Sunshine Blogger Award II

I was nominated by AK at Everything Is Bad For You a few weeks ago for a Sunshine Blogger Award! Sorry I haven’t posted my answers sooner, but better late than never… Thanks again for the nomination!

The Rules:

  • Thank the Blogger that nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 7 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 blogs to receive the award and write 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

1. Have you played a game that was so immersive and compelling that you ended up feeling disconnected from the real world while playing it? If so, what was it and what do you think drew you into its world?

I tend to invest all my time into one game at once these days and give said game my undivided attention, therefore I would say I’ve been deeply immersed in a fair few. There is a particular game that comes to mind though, and that would be Guild Wars 2. This game was the beginning of my PC gaming journey, a game I played very often with my boyfriend and also spent a lot of time on by myself. I’d never seen such a huge game before so the vast map initially drew me in, but over time GW2 provided an escape at the time I needed it most. You can read more about my GW2 journey in a piece I wrote for Normal Happenings’ “The Games That Define Us”.

2. Is there a game that’s had a profound impact on you, either as a kid or as an adult? What was that game and what influence do you think it had on you?

I played Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds & Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms around 18 months ago. Hakuoki was the first otome visual novel I played since trying out a few other visuals novels previously, and I loved this series so much that spent 120+ hours on the two games, 100% completing them both. I have since watched the anime and my boyfriend has even bought me the OST and an incredible Saito figure! This series has since led me onto many more otome visual novels which I have thoroughly enjoyed (three since the beginning of August), since making this my favourite game genre. I feel like I have finally found my niche.

3. Is there a game that you loved as a kid but disappointed badly when you revisited it as an adult? What do you think appealed to you about it then, and why do you think that appeal has been lost?

I didn’t game a lot as a kid, but I imagine Sims 2 being disappointing if I played it again now. I spent endless amounts of hours on this game, getting up early before school, playing after school, all day at the weekends… I honestly don’t know why my parents let me do it. The amazing thing was that I never owned any expansions. How I got this much entertainment for many years out of a single base game is beyond me. I get bored of Sims 3 after a few days and I own pretty much every expansion going, so for that reason I really can’t imagine enjoying myself on Sims 2 if I was to play it again.

4. How do you feel about the use of subtitles in games? Would you want every game made in a foreign language to be dubbed into your native language if possible, or do you prefer subs?

Generally I prefer subs to dubs. There is the argument that your native language is better when gaming as some subtitles could be missed if you’re concentrating in game, but the main reason I prefer the original language is due to the animation. I really dislike watching cutscenes where the characters mouths move differently to the audio – I’m currently having this issue with Astral Chain. I also play a lot of Japanese games and I’m attempting to learn the language, so listening to Japanese audio is also very beneficial here.

5. Have you ever sold a game, game console or handheld, accessory or similar object that you later regretted selling?

I remember my mum sold our PS1 at a carboot sale for a fiver… Controllers, memory cards and all. I wasn’t bothered at the time because we’d upgraded to a PS2, but I wish we’d have at least kept the memory cards as I didn’t realise PS1 games couldn’t be saved on PS2 memory cards despite being able to play them with no other issues. I’m a bit of hoarder anyway, so it’s rare for me to get rid of anything once I’ve bought it.

6. With the dominance of Amazon and digital game markets, do you think brick-and-mortar game stores will be able to hang on for much longer? If they can’t, will we lose anything meaningful as a result?

Good question. High street retail in general is declining due to the vast online market. As a retail employee for the past decade, I’ve noticed it’s becoming far more difficult to compete with large companies’ web presence and actually still make any profit as a small business by trying to provide the same service – I imagine game retailing is much the same. As PC is my desired platform, I buy my games digitally anyway as hard copies just don’t seem to exist anymore, but if I buy games for the Switch or PS4, I’d much rather buy them from my local GAME store. However, I have noticed that a lot of things sold at GAME are actually cheaper on their website which is totally defeating the point of trying to stay on the high street. Why would anyone want to go into a store to pay £50 for a game that they can purchase for £45 on the same company’s website with free postage an hour of their time saved? Even if we use these websites, the shops will soon cease to exist. Places selling pre-owned games/DVDs are also a massive problem to the industry. I know I’d much rather have a cut of my money go to the development team rather than give it all to some greedy business selling used games for £5 less than you can get them new… People must buy them though, and that makes me incredibly sad.

7. Your government approaches you with an offer: join its upcoming first manned mission to Mars.  You’ll receive a large salary, and if you have a family, they’ll be very well compensated.  If the mission is successful, you’ll be away from them for at least three or four years.  However, the mission is so dangerous that there’s a high chance (let’s say for the sake of the hypothetical 70%) that you will never return to Earth.  No matter what happens, you’ll be immortalized in history if you join this mission, and if you end up dead or stranded, your family would continue to receive a large pension.  Would you take them up on the offer?  (Assume also that you have skills that would be essential to such a mission, but that other experts would be equally able to perform the same functions, so the mission would still proceed if you decline to join.)

Easy. No way.

I nominate anyone who also wants to answer AK’s questions as I know there have been plenty of these posts going around recently.

Hope you enjoyed reading my answers and please play along if you wish!

One thought on “Sunshine Blogger Award II

  1. I don’t play otome games (I’m not in the target audience anyway) but it’s great to see visual novels getting more popular in general. That format has a lot to offer that too many people here in the west just don’t recognize yet.

    Totally agreed on subs, especially when there’s mouth movement and detailed facial expressions involved. Listening to Japanese vocal tracks sounds like a great way to help pick up the language.

    The more I hear about GAME, the more it reminds me of Gamestop here in the US. I hated buying “pre-owned” games there as they call them; you got a lousy deal and if the game was on a disc, chances were it had scratches on it and would skip and screw up. As much as I like buying physical copies of games, the new digital markets definitely help get your money (or most of it at least) directly to the developer.

    As for that Mars missions I proposed, I haven’t had a single taker yet!

    Interesting answers! Thanks for taking the time out to answer my questions.


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