extra rewards. Frostfire Ullr was this Season’s Limited T5 skin which could be unlocked by earning 98,000 Odyssey points.


Although it feels like forever ago, the Clash map as we now know it was also introduced in patch 4.1 this time last year. The changes to Clash weren’t as drastic as the ones being made to Conquest this year, but I really enjoyed the fresh map and the new jungle boss feature. Saying that, it does annoy me now when there are quests for “defeat the fire giant/gold fury” as this can now only be done in Conquest.


Project Olympus was also a new project announced to help improve gameplay, matchmaking, rewards, etc. The main features being the release in DirectX 11, 64 bit and the new Texture pack. There will be more work happening for Project Olympus with a new HUD layout set to launch in Season 5. I really hope they include Pantheon filters!

Introduced only a few months ago was the new chest roll mechanic, starting with the Abyssal Chest (see my post here). This new mechanic offered the choice of 3 items from that chest when a roll was purchased. The mechanic has further been used so far for the Bubble-licious Chest and the Nature’s Wrath Chest.


On the topic of chests, the Triumphant chests were also introduced. These chests are available after every win to all players, 4 per week for free. More chests could also be purchased per win with gems or favor and contained a variety of items including skins, voice packs, wards, avatars, team boosters, global emotes, announcer packs etc. and even a few exclusive items.

Adventures were also a new feature to Season 4. Fafnir’s Wonderland was introduced at the end of Season 3 which began the alternative game mode ideas. As this was enjoyed more than anticipated, the developers decided to feature 5 new adventures within the timescale of Season 4. These adventures consisted of Nike’s Rally for Victory, Apollo’s Racer Rumble, Trials of King HerculesCorrupted Arena and Shadows Over Hercopolis. There are new adventures set to be released throughout Season 5.


All in all, I believe this Season has been pretty good. Alongside the countless amount of skins released and new features such as jump stamps and loading skins, the addition of new and interesting game modes has really made the Season for me. I have mixed feelings about the split Season Ticket as it now costs 3 times the price, but you do get limited skins to go with them and also entitles you to double the fantasy points. I can see why a lot of people were angry when this was changed.

My Season 4 Top 5:

5. New Chest Mechanic – I’m really pleased that this new mechanic exists as at least now you can choose from a few things. When I rolled the Bubble-licious chest, I kept getting the choice between 2 voice packs and a 400 gem skin for 5 rolls until I finally got the choice for Sol skin. At least by having this choice, I ended up with skins rather than other chest items.

4. Triumphant Chests – I love that these are chests you can earn for free. Although most of the time they just seemed to give me fantasy point boosters, I actually got the Khepri announcer pack out of one a while back as well as a fair few 400 gem skins.

3. Discordia – Nox was always my go to mage for any game, and although Nox is probably still my favourite mage, Discordia is a very close 2nd. I have her rank 7 already and always pick her when a mage is needed. Her burst damage can be insane but I wouldn’t say she is overpowered. She is very good at handling groups of enemies in teamfights but there are definitely situations where she isn’t as strong. I find her really fun to play and I’m definitely interested in testing out new items with her in Season 5.

2. Trials of King Hercules – This was by far my favourite adventure. The new gameplay was really different and required you to explore, figure out the enemies and collect items for your build to progress through the dungeon. When it was first released and I spent the majority of my time solely on this adventure because I enjoyed it so much.

1. Da Ji – My favourite character in the entire game. She is my 2nd most played God with almost 2K worshipers. Her kit just fits my playstyle perfectly, and I never seem to get bored playing her. I’m interested to see if I can come up with an even better build for her in Season 5 than the one I’m already using…

Hope you all enjoy Season 5! Let me know your thoughts on Season 4 below!

Smite: 5.1 Patch Notes

Season 5 is finally here! I finished watching the Patch Notes show which lasted 2 hours… so you can imagine the amount of content in this patch. There are a whole bunch of new items, changed items, new skins, new Season Ticket and of course the awaited Conquest Map! This patch will be released on PC on Tuesday January 30th and should be released on console a week later.

Follow the link to see the Official Patch Notes.

Throughout Season 5 we will also see the introduction to two new Pantheons, Voodoo and Slavic. There is also talk of a third Pantheon, but whether this will happen or not has not been confirmed. 9 Gods were released as part of Season 4, so it is unlikely we will see a complete Pantheon set of gods this Season as Hi-Rez have said they want to concentrate on creating quality, unique gods rather than opting for quantity.

Project Olympus is also set to continue with the release of a new interface this Season. This should come to the game before the mid-season patch and should give the homepage of Smite a new identity. I’m hoping they will add a filter for pantheons!


Conquest Map

Now onto the content of 5.1. I won’t be going through all the minor details here for the new Conquest map as there are so many small changes, so I will just talk about the main features. For all the further details please refer to the Official Patch Notes.


The main major different is the map is the size. It has been made 20% wider than before, allowing much more space particularly in the jungle. Order and Chaos sides have also now been made completely identical, as though a symmetry line has been placed along the horizontal axis of the map, but the left and right sides will still have their differences.


The change in size has also led to buff camp placement alterations and more environmental editions to help players make further decisions into more specific routing, ganking efforts and even warding.

The other obvious change is the visual appearance and style. As you can see, the Order side is majestic and light whereas the Chaos side is now inspired by Hades’ Underworld with the gloom spreading throughout.


Towers and Phoenixes have also been updated, and not just in appearance. The ground showing the tower radius will now pulse when a god is being targeted by it, as well as a laser like feature showing when you yourself are being targeted. Minions in the tower radius will now also focus the tower rather than enemy minions.

At the beginning of the game, the Titan’s will be enclosed in a crystal like structure. Later on in the game when a phoenix has been destroyed, the Titan will break out the crystal making it clear as to when you are able to damage it.

All the buff camps have also had a makeover with new mythical creature being introduced as well as their environments also getting some individuality. These camps have also been altered to use melee enemies to make them easier to group together.


Although these camps have had slight alterations to their numbers for health and protections, the only major change is that the speed buff has been relocated closer to the base. The reason for this is to reduce snowballing as if the enemy was to steal the speed buff early game, the jungler would have a really tough time levelling up without it. The purple buff has also been adjusted to make the protection reduction based on percentage to make it more desirable and effective in the late game.

The Gold Fury and Fire Giant have also undergone changes. The Gold Fury has been remodelled and so has her lair. The Oracles have now been moved from the Gold Fury lair into their own space nearby due to the space created from the map enlargement. The ward is still spawned upon a team killing both these Oracles and the ward will be placed between the Oracles and the Gold Fury.


The Fire Giant has a new set of attacks and a new respawn animation which involves a fire ball falling from the sky. This can be seen from across the map, so gives both teams an indicator that it has spawned.

The Portal Demon no longer exists but has been replaced with a Pyromancer. Although the portal will no longer spawn, the Pyromancer gives a movement speed buff to the team’s base for 90 seconds. Upon an ally leaving the base, they will gain a 40% movement speed increase for 15 seconds but will end upon entering combat. The old Fire Giant’s sword can also be seen in the Pyromancer’s camp which is a nice touch.


Jungle fog has returned too. Different from Fog of War, this jungle fog is permanent no matter what the situation, including ward vision. This fog gives a more ambient, tense and danger enhancing feeling as enemies cannot be seen as clearly. This fog makes it harder to see nearby enemies alongside the extended areas, narrower paths and increased amount of obstacles making it also easier to go unnoticed by the opposite team yourself. This fog should make roaming the jungle more dangerous and more exciting, and hopefully make the game much more interesting.



It’s time to say hello to a new Season Ticket with new skins to feature in this years version of the Undying chest.

Firstly, Pale Raven Morrigan is the reward for winning 75 ranked games throughout Season 4, so if you still need to get a few more ranked wins then you need to be quick! Although this skin is basically a recolour with a few new effects, I really love it. Unfortunately as I don’t play ranked, I won’t be able to get this skin… and I doubt I’ll be able to no life this many wins in a week.


Star Salvager Skadi will be the skin that comes with the Spring Split Season Ticket Bundle. The Season ticket will work like it did last year by being sectioned into three splits. This skin will be unlocked for anyone that purchases the Spring Split bundle.


The following skins are recolours of already existing skins that will be contained in this year’s Undying Chest. Unfortunately for now, I do not know what the other skin contained in this chest will be. The skins this year are far better than last year in my opinion. The colours are so much better and they have a decent range of skins with one skin per class, however, it is a bit strange that Bellona has another skin in these chests…

*The other skins in this chest are Ragnarok Fenrir, Baron Frostchild Ymir and Dark Summoner Nu Wa. The chest works differently this year, so instead of unlocking a roll as a certain Season Ticket level, you can now spend your Fantasy Points on whichever skin you like. The skins for Fenrir and Ymir are double the price of the other skins, but at least you can now chose!






The following skins are Season Ticket rewards, Thanatos being the final reward. I really like the concept for the Knight of Wisdom Athena skin and I would definitely use this so I’m happy about it being a Season Ticket reward (level 8).


This Demonic Thanatos skin is actually a take on the Limited Archon T5 skin released a few years ago as the ultimate Odyssey reward (level 32). Many people have requested this skin, so Hi-Rez decided to release this instead. This skin will not evolve like the T5, it will appear and remain in the form you see. I’m not sure how I feel about this release as if I’d paid all that money to get my hands on this skin like I did with the Demonic Anubis last year, I would not be happy about a similar version being re-released.




The Ragnarok event continues with it’s 2nd instalment this patch which will bring the Chaos Bundle to the game. This bundle will include Fiendish Flight Jing Wei, Fiendish Rage Cu Chulainn, a music theme and a loading skin.


Jing Wei is my favourite ADC and I loved the Mini Metal skin that was released last year, however, I think this might top it. Not a huge fan of the card art, but the skin looks so much better in game. It give Jing a different personality but it still feels like her character. The decision to give her hooves was great as the skipping animation really works with the design. Favourite skin of the patch for sure, I’ll definitely be buying this bundle!


This skin wasn’t actually showcased during the show so I haven’t seen the ability effects. The card art looks cool though, even if it does remind me of the Guild Wars branded.



All starter items have been removed from the game! In their place will be blessings, items that are chosen at the beginning of the game which will evolve as the game progresses. All of the blessings can be purchased by any player no matter of their class or power type, however only one of these items can be purchased per game. Some passives from the old starter items have been reworked into other items.

There are 8 types of blessings. Five of these blessings will be specific to Conquest and the other three blessings will be available in all other game modes. All these blessings will still be considered as starter items and will all cost 700 gold.

*Edit: After experiencing blessings in PTS, “Conquest only” blessings will now be available in all other game modes! I’m so pleased with this change as I think these blessings provide such versatility across all gods and since I’m not a Conquest player myself, I now cannot wait to try these out!


Assassin’s Blessing (Conquest Only)

  • Base stats:
    • +35% damage vs jungle monsters
    • +7% health and +20 mana restored on killing a jungle monster
  • Evolved:
    • Kill or assist jungle monsters grant 1 stack, kill or assist enemy gods grant 5 stacks.
    • 50 stacks evolves the item to give +10 penetration

Guardian’s Blessing (Conquest Only)

  • Base stats:
    • +100 health
    • +5 physical and magical protections
    • +7% HP and mana restored per assist on a lane minion
    • +3 gold per assist on a lane minion
  • Evolved:
    • Assist on lane minions to gain 1 stack per minion.
    • 50 stacks evolves the item to give a gold bonus of 3 gold per 5 seconds.

Hunter’s Blessing (Conquest Only)

  • Base stats:
    • +15 basic attack damage
    • +5 mp5
  • Evolved:
    • Kill or assist lane minions grant 1 stack, kill or assist enemy gods grant 5 stacks.
    • 75 stacks evolves the item to give 15% attack speed and an additional 15 bonus basic attack damage

Mage’s Blessing (Conquest Only)

  • Base stats:
    • +30 ability bonus damage
    • +3 MP5 per 10% of missing mana
  • Evolved:
    • Kill or assist lane minions grant 1 stack, kill or assist enemy gods grant 5 stacks.
    • 75 stacks evolves the item to give 10% cooldown reduction

Warrior’s Blessing (Conquest Only)

  • Base stats:
    • +50 health
    • +3 damage reduction from all sources
    • +40 health restored on dealing damage to an enemy god (10 second cooldown)
  • Evolved:
    • Dealing damage to an enemy god provides 1 stack (occurs once every 10 seconds). Kill or assist enemy gods grants 5 stacks.
    • 15 stacks evolves the item to give +10 physical and magical protections.


*Edit: The Blessings below have been removed from the game:

Attacker’s Blessing

  • Base stats:
    • +20 physical power
    • +20 magical power
  • Evolved:
    • Dealing 100 damage to lane minions grants 1 stack, dealing 100 damage to enemy gods grants 3 stacks
    • 50 stack evolves the item to give +10 penetration

Defender’s Blessing

  • Base stats:
    • +100 health
    • +10 physical and magical protections
  • Evolved:
    • Mitigating 50 damage grants 1 stack
    • 50 stacks evolves the item to give +100 health and mana

Specialist’s Blessing

  • Base stats:
    • +10 MP5
    • +10% cooldown reduction
  • Evolved:
    • Damage enemies or healing allies with abilities grants 1 stack
    • 50 stacks evolves the item to give +10 movement speed



Aegis – Decreased duration of immunity from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds. Increased cooldown from 160 seconds to 180 seconds.

Aegis Upgrade – Decreased duration of immunity from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds. Increased cooldown from 130 seconds to 150 seconds.

Cursed Ankh Upgrade – Removed previous debuffs and replaced with a new curse. If you are healed by an ability under the effect of this curse, you will take 20% more damage from everything until the duration of the curse ends.

Hand of the Gods –  Removed from the game.

Shield of Thorns – Thorns now has a cap for how much damage it can reflect. The duration of Thorns will end early if you are dealt damage of 150 x player level.

Shield of Thorns Upgrade – The cap is still the same as the standard, but if the cap is not reached then the duration will be longer than the standard Thorns.



Chalice of the Oracle – Reduced cost from 400 gold to 300 gold.


New Items

  • Soul Gem (*Edit: This has temporarily been removed due to stacking issues)
    • 2300 gold
    • 65 magical power
    • 150 health
    • 12% magical lifesteal
    • 10% cooldown reduction
    • Passive: Hitting an enemy with an ability or basic attack grants 1 stack. 5 stacks gives your next ability 25% of you magical power as bonus damage and will also heal yourself and allies for 25% of your magical power in a 30 unit radius.
  • Typhon’s Fang
    • 2800 gold
    • 100 magical power
    • 200 mana
    • 15% magical lifesteal
    • Passive: Magical lifesteal from items is increased by 50%. 100% of your lifesteal is also converted into magical power.
  • Talisman of Energy
    • 2250 gold
    • 50 magical protection
    • 300 health
    • New Passive: Getting kills or assists on enemies gives you can allies in a 55 unit radius stacks of energy. A stack provides 1% movement speed, 1% attack speed and 5 MP5 which lasts 6 seconds and can stack up to 10 times.


Item Changes


  • Boots (physical T1) – Increased cost from 300 gold to 500 gold.
  • Shoes (magical T1) – Increased cost from 300 gold to 500 gold.
  • Warrior Tabi – Increased cost from 1550 gold to 1600 gold.
  • Ninja Tabi – Increased cost from 1500 gold to 1550 gold.
  • Talaria Boots – Increased cost from 1400 gold to 1600 gold. Increased movement speed from 18% to 25%, added +15 MP5 and new passive: When leaving the fountain, gain an additional +20% movement speed for 7 seconds.
  • Shoes of Focus – Increased cost from 1500 gold to 1550 gold.
  • Travellers Shoes – Increased cost from 1400 gold to 1600 gold. Increased movement speed from 18% to 25%, added +15 MP5 and new passive: When leaving the fountain, gain an additional +20% movement speed for 7 seconds.


Magical Items:

  • Rod of Tahuti
    • Decreased cost from 3300 gold to 3000
    • Magical power increased from 125 to 150
    • New Passive: Gain 25% additional magical power against enemies who have less than 50% health (old passive removed)
  • Doom Orb
    • Decreased cost from 2050 to 1700
    • MP5 increased from 10 to 20
    • New Passive: Killing or assisting a minion grants 1 stack or enemy god grants 5 stacks of doom. These stacks give you 1% movement speed and 3 power per stack lasting for 15 seconds and can stack up to 5 times.
  • Telkhine’s Ring
    • Increased cost from 2400 to 2800
    • Added 20% attack speed
    • New Passive: Basic attacks deal 10 bonus damage + 5% of your magical power. This item does not affect structures.
  • Demonic Grip
    • Increased magical power from 40 to 50
  • Book of the Dead
    • Decreased cost from 2800 to 2600
    • Removed 20% lifesteal
    • Added 200 mana
    • New Passive: Dropping below 50% HP will give you a shield equal to 25% of your current mana. The shield lasts 6 seconds and can only occur once every 90 seconds.
    • Moved to the Book item tree from the Trinket tree
  • Obsidian Shard
    • Removed 33% magical penetration
    • New Passive: 20% of your target’s magical protection is ignored. If the target has more than 40 magical protections, this effect scales up and caps at 45% magical penetration at 175 (or above) magical protection.
  • Ethereal Staff
    • New Passive: Abilities now deal 3% of the targets max health as additional true damage. If the target has 2000 health or over, the effect scales up, capping at 10% max health on targets with 2750 HP. This effect only occurs once every 10 seconds.
  • Chronos Pendent
    • Increased cost from 2750 gold to 2800 gold
    • Magical power increased from 80 to 100
  • Spear of Desolation
    • Magical power increased from 80 to 100
    • Decreased magical penetration from 20 to 15
  • Divine Ruin
    • Decreased cost from 2400 gold to 2300 gold
    • Increased magical penetration from 10 to 15
  • Spear of the Magus
    • Increased cost from 2150 gold to 2300 gold
    • Magical power increased from 50 to 65
  • Soul Reaver
    • Magical power increased from 100 to 120
  • Polynomicon
    • Moved to the Book tree from the Trinket tree
  • Pythagorem’s Piece
    • Removed 200 mana and replaced it with 200 health
  • Bancroft’s Talon
    • Added 150 mana
  • Warlock’s Sash
    • Changed the item artwork and name to Warlock’s Staff
    • Decreased base health from 300 to 200
    • Magical power increased from 50 to 75
    • Passive’s scaling health increased from 3HP per stack to 4HP per stack
  • Spell Focus (T2)
    • Magical penetration reduced from 22% to 15%
  • Enchanted Trinket (T2)
    • Removed 100 mana and replaced it with 100 health
  • Talon Trinket (T2)
    • Added 100 mana


Physical Items:

  • The Crusher
    • New Passive: Abilities deal bonus damage over time for 30 physical power + 15% of you physical power over 2 seconds.
  • Titan’s Bane
    • Removed 33% physical penetration
    • New Passive: 20% of the target’s physical protection is ignored. If the target has 65 physical protection or above, then this effect scales up and caps at 40% physical penetration at 175 (or above) physical protection.
  • Transcendence
    • Added 10% cooldown reduction
  • Qin Sais
    • New Passive: Basic attacks deal damage for 3% of the target’s maximum health. If your target’s health is 2000 or over, this effect scales and caps at 5% max health at targets with 2750 health.
  • Void Shield
    • Added 100 health
    • Physical power reduction from 30 to 20
    • Physical protection increase from 40 to 50
  • Blackthorn Hammer
    • New Passive: When you have over 50% of your max mana, gain 10% cooldown reduction. When you are below 50% of your max mana, gain +50 MP5.
  • Atalanta’s Bow
    • Increased duration of movement speed buff from 3 seconds to 7 seconds
  • Ichaival
    • Passive now also includes magical power reduction by 15 per stack.
  • Silverbranch Bow
    • New Passive: Attack speed increased by 5% and reduces your enemies attack speed by 5% for 3 seconds upon successfully hitting basic attacks. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Deathbringer
    • Reduced cost from 3000 gold to 2800 gold
    • Critical strike chance increased from 20% to 35%
    • Passive critical strike damage buff reduced from 40% to 25%


Tank Items:

  • Hide of the Urchin
    • Protections per stack reduced from 3 to 2
    • Upon 10 stacks (enemy god kills or assists), this item now evolves
    • Evolved Passive: While out of combat, gain a shield of 100 health +5 per level after 30 seconds. The shield will regenerate a small amount every 3 seconds until reaching the limit at 30 seconds.
  • Magi’s Blessing
    • Renamed to Magi’s Cloak (previous Magi’s Cloak renamed to Cleric’s Cloak)
  • Heartward Amulet
    • Health increased from 200 to 250
    • Magical protection increased from 45 to 55
  • Gauntlet of Thebes
    • Increased cost from 2150 gold to 2400 gold
    • Health decreased from 300 to 200
    • New Passive: Assist on lane minions grant 1 stack, giving 1 physical and magical protection per stack. Evolves at 50 stacks.
    • Evolved Passive: Allies within 70 units of you gain 10 magical and physical protections.
  • Oni Hunter’s Garb
    • New Passive: Gain a 5% damage mitigation buff when 3 or more enemy gods are within a 55 unit radius of you.
  • Sovereignty
    • Health increased from 200 to 250
    • Physical protection increased from 40 to 50
  • Spectral Armor
    • Physical protections decreased from 70 to 60
    • New Passive: Critical strike damage now does 50% of the damage to you instead of the full 100%.

A few items have had either their name, art or both changed, such as Soul Trap (T2) has now been changed to Book of Souls.


God Changes


  • Increased base movement speed from 350 to 355.


  • Hives – Decreased attack speed buff from 10/20/30/40/50% to 10/15/20/25/30% and decreased movement speed buff from 10/15/20/25/30% to 5/10/15/20/25%.

Ao Kuang

  • King of the Eastern Seas – Ability’s self heal now triggers after completing an execute while still in the air.


  • Increased base movement speed from 360 to 365.

Cu Chulainn

  • Reduced base HP5 from 9 to 5.
  • Spear of Immortal Pain (War Cry) – Increased cooldown from 90 seconds to 100 seconds.


  • Cursed Strength – Decreased duration of stun in both Dragon and Dwarf stances from 1.5 seconds to 1 second.

He Bo

  • Increased base movement speed from 350 to 355.


  • Increased base movement speed from 350 to 355.


  • Increased base movement speed from 360 to 365.


  • Increased base health per level from 95 to 100.


  • Decoy – Decreased cooldown from 14 seconds to 12 seconds. Increased damage from 75/125/175/225/275 to 90/140/190/240/290.


  • Rend – Decreased damage from 50/85/120/155/190 to 50/80/110/140/170 and is now immune to knockbacks while channelling this ability.


  • Increased base movement speed from 350 to 355.


  • Percussive Storm – Decreased base damage per shot from 30/45/60/75/90 to 25/40/55/70/85.
  • Raiju – Reduced damage per tick to targets past the first target from 15/25/35/45/55 (+13% scaling) to 9/15/21/27/33 (+8% scaling).
  • Taiko Drums – Increased cooldown from 90 seconds to 100 seconds.


  • Dart – Increased cooldown from 12 seconds to 14 seconds.
  • Acorn Blast – Increased mana cost from 60 to 60-80.


  • Decreased base health from 470 to 450.
  • Mystic Rush – Decreased damage mitigation buff from 20/25/30/25/40% to 10/15/20/25/30%.


  • Increased base movement speed from 350 to 355.
  • Increased base health per level from 68 to 75.


  • Hieroglyphic Assault – Increased base damage from 35/55/75/95/115 to 40/60/80/100/120.


  • Power Cleave – Increased heal physical power scaling from 0% to 20%.


  • Increased base movement speed from 360 to 365.



The Odyssey will be removed with this patch, so make sure you have purchased everything you want or claimed the Frostfire Ullr skin if you want it as it will never be available again.

Ranked will also reset with this patch for the release of the new Season Ticket. All of 2017’s ranked rewards will also disappear, so now is your last chance to work towards those rewards. All boosters will go along with the Season Ticket too, so make sure you use them up!

GW2: Chuka and Champawat Vol. 3: Tigris: Naturalist’s Journal

The Naturalist’s Journal is a sub collection for the Chuka and Chamapawat Vol.3: Tigris Collection. This collection has 16 parts consisting of one crafted item and 15 journal entries.

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Higurashi When They Cry – Chapter 1: Onikakushi Review

Developed originally in Japan in 2002 by 07th Expansion, Higurashi When They Cry (Higurashi no naku koro ni) is a story rich sound novel of the murder mystery genre. It was brought to Steam in 2015 and is available to purchase for £4.79. I won’t feature any spoilers in this post.

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Smite: 4.25 Patch Notes

The last patch of Season 4 is upon us. Although this isn’t a large patch due to Season 5 being released in only a few weeks time (which will be a huge patch), patch 4.25 will include the new awaited god, Cerberus. I’ll also feature some teasers as to what’s to come in Season 5.

If you haven’t seen the Official Patch Notes yet, follow the link.


New God: Cerberus


Cerberus, Warden of the Underworld, is the last God to be released as part of Season 4. He is a Greek Guardian and his lore associates him with his master, Hades.

Passive – Spirit of Death – Any enemy that heals within 40 units of Cerberus heals with a reduction of 20% and grants Cerberus 40% of their heal.

Ability 1 – Paralyzing Spit – Cerberus’ snake tail spits acid in a line. This passes through minions and stops at the first God hit. If you use Ghastly Breath or basic attacks (1 basic attack per head) after the initial snake spit, then each of Cerberus’ heads will then gain a projectile each to fire again (all three are fired at once). Hitting an enemy with all 4 of these projectiles will stun the enemy.

Ability 2 – Ghastly Breath – Cerberus breathes fumes in a cone in front of him. The cone is split into 3 sections, all doing damage and removing protections, but applying a slow to enemies located in the centre section. The ability can output 7 ticks of damage. Both the protection debuff and the slow can stack up to 3 times from the ticks of Ghastly Breath.

Ability 3 – Soul Expulsion – Cerberus leaps forwards and damages enemies on impact. This also releases the souls of the enemies (creating ghostly clones of the enemies) which Cerberus can kill in order to heal from. His basic attacks will also cleave these soul minions.

Ultimate – Stygian Torment – Cerberus lets out a mighty howl, lifting all the enemies around him into the air and dealing damage. Cerberus can then decide where the enemies will land by turning to that location. All the enemies lifted will then drop to the selected location in front of Cerberus.



Ragnarok Event

This is a new event starting in Patch 4.25 and continuing until pact 5.3. There will be three separate bundles for this event and on purchasing all three, you will unlock the Limited Hades skin as well as being able to unlock all the awesome chests without completing the quests.


This bundle (Fire Giant Bundle) has 3 quests attached to it to completed in order to win an Awesome Chest (guaranteed exclusive item). This bundle costs 750 gems and contains the skins for Thor and Camazotz shown below as well as a Loading Frame and Recall Skin.

The other bundles will include skins for Jing Wei and Cu Chulainn (Chaos Bundle) and then skins for Cerberus and Discordia (Gold Fury Bundle). I’m looking forward to those!



There haven’t been as many skins released this patch since all the Odyssey content has been released and preparations are underway for Season 5. As there’s a new Ragnarok Event bundle, I believe the Thor and Camazotz skins to be related to this.


Brimstone Demon Thor – I believe this to be in the Ragnarok bundle. I actually think this skin is quite creepy and in my opinion there are better skins for Thor out there, but it’s a different concept at least.


Brimstone Beast Camazotz – I believe this is the other skin contained in the Ragnarok bundle. I think this skin looks pretty cool from the card art. I actually can’t remember the last time I saw anybody play Camazotz though… maybe he’s ready for some Season 5 attention.

sol sweettooth

Sweet Tooth Sol – I actually quite like this skin although I’m unsure how it will actually look in game. This will be contained in a new “Bubblicious” chest containing 60 items and costing 300 gems per roll. Knowing me, I’ll probably end up rolling for this, even though I finally just got the Meltdown Sol skin.


Grove Keeper Xing Tian – This skin will also be contained in a new chest. I like the concept of this skin and from the card art it looks really pretty and quite detailed. Maybe Xing Tian decided to cosplay Grover for HRX this year.


God Balance


  • Impale – Enemies that are impaled will now do damage to other enemies they pass through during the impale knockback.


  • Rain Dance – As well as a movement slow, this ability now also applies an attack speed slow of 5/10/15/20/25%.

Hun Batz

  • Sacred Monkey – Damage increased from 80/125/170/215/260 to 80/135/190/245/300.


  • Monolith – Increased the slow from 30% to 40% upon shattering the monolith, and increased the duration of this slow from 1.5 to 2 seconds.

Zhong Kui

  • Book of Demons – Reduced mana cost from 75-95 to 60-80. When this ability is on cooldown, the basic attacks from Zhong Kui’s book will still attack with him.


Season 5 Teasers

Normally a new Pantheon is announced for the new season. Celtic was announced for Season 4, but this year 2 new Pantheons, Voodoo and Slavic, have been announced for Season 5!

I’m not sure how this is going to work as last year there were only 9 new gods released (not including Cerberus), 4 of which were Celtic and we still don’t have a Celtic Assassin. I think Hi-Rez might be taking on too much here, or maybe they just don’t have enough ideas to focus on one Pantheon right now. I guess only time will tell.

There will also be a new Conquest map! The map has had a complete redesign with the idea to make the map symmetrical for both teams to make games more fair. I spoke briefly about this before, but the map is said to be about 20% wider than before and although still using the Greek design, the map has undergone a huge visual update too. Watch the Map reveal here!


I love visual design from what I’ve seen so far, particularly the Underworld Chaos design and the colour scheme. Jungle fog is also back, making the jungle even more dangerous as well as the narrower paths connecting the map together. I’m not a Conquest player myself, but I’m excited to explore this map!

Other things coming in Season 5:

  • New Arena Map (visual update)
  • New Adventure: Da Ji and the 1,000 mobs (survival mode)
  • Voodoo and Slavic Pantheons and maybe news of a 3rd Pantheon

New Year’s Resolutions!

2018 is here! As it’s been Christmas, I haven’t really had time to play games and get any content to blog with as I’ve been spending time with family. So with that in mind, I guess I’ll share my plans for my blog this year! I’m not normally the type to make any resolutions, but since I’m really enjoying creating posts for this blog, I decided to make a few related ones.

So here they are:

Game Reviews


I have really enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts on games I have played, such as the Syberia trilogy. This is something that I didn’t really set out to do as I never really played many different types of games. However, over the past few months, I have bought quite a few games that I didn’t think I would be into such as Nioh, Vermintide, Total War Warhammer and I’ve even purchased a few visual novels.

Although I’m pretty slow at getting through games, and I don’t really own a huge amount like other people out there, I enjoy taking my time to make the best reviews I can. This is definitely something I hope to do more of.


Complete Chuka and Champawat


This was actually my “resolution” last year… and I actually haven’t made any progress whatsoever other than playing WvW for the Gift of Battle. I don’t actually put any money into this game (other than for gems for character slots if I want them), so everything I have needed for Chuka, I have farmed by myself.

Although I will be cutting down on playing Guild Wars to focus on other games, I will definitely be finishing the guides for Chuka as it is just the final crafting stage I am stuck on. I tend to space them out as they require a lot of work to make, but they should all be out this year!

I’ve also started some collections for other Legendary Weapons, so I might even post about those when I do finally finish Chuka!




A friend of mine has been planning for a while to start a YouTube channel. The idea was that I was going to run a blog alongside this for certain things, and maybe even be involved in various things myself. This is still an ongoing project that has been tested but not yet taken off, so I hope we can make something of this in the near future.


So they are the main points I wanted to pick up on. With Christmas and the New Year now over, I’ll be getting back to normal with content. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to talk about or tell me about your New Year’s Resolutions. I’d love to here them!

Happy New Year all!