GW2: Legendary Trinket: Aurora – Introduction

I finally decided that I’m going to make the effort to craft this new Legendary Trinket everyone is cursing over in map chat… and now I can kind of see why. Again, I know I’m a bit late starting this, but I’m going to work really hard to get these collections done ASAP!

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Smite: 4.16 Patch Notes

Here again! Smite’s 4.16: Summer Knockout Patch Notes have been aired, due in game for PC on 29th August and Console 5th September. This is quite a small patch compared to what we’ve had recently, but I think patch 4.17 will make up for that.

The new Japanese Hunter Hachiman will be feature in 4.17 (those of you watching Twitch may have seen a tiny sneak peak) and the Odyssey 2018 will be here in the next few patches (not sure when but it normally starts at the end of September, so not long now)!

Since Hi-Rez changed their website, it seems to be more difficult to find their Patch Notes on there (it’s under the news tab), so if you haven’t seen the Official Patch Notes yet, follow the link (I always post the link here anyway)!


Project Olympus:

Vivox – TeamSpeak has been added in game for Ranked, custom games and parties. No additional software will be needed for this feature which people have been requesting for a long time. Personally I don’t enjoy games with voice features (the main reason why I never got into DotA) as people will just abuse the feature and harass players, shouting abuse at them. However, I do understand that this is a very important feature as the game is heavily team orientated and therefore having this within parties and in ranked will be a positive tool for players to use. After all, we all know as handy as VGS is, it’s not the easiest thing to use to tell your team what to do. I just hope this doesn’t make it to casual games as I don’t want to hear people shouting down their microphones when it should be casual gameplay… Obviously though, there will be a mute tool somewhere!

Glossary – A glossary has also been added which will feature some gaming terminology for those of you who are new and haven’t picked it all up yet.

Ranked Duel – Players will now get more bans during the drafting phase. This patch will increase the bans from 6 to 8 (4 each player).



Here are the final Summer of Smite skins:


I like that they have focused their attention on giving male Gods some beachwear outfits. I like that Cu Chulainn’s abilities use water effects and his Berserk form’s abilities use sand effects. This is a nice little feature for different stances. Not sure where the Berserk form got the sunglasses from though…


Xbalanque also has a Tiki themed skin like Ah Puch. This skin is pretty simple with some nice fire effects and tiki torches for the ultimate, but I like that about it. I much prefer skins themed like Fire Dancer Xbal which have more of a realistic theme to them as I feel they suit the game style a lot better.


This is the Bearly Buzzed Bacchus skin. They style is very different to what Hi-Rez have done before. It’s quite cartoony, but Bacchus’ animations fit the bear character and although I don’t like the skin enough to purchase all the Summer of Smite skins to unlock it for myself, I think this skin is something new, fresh and it isn’t too OTT. This skin also comes with it’s own personal emote which makes the bear run around being chased by bees. his voice pack also sounds like Disney’s Goofy…


Terra has a new skin coming to this patch too! This Dropkick Terra skin will be in a bundle containing a Punch Bag Ward, Global Emote and a Cutesy Dropkick Avatar for 450 gems. $1 of all purchases made will go to Connor’s Cure charity for paediatric cancer.


Normally I just select the best skins to feature in my Patch Notes, but Hi-Rez have really improved with their quality of skins and I actually really like all the skins this Patch, but I think this Serenity Vamana skin is probably my favourite.

I was really happy when Vamana had his visual update as before he looked rather creepy and really outdated. This is the first skin (other than his recolour and mastery skins) that has been released with the new model, and I love it! The Sci-Fi theme has been tastefully done and the voice pack is really relaxed and true to his pantheon which is great. I hope this is a 400 gem skin for direct purchase and not in a chest.


This is a Tier 2 skin for Ganesha. I really love the armour he’s wearing and the bowl of skulls a nice touch. This is themed on the Hindu lore where the God’s would have an alternate war appearance, and I definitely think this Ganesha looks like he means business!



The audio countdown for Tipping Fantasy Points at the end of matches has been removed.

Many God’s have had description changes to associate some spawns as pets. This includes Arachne’s Broodlings, Kuzenbo’s Nene Kappa, Loki’s Decoy and Sun Wu Kong’s Decoy.

Ganesha now also has a number under his passive meter displaying how many kills he awarded other players throughout the game.



Sunder – Decreased cooldown from 160 – 140 seconds for both standard and upgraded relic.

Heavenly Wings – Decreased Movement Speed from 40% to 30% for both standard and upgraded relic.

Magic Shell – Decreased Health Sheild Scaling per level from 15-12, increased cooldown from 140 – 150 seconds.



Shaman’s Ring – Increased cost from 2200 – 2300 gold, increased Magical Power from 60 – 80 and the passive now only applies from damaging abilities.

Telkines Ring – Decreased cost from 2700 – 2400 gold, and stacks for it’s passive can now be gained from Damage over Time (DoT).

Dynasty Plate Helm – Increased Physical Protections from 25 – 35.




  • Maul Prey – Decreased base damage from 50-170 to 40-160 and decreased power scaling from 35% to 30% per Swipe.
  • Life Tap – Decreased slow per stack from 20% to 10% and decreased self healing from 15-35 to 10-30 per hit.


  • Time Rift – Decreased magical power scaling from 85% to 80%.
  • Accelerate – Decreased the attack damage buff from 45% to 35% when in Section IV of his passive.

Cu Chulainn:

  • Barbed Spear – Increased healing reduction from 40% to 50%.


  • Scarab’s Blessing – This ability had a very tiny time gap to allow players to interrupt the ability. Now Scarab’s Blessing will be cast on the target immediately to prevent interruptions.


  • Permafrost – Altered the movement speed Skadi gains from 40% at all ranks to 20-40% scaling with levels. Power scaling has also been decreased from 60% to 50%.


  • Increased base movement speed from 365 to 370.
  • Wind Siphon – Reduced cooldown from 18 seconds to 16 seconds.




Receive a Cutesy Avatar Chest roll for 3 FWOTDs from 25th – 27th August. A new avatar has also been added of Sun Wu Kong’s tiger form with the new Earl Wubert St. Kongfrey skin. Make sure you get those wins to earn your chest rolls!

GW2: Chuka and Champawat Vol 2: Ambush

Moving on to the next stage in crafting this Legendary Short-Bow. Unfortunately this section is all about crafting and collecting items to give to people so it’s probably the least interesting and most difficult part of the Chuka and Champawat collection (minus crafting the actual legendary of course)!

First of all, you need to have completed the first collection Chuka and Champawat Vol 1: The Hunt to be able to have access to the Ambush collection and you need to have a Huntsman at least level 450.

There are 16 parts to this collection, some parts have to be done in a certain order. Here’s what it looks like in the achievements tab:


1. Basic Short-Bow Requisition – Craft 175 Basic Elder Short-Bows and give them to a Master Huntsman (the vendor stood next to the Huntsman crafting station). To unlock the recipe speak to the Huntsman vendor first. Each bow requires:

  • Elder Short-Bow Stave (4 Elder Planks per Stave, 3 Elder Logs per plank)
  • Thick String (3 Cured Thick Leather Squares per String, 4 Thick Leather Sections per Square).


2. The Art of Woodworking: Short-Bow Edition Vol 2 – After the Basic Short-Bow Requisition stage (no.1) has been completed, you can now begin the Art of Woodworking sections. You will need:

  • 10 Green Short-Bow Staves (4 Planks per Stave, 3 Logs per Plank)
  • 10 Soft Short-Bow Staves (4 Planks per Stave, 2 Logs per Plank)
  • 10 Seasoned Short-Bow Staves (4 Planks per Stave, 3 Logs per Plank)
  • 10 Hard Short-Bow Staves (4 Planks per Stave, 3 Logs per Plank)
  • 10 Elder Short-Bow Staves (4 Planks per Stave, 3 Logs per Plank)
  • 10 Ancient Short-Bow Staves (4 Planks per Stave, 3 Logs per Plank)
  • 1 Spiritwood Short-Bow Stave (5 Piles of Crystalline Dust, 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents and 2 Spiritwood Planks). Recipe for 1 Spiritwood Plank below:
    • 1 Glob of Elder Spirit Residue (50 Elder Planks, 1 Glob of Ectoplasm, 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents)
    • 20 Soft Wood Planks (2 Soft Logs per plank)
    • 10 Seasoned Wood Planks (3 Seasoned Logs per Plank)
    • 20 Hard Wood Planks (3 Hard Logs per Plank)

Once all have been crafted, give them to the Master Hunstman to complete this section.

3. Elder Short-Bow Stave Requisition – Craft another 175 Elder Short-Bow Staves after the Basic Short-Bow Requisition section has been completed. Only the Staves, not complete bows with strings (although the Thick Strings will be needed later on). If the Staves are crafted into bows they will not count!

4. Runed Short-Bow Stave – Craft one of these using the recipe and it will be added to your inventory. You will need:

  • 250 Elder Wood Planks (3 Elder Logs per plank)
  • 5 Spiritwood Planks (per Plank):
    • 1 Glob of Elder Spirit Residue (50 Elder Planks, 1 Glob of Ectoplasm, 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents)
    • 20 Soft Wood Planks (2 Soft Logs per plank)
    • 10 Seasoned Wood Planks (3 Seasoned Logs per Plank)
    • 20 Hard Wood Planks (3 Hard Logs per Plank)
  • 10 Lumps of Primordium (Bought from Master Huntsman)
  • 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents (Bought from Master Huntsman)


5. The Art of Tanning: Short-Bow String Edition Vol 2 – After completing Thick Short-Bow String Requisition (no.6), you can now begin this section. You will need:

  • 10 Rawhide Strings (2 Squares per String, 2 Sections per Square)
  • 10 Thin Strings (3 Squares per String, 2 Sections per Square)
  • 10 Coarse Strings (3 Squares per String, 2 Sections per Square)
  • 10 Rugged Strings (3 Squares per String, 2 Sections per Square)
  • 10 Thick Strings (3 Squares per String, 4 Sections per Square)
  • 10 Hardened Strings (3 Squares per String, 3 Sections per Square)
  • 1 Elonian String (5 Piles of Crystalline Dust, 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents, 3 Elonian Leather Squares). Recipe for 1 Elonian Leather Square below:
    • 1 Spool of Thick Elonian Cord (50 Cured Thick Squares, 1 Glob of Ectoplasm, 10 Thermocatalyctic Reagents)
    • 20 Cured Thin Leather Squares (2 Sections per Square)
    • 10 Cured Coarse Leather Squares (2 Sections per Square)
    • 20 Cured Rugged Leather Squares (2 Sections per Square)

Once all these have been crafted, give them to the Master Huntsman to complete the section.

6. Thick Short-Bow String Requisition – Craft another 175 Thick Strings after completing the Basic Short-Bow Requisition section. Only the Thick Strings, not the entire bows, the Staves are needed for another section.

7. Imbued Short-Bow String – Craft one of these using the recipe, then the item will be added to your inventory. You will need:

  • 250 Cured Thick Leather Squares (4 Thick Sections per Square)
  • 50 Cured Hardened Leather Squares (3 Hardened Sections per Square)
  • 5 Elonian Leather Squares (per Square):
    • 1 Spool of Thick Elonian Cord (50 Cured Thick Squares, 1 Glob of Ectoplasm, 10 Thermocatalyctic Reagents)
    • 20 Cured Thin Leather Squares (2 Sections per Square)
    • 10 Cured Coarse Leather Squares (2 Sections per Square)
    • 20 Cured Rugged Leather Squares (2 Sections per Square)


8. Precise Short-Bow Woodworking Tools – Craft one of these and the item will be added to your inventory. You will need:

  • 250 Elder Wood Planks (3 Elder Logs per Plank)
  • 50 Ancient Wood Planks (3 Ancient Logs per Plank)
  • 5 Spiritwood Planks
  • 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents


9. Desert Magics: Short-Bow Edition Vol 2 – Give 1000 Bandit Crests to Scholar Mossi found in Lion’s Arch next to Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs. Bandit Crests are earned by completing events in the Silverwastes.

10. Jungle Magics: Short-Bow Edition Vol 2 – Give 200 Geodes to Scholar Mossi. Geodes are earned by completing events in Dry Top.

11. Old World Magics: Short-Bow Edition Vol 2 – Give 100 Obsidian Shards to Scholar Mossi. Obsidian Shard can be purchased from various vendors throughout Tyria with different currencies e.g. 21,000 karma for 10 Obsidian Shards at Cathedral of Glorious Victory in Straits of Devastation or  3 Laurels for 3 Obsidian Shards from the Laurel Merchants.

12. Ancient Water Magics: Short-Bow Edition Vol 2 – Give 100 Karka Shells to Scholar Mossi. Karka Shell are dropped by enemies in Southsun Cove, particularly in the reward chest for killing the Karka Queen.

13. Herbal Magics: Short-Bow Edition Vol 2 – Give 25 Passion Flowers to Scholar Mossi. Passion Flowers are harvested from Passiflora in Southsun Cove. The drops are random as to whether you will receive a Passion Flower from a Passiflora, but Blooming Passifloras will always drop a Passion Flower.

14. Stabilizing Magics: Short-Bow Edition Vol 2 – Give 25 Stabilizing Matrix to Scholar Mossi. Stabilizing Matrices are dropped from Fractal of the Mists Chests or can be salvaged from Ascended Rings using Ascended Salvage kits.

15. Chuka and Champawat Vol 2 – Bought from Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs in Lion’s Arch for 5 Spirit Shards and 10,003 Karma. You need to have the Magister of Legends Mastery completed in order to do this (the second mastery in the Legendary Crafting Mastery tree).


16. The Hunt – Salvage this weapon (crafted from the first tier collection “Vol 1: The Hunt”) to collect the “Spirit of The Hunt” which is used to craft The Ambush.

Completing the collection awards you with 3 AP and “Tips and Tricks for Short-Bow Crafting”. This chest contains, “Expertise in Advanced Short-Bow Crafting” and “Box of Recipes: The Ambush” which will now allow you to craft the second tier of your Legendary Chuka and Champawat Short-Bow, The Ambush.

So, to craft The Ambush, you will need:

  • Prismatic Lodestone
    • 1 Glacial Lodestone
    • 1 Molten Lodestone
    • 1 Onyx Lodestone
    • 1 Charged Lodestone
  • Jar of Luminesce Polish
    • 250 Piles of Bloodstone Dust
    • 1 Amalgamated Gemstone
    • 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents
    • 10 Master Maintenance Oils (20 Jugs of Water and 3 Piles of Crystalline Dust per 5 Oils)
  • Expertise in Advanced Short-Bow Crafting (from the “Tips and Tricks for Short-Bow Crafting” Chest for completed the Vol 2: Ambush collection)
  • Spirit of The Hunt (Salvaged from The Hunt)


This is what The Ambush looks like. It’s very similar to The Hunt but less wonky and a bit more symmetrical. This is what all that effort and materials were for… totally worth it so far… not. Will be for the end result though (and the Tiger Cubs)!

Smite: Corrupted Arena Adventure

Corrupted Arena is the fourth adventure added to Smite brought to the game in Patch 4.15. This adventure involves an altered version of the arena map where players can defeat other players by knocking them of edges into chasms in the map. This game mode is separate from the normal arena game mode so both are still available to play until patch 4.18 when Corrupted Arena will end.

You can play this adventure game mode without buying the bundle. The 900 gem bundle comes with the Dragon’s Rage Kukulkan skin (limited), Corrupted Ward, Music Pack, Corrupted Avatar, a Golden Key, 2500 shards and double shards are also awarded at the end of each game.


Shards are used as in an in game currency to buy a selection of skins, emotes, announcer packs, favour and fantasy points. There are 24 items to collect which will award the player with an Awesome chest when completed. Since the Awesome chest has been specific to adventure bundles so far, I believe people who have not bought the bundle will not receive the Awesome chest even when all items have been unlocked. However, players who have not bought the bundle can still earn shards and unlock all of the 24 items but at a slower rate. If you already own some of the items, then that item will already count towards the completion and cannot be unlocked again or swapped for anything else. I already owned 10 of these items, so can only unlock 14 altogether using shards.

There are 3 parts to these unlocks, 8 items costing 750 shards each, 8 items costing 1500 shards each and 8 items (including 3 exclusive skins) for 2500 shards each. Please note, spending your shards will grant you one item from the section at random. Although you can pick the section, you cannot choose which item you get. Shard bundles of 2500 shards are also available to purchase for 200 gems per bundle.




For a win you can expect to get about 250 shards and about 150 for a loss, double that if you have the bundle, but it depends on the game length as to how many you will actually get. Shown below is the amount of shards I earned for a win with the bundle as a general expectation as to how many games you will need to get all the rewards.


This is what the map looks like. As you can see there are parts of the floor missing around the back of the buff camps on both sides (to start with). Throughout the game the map evolves, creating more obstacles as the game progresses.


I think Hi-Rez have done a really good job with the amount of detail they have put into making over this map but the effects (particularly sound effects) could do with being a bit more noticeable when more of the floor crumbles away or something drops from the sky as I found I would turn around and something would have just appeared out of nowhere. Maybe some short screen shake or something? Caged Kuku with chains attached to the crumbling pillars looks really great though and I like the dark environment with a really pretty starry sky. Nice work guys!

Changé, Erlang Shen, Jing Wei, Kukulkan, Skadi, and The Morrigan are banned from this game mode, but all the other gods can be chosen. I’ve found the strongest Gods for this adventure are Xing Tian, Hercules, Anhur, Kuzenbo and Sobek due to their hard CC abilities as they are great for throwing people into the chasms. My personal favourite to play at the moment is Serqet as throwing someone into the chasm with her ult is rather satisfying, and even if they do ‘beads’ out of the throw, they take a truckload of damage anyway.

You will still earn worshipers, favour, fantasy points and experience for playing this game mode unlike the past adventures, but any stats (wins, kills, deaths, assists, etc.) will not be saved to your God’s history (like MOTD), nor will the game show up in your game history. Speaking of which, MOTD has been intentionally disabled for the adventure and is scheduled to return in patch 4.17.

The queue times seem rather long considering it’s new, most of the time I can be waiting up to 3 minutes before I find a game – minor problem though. I haven’t found any noticeable bugs or anything yet either which is good.

I think I’ll have a lot of fun playing this adventure since I do enjoy playing arena and this is so much more entertaining, silly and it can end up being such a mess of God’s flying all over the place, being thrown to their deaths.

Let me know you thoughts!

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Demo Weekend

The weekend was the Demo weekend for the upcoming release of the next Guild Wars 2 expansion, Path of Fire. From the 11th August to 13th August, players could opt into creating a new Demo character in order to play and explore the new features in the Crystal Desert. Anyone who has a Guild Wars 2 account could participate so this was a great opportunity to see what’s to come in the next instalment to the game.


Unfortunately, since I work weekends, I didn’t get round to playing as much of this as I would have like to, however, I didn’t want to play it to death as the progress you make during the demo is not saved to your account (hence making the demo character). At least it’ll be more exciting for me when it’s actually released!

This demo weekend did not include the trial of the new Elite Specialisations, I’ve heard that will be next weekend.

After the story instance (which I only played part of) you spawn in the Crystal Oasis. This is the first new area of five that Path of Fire will bring to Tyria. The demo did not let you explore the entire map, so there will be at least a third more of the Crystal Oasis to explore on release.



The other four areas should be located within the red box (my prediction) due to some noticeable markings on the map. In the release video, there were shots of snowy terrain so I think there will be a new area north of Crystal Oasis.

The demo allowed you the use of the Raptor mount. A button to the right of your Elite skill will allow you to access your mount at any time while out of combat. A drop down menu will appear like with your other skills allowing you to select which mount you want to equip, but for now we can only use the Raptor.


I found the setting of (starting movement) animation really awkward on the Raptor as it sways to the side slightly before moving forwards. I can imagine this will be annoying when trying to slowly move a bit closer to a ledge as it seems to want to go in a different direction to start with. You cannot side strafe while on your mount and jumping consumes a small amount of endurance. It also doesn’t jump as high as you might think but there are other mounts for height purposes anyway. They can also withstand a decent amount of fall damage.

The Path of Fire Mastery system will continue with the ideas from the Heart of Thorns Mastery trees. The first tree for the Crystal Desert Mastery is for the Raptor mount with four sections. I believe each mount will have it’s own mastery tree and probably a few extra trees will be added also (since HoT had so many Mastery trees to complete).


The Mastery points are purple for the Crystal Desert and earning them is different to just communing with them like the previous ones. I’m not sure if they will all be like this, but the one I came across involved me completing a memory game with 3 rounds before awarding me with the Mastery Insight.


Other features will include new mount races, bounties, world bosses and map events as well as other content such as crafting materials, currency and the introduction to Unidentified Gear (which can be identified by Heart Merchants or salvaged for materials). I imagine there will be plenty of new armour sets and weapons available to buy/earn/craft and there are also new character customisation options.

The human customisation features are already in game and can be used with the style and makeover kits as well as in the create character section. Most of the options can be seen below for the human female (there’s more than one page). I’m unsure whether the other races will be getting any new customisation options, but I sure do hope so!


I’m really looking forward to the release of Path of Fire and seeing what more is to come in the Crystal Desert as well as continuing the story. If you played the demo this weekend then let me know your thoughts, and please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Smite: 4.15 Patch Notes

Corrupted Arena is the new patch coming to Smite this week (15th August for PC, 22nd August for console) bringing along with it a new adventure, more Summer of Smite skins, plenty of item changes and a fair amount of bug fixes.

As always, if you haven’t seen the Official 4.15 Patch Notes follow the link.

Firstly the new adventure, Corrupted Arena, is the 4th adventure brought to Smite. A 5th adventure has also been announced for release later this year. If you have bought all the adventure bundles so far and continue to purchase the others (so you have purchased all 5) you will receive and extra golden key to unlock the final skin in the vault.



The Corrupted Arena will be an altered Arena Map. The new map will have a separate queue so the standard arena map will still be available to play throughout the time of the adventure. The new map will feature a few obstacles and new features, including beginning the game with holes in the floor of the map and the arena will evolve as the game progresses – new holes will form and things will drop from the sky.


A few items and gods have been banned from this game mode including Magi’s Blessing and Stone of Gaia due to the CC immunity they provide. Kukulkan will be banned along with anyone with a pet, e.g. Skadi, Erlang Shen and even Changé due to the pet not respawning after falling down a hole.

Players will gain points for spending time in the arena and extra points will be awarded for winning games. Points earn shards which are used to purchase things in game. There are 24 items to purchase and when they have all been collected, an Awesome Chest will be awarded. I’m not sure yet what will happen if some items bought with shards are already owned… I plan to do a post when the adventure is released so be sure to check that out next week for further details!

Purchasing the bundle will unlock the Kukulkan skin (see below), ward, music theme, avatar and a Golden Key all for 900 gems. The bundle will also give 2500 points as well as doubling the amount of points earned by playing. Extra points/shards can also be bought for 200 gems.



The skins involved with the adventure are Dragon’s Rage Kukulkan and Dragonskin Skadi. I had actually seen the card art for these skins already from Datamining a few weeks ago and I’ve been so excited to see them since then. Both these skins are Limited and will not be available again.


I love the Kukulkan skin so much. Everything about it is great! Hi-Rez have really put a lot of effort into making this skin look so great – altering the model and animations and giving him such a great sounding voice pack. Really excited about this one and I’m surprised this skin is the skin that comes with the bundle and not the skin put into the vault.

I really like to Skadi skin too. I love the firey twist to this skin and the changes to Kaldr (who is now called Smoldr). The voice pack is pretty good too with a darker twist


There are two new Summer of Smite skins added with this patch, Fabulous Chiron and Sun Kissed Amaterasu. See my Summer of Smite post here for further details about this event.


I really like the Amaterasu skin and I think I’ll be purchasing this one as I’m playing her a lot recently. I like how Hi-Rez have kept her original style but themed it to fit summer in way that suits her character.

And now onto a skin that does not fit the character at all…


When I saw this card art earlier on Twitter before the show I had no words. Then when I actually saw it and heard the voice pack and the jokes it made me want to throw up. What the hell have they done to Chiron?! I get that they wanted something different, but this is going too far. They could’ve just made him a centaur-corn without all the over the top and inappropriate voice lines and the outfit. Sorry Hi-Rez, but this has gone too far.

There’s also a dark elf themed skin for Artemis, a gentleman skin for Sun Wukong (probably Gentleman’s chest) and an E-Sport Noble skin for Zeus (e-sports bundle).



Item Changes:

Due to the changes to Ichaival, a lot of the items tailored to hunters have been altered slightly to help make up for the losses that Ichaival gave throughout the game. Many players were keeping Ichaival rather than swapping it out for something else late game, so the item had been toned down and other items buffed to encourage alternative builds. Since I rarely build Ichaival anyway, this patch will be interesting from my point of view.


  • Reduced attack speed from 30% to 25%.
  • Decreased Physical Power Buff and Debuff from 10 per stack to 7.

Silverbranch Bow:

  • Reduced attack speed from 30% to 25%.
  • Decreased Physical Power Buff from 10 per stack to 7. Will still give the 15 Magical Power Debuff applied to enemies.

Devourer’s Gauntlet:

  • Reduced cost from 2050 gold to 2000 gold.
  • Increased Physical Power from 25 to 30.
  • Increased Physical Power per stack from 0.4 to 0.5.
  • Decreased maximum stacks from 75 to 70.
  • At maximum stacks, Power increased from 30 to 35, Lifesteal decreased from 15% to 14%.


  • Decreased cost from 1750 to 1700.
  • Increased lifesteal from 15% to 20%.


  • Reduced cost from 2850 to 2800.


  • Increased Physical Power from 30 to 35.


  • Reduced cost from 3200 to 3000.

Poisoned Star:

  • Increased Crit chance from 15% to 20%.

Titans Bane:

  • Reduced cost from 2300 to 2150.

Obsidian Shard:

  • Reduced cost from 2300 to 2150.

Stone of Gaia:

  • New Passive: When hit by a knockup, knockback, pull or grab, gain 10% of your maximum health over the next 10 seconds. Can only take effect every 90 seconds.
  • Still grants 2% health regeneration of maximum health every 5 seconds.

Shifter’s Shield:

  • Removed the base 15 Magical Protection.
  • Shifter’s Shield still gives 35 Physical and Magical Protections when your health is below the threshold.

Gladiator’s Shield:

  • Reduced Physical Protection from 45 to 35,


  • Reduced cost from 2400 to 2300.
  • Increased Physical Power from 25 to 30.



God Changes:


  • Enery Surge/Maul Prey: Increased the cooldown from 10 seconds to 12 seconds for both stances.
  • Entangling Vines/Ferocious Roar: Entangling Vines will now go on cooldown when the duration of the ability ends rather than when it was first cast, resulting in a longer cooldown. Ferocious Roar protections have been decreased from 10-50 to 10-30 protections.


  • Bat out of Hell: Decreased damage per swoop from 140-300 to 120-300.


  • Pulse – Decreased damage from 30-70 to 25-65.
  • Reduced base attack speed from 1 to 0.95.


  • Astral Strike – Decreased bonus damage from 15-55 to 10-50.


Project Olympus: 

New Smite Game Website with a complete visual update. Updated info on gods and items and a new item builder. Follow the link at the top of the page for a link to the patch notes on the new website.

Console changes. New controller options so players can customise some of their controls. I’m a PC player so this doesn’t apply to me, if you want to find out more then please read the original patch notes for more details. I don’t know the controls, the hud layout or anything on console so I wouldn’t want to misinform anyone.

PC memory improvements have been updated. The game should now run with a much improved performance, especially on less powerful machines.



There have been many bug fixes in this patch (so many for me to list) so check the official patch notes on details about these.

Triumphant Chests have had their descriptions updated so now it’s been made clearer as to what you can get from each chest.

Arena Gold Spooling has increased from 6 gold to 8 gold per second. This will now allow players to reach and play with a full build before the end of the game.


Also receive x2 favour all weekend long from 11th August to 13th August.

GW2: Path of Fire Expansion!

The next adventure is set to begin in Tyria on 22nd of September, will you be joining?

A few days ago, the release of Path of Fire was announced by ArenaNet. After a few teasers from the end of the Living World Season 3 Episode 6 finale’s story, it’s now official! If you haven’t seen the Official GW2 Path of Fire Release Video, watch by following the link. There will be a demo weekend next weekend (11th August to 13th August) for anyone with a GW2 account to try out the new features and content for free over the course of the weekend.


This expansion is the next instalment after Heart of Thorns which was released on 23rd October 2015. It seems this expansion will be similar in size in terms of new story, open world maps and the new mount feature being introduced like gliding was in HoT. You do not need to own HoT or the base game to purchase the Path of Fire expansion. The upgraded version of the base game will be included in the Path of Fire expansion, and there will be a bundle to purchase both of the expansions meaning HoT will work out cheaper than buying it separately.

The main features of this expansion will be the next chapter of the story, following straight on from Living World Season 3, 5 new explorable open world maps in the Crystal Desert and Northern Elona, 9 new Elite Specialisations (one for each class) and the introduction of mounts. For any other information, check out the Official GW2 Path of Fire info page.



The new maps will be the biggest areas in Tyria to date with plenty to explore. Similar to the maps released in LWS3, the areas will feature a variety of different biomes and be spaced out at different altitudes rather than being flat like the older maps. There will be 5 new areas altogether on the Tyrian map, in the Crystal Desert and Northern Elona. There were also previews of snowy areas so it’s possible we’ll be getting an area north of the Shiverpeaks.


The developers mentioned some of these areas were featured in the original Guild Wars (GW1) games, but have not been seen by us for the timescale of 250 years. For those of you who played GW1, you may be able to recognise some of the features that have been recreated, but for those of you that haven’t, the areas will be just as interesting to explore.



The addition of mounts to the game will allow players to explore and venture to places within the new maps where they would never be able to get to on foot. Four different mounts will be added, each with their own ability making different mounts a necessity to reach specific areas. It appears these mounts will be unlocked as part of the extended mastery system.


The mounts are:

  • Raptor – Can leap long distances. They can only leap in the direction they are facing and have limited height to which they can jump. Raptors are used in situations such as to jump across cliffs.
  • Springer – Can leap to great heights. The longer the jump is channelled, the higher the mount will jump. The distance covered by the mount is limited so it used for the purpose of reaching higher locations.
  • Skimmer – Glides across surfaces including water and other obstacles. The Skimmer will be useful for getting to places across bodies of water that don’t have a low shoreline for the player to climb out of the water by themselves.
  • Jackal – Can blink long distances but can change direction mid-blink. Generally used to get to more difficult places that require travelling in multiple directions.

The mounts are designed for movement across the new maps and are dismounted when entering combat. Each mount has its own ability for entering combat before you dismount, meaning each mount is tailored to different fighting scenarios and styles.



There are nine new Elite Specialisations featured in this expansion, one per class. With each specialisation, a new weapon will be able to be equipped by each class which will be unlocked through playing the game. I assume this will work like HoT where you had to gain more skill/hero points to spend on the new elite tree.



Guardian – Firebrand. Weapon: Axe. The Firebrand will focus on using mantras which can be charged up for fast casting during combat. They will also cast magical burning damage and slash enemies with their axes at close range. Their Virtues will be replaced with tomes which protect allies.

Necromancer – Scourge. Weapon: Torch (offhand). Death Shroud will be replaced with a new type of Life Force focusing on supporting allies in the area. The Death Shroud skills will be replaced with new ones for the Scourge specialisation, granting a new support orientated play style with some added movement abilities.

Thief – Deadeye. Weapon: Rifle. The rifle will grant the Deadeye an extended range as a Thief’s range with every other weapon is limited. This will allow the Thief to mark an enemy to stalk from a distance and the marked enemy will be affected by bonuses when using the new cantrips.

Mesmer – Mirage. Weapon: Axe. The Mirage will have a new dodge mechanic which allows damage to blur through them rather than moving themselves.

Warrior – Spellbreaker. Weapon: Dagger. The Spellbreaker class specialises in fighting magic uses. Some of the new abilities will focus on stripping boons from enemies and silencing their opponents, cancelling some of their abilities.

Elementalist – Weaver. Weapon: Sword. The Weaver will be able to wield multiple attunements at once allowing them to create new element variations by combining two together, e.g. 2 fire skills, 2 water skills and the 5th skill being a combination of fire and water.

Ranger – Soulbeast. Weapon: Dagger (main hand). The spirit of the Soulbeast will combine with their pets, allowing them to gain the abilities of their pet and channel spirit forms.

Revenant – Renegade. Weapon: Short Bow. The Renegade will be able to channel the spirit legend of Kalla Scorchrazor. Members of her warband can be summoned and allies can be boosted.

Engineer – Holosmith. Weapon: Sword. Holosmiths can use light to create holographic weapons which gain heat during use. Upon gaining this heat, their new utility abilities help then channel to heat to make them more powerful, but the heat and cause damage if not handled correctlt and can even explode if used for too long.


Other features

As well as these main features, there will also be other new content available such as the new Guild Hall, Windswept Haven (the Guild Hall will need the HoT expansion to be unlocked).


There will also be other content such as new events and world bosses, mount races and a new bounty system for players to take part in.

New faces and hairstyles will also be available for your characters. Dulfy leaked the new options for the Human customisation and there were so many options. It will be interesting to see what customisations options will be added for the other classes.

I’m really looking forward to this expansion, especially since it’s less than 2 months away from release! I didn’t buy HoT until a few months after its release, so I’m keen to play Path of Fire while it’s still new and exciting so I can experience things at the same time as everyone else. I didn’t get into raids when they first came out with HoT which I now really regret as I’ve never been able to find anyone to start playing with (since everyone wants experienced players with super high level gear). I feel like it’s an aspect I’ll never get into, and I really don’t want to place myself in that situation again and feel like I’m missing out on something.

I can’t wait to explore the Crystal Desert and find out what Balthazar is actually up to.

Let me know your thoughts on the expansion release and what you’re most excited about!