11 JRPGs I Wish I Had Time To Play [11:11]

Being relatively new to the world of JRPGs, I haven’t had the opportunity to sink my thumbs into many during my time. I would love to experience (and actually finish) many JRPGs, but that got me thinking — “Where on Earth am I going to find the time to play any of these games?”

This past month, I’ve been playing The Caligula Effect: Overdose. Although it was slow to start, I’m finally getting into the game and finding myself looking forward to playing more. It seems fairly basic in terms of gameplay, but maybe that’s what I need to kick start my adventure. This experience has now spurred me on to looking into other JRPGs… So, here I am!

We all tend to write about games we’ve played and loved – or maybe not loved so much – but I thought it would be a change to write about those games I WISH I could play. Maybe you guys could help me out and let me know which of the games in this shortlist are the better ones and save me some time trying to make up my mind! If you have any other suggestions I’d love to hear those too! (I’m excluding The Caligula Effect, Tales of Berseria and Star Ocean: The Last Hope from this list as I’ve already tried them… even if just for a little bit.)

11. Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom


I purchased this last month as GAME had it on offer for £12.99 and I’ve been using my PS4 quite a lot recently. I was hesitant to buy it at first as it’s the 2nd game in the series and I can’t get my hands on the first game, but this is such a common reason for ignoring other franchises so I thought I’d give it a go. I love the bright colour palettes used and I’ve heard it’s pretty good too!

10. Dragon Quest XI


Dragon Quest is part of this list for one of the dumbest reasons I’ve ever heard. The story actually comes from my musical influences and not from my gaming interests:

I heard a story about how Soraru came to be such a huge Dragon Quest fan. His mother was a teacher with a student who loved Dragon Quest that was struggling to fit in. Trying to connect with the student, she played the games for herself and would later tell Soraru Dragon Quest bedtime stories. He’s now written the opening for a Japanese TV series about two people meeting through Dragon Quest and I’m sat over here like “man… I wish I knew stuff about Dragon Quest”. I know his favourite game in the series is Dragon Quest 5, but as it’s a much older game I doubt I’ll be able to get my hands on it. I seriously don’t know anything about this series (I wouldn’t even know where to start considering it’s been around for decades) but I wish I could relate more to this adorable story… The ways games can shape people.

9. Xenoblade Chronicles 2


This is another series I know nothing about, yet all the praise I’ve heard is peaking my interest despite it not being the first game in the series. I’ve barely even touched my Switch since buying it so maybe that’s the reason I’ve not looked into it much. I think this is probably a JRPG for later down the line, but if you want to try and change my mind then please go ahead!

8. Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists – Atelier’s of the New World


I’ve always been aware of the Atelier games but I’ve never found myself interested enough to buy one. Since the series has so many titles (like most of the games in this list), I’m also struggling to know where to start with them. I believe this is the most recent edition and Steam have done a great job at waving it directly in front of my face by featuring it on the Steam recommendations page constantly. Is this a good Atelier game to start with or is there a better title I should play first? Let me know!

7. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1


Idea Factory are one of my favourite developers for visual novels, but I’ve never tried one of their JRPGs. I bought some of the Neptunia games in a bundle ages ago but I’m yet to start the series. It looks insanely cute and I think it’ll be a series I could honestly get into, but finding the time is going to be tough as there seems to be so many games in the series.

6. God Eater 3


I somehow completely forgot God Eater 3 was being released this year until it first popped up on the Steam homepage. As you can probably tell from my avatar… I really enjoyed the beginning of God Eater 2. Unfortunately, it became another of those games where I stopped playing to start the first game but ultimately became side-tracked. I plan on getting back into the series this year and hopefully even make it as far as the 3rd game. It looks so good!

5. Death End re:Quest


I noticed this game when it was first released on PS4 a few months ago. I was so close to buying it at the time, but now I’m glad I waited as it’s being released on Steam next week. The way the game switches between visual novel and JRPG action sounds really interesting so I’m intrigued to see what it has to offer. I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this game, but I think I’ve got enough in my backlog for the time being.

4. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel


This is another JRPG I’m always hearing so many positive things about. It looks like it contains a little piece of everything which makes me think Trails of Cold Steel could be a strong entry to JRPGs. The only reason I haven’t purchased it already is probably due to it never dropping much in price. I don’t mind paying full price for a game I know I’ll enjoy, but when I’m entering a grey area, I prefer to wait for a decent sale. I also recall hearing Trails of Cold Steel III being released in the West this year.

3. Tokyo Xanadu eX+


I bought this last week as it was 80% off on Steam. I like the way the game looks and I think the combat system is more to my taste rather than it being turn based. I’ve not heard a great deal about it, but it’s got high ratings on Steam and it’s been on my Steam Wishlist for quite some time now. I thought I’d take advantage of the massive discount and add another game to the continuously expanding backlog – although this should hopefully be the next JRPG I start.

2. NieR:Automata


Does this game even count as a JRPG? I guess it does, but it’s a different type of JRPG to the others contained in this list. Anyway… When NieR was first released, I was so eager to get my hands of the game but didn’t want to pay full price for the PC port as I heard a lot of people were having running issues. I bought it the first time it went on a 50% off sale but I’ve never even attempted to play it. In a way, I’m glad I waited as I’ve heard it can be challenging and until recently I used to get ridiculously frustrated if I couldn’t finish a level. I feel like now would be a perfect time to get into NieR, but I have so much other stuff currently in progress. I’ve heard it’s an incredible game with and equally superb soundtrack.

1. Persona 5


Persona 5 was the sole reason I decided to buy a PS4. That was 7 months ago now, and although I got as far as buying the game, it’s not left the shelf yet. I’m so bad. I want to experience this game with my boyfriend, so once we’ve finished Dragon’s Crown and Yakuza 0, this game is next in line. It’s going to take us forever to finish it though as I’ve heard it’s super long, but putting all that aside, I’m completely ready to take on this game!

That’s it for my list!

Speak up if there are any other strong contenders for me to try as I really am unsure of where to start. I believe there are some decent games in this list, but on the other hand, if there are any of these games you think I should avoid, please let me know also!

I’ll be back next month with a brand new category. Until then, I have an exciting [11:11] sub series coming on the 22nd – crafted especially for May! Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “11 JRPGs I Wish I Had Time To Play [11:11]

  1. From your list I’m most familiar with Xenoblade, Persona, and Nier Automata.

    Xenoblade is excellent! It’s a little slow until chapter three when you can start doing elemental combos and begin unlocking blades en made to play around with. The Blades are weapons that have a living form (animal, human, creature/monster, etc) and fight with you, and they each have their own stories. It’s super cool. I also really love that all the accents are different European ones, like Scottish and Welsh rather than simply
    British. It makes more of an impact on the world atmosphere than you’d think. Also all of the regions are on the backs of massive moving titans. Environments are huge and dazzling. I’d suggest moving it up on the list just because of how different it is from other JRPGs.

    From what I hear Persona 5 is a MUST play, especially if you liked past Persona entries. I would kill to get a Switch release for it.

    Neir is technically a JRPG but plays more like an action game in its combat. There’s a lot of interesting ethical and philosophical commentary/questions it poses to you centered around AI and non-human intelligence of other kinds. The color palettes are low contrast and lean toward sepia, which may or may not appeal to you.

    Feel free to add me on Switch. Could use some more online buddies. 🙂 SW-3917-0662-5889

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    1. Thanks for your advice!

      The main reason Xenoblade is so far down the list is due to it being a Switch release. I bought my Switch in October last year and I’ve probably only used it a couple of times since (it hasn’t even been turned on for at least 3 months). I’ve heard many good things, but since you mentioned it being quite different, I’ll definitely keep it more in mind.

      Almost everyone I’ve spoken to has said Persona 5 is a solid MUST play. It’s well up there on my priority list and I should get round to starting it within the next couple of months. Same with Nier – it’s a game I’ve had at the back of my mind for the past couple of years and I know I need to make the time for it!

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  2. These are pretty much all worth playing! Here are some thoughts on those I have experience with, along with links to stuff I’ve written about them previously:

    Xenoblade 2 – Absolute masterpiece. A sprawling, interesting world to explore filled with cool characters and tons of things to do. If you enjoy the kind of “offline MMO” feel — i.e. lots of exploring, sidequests, character development — then there’s a ton to like here. Probably about 80-100 hours to beat, more if you decide to do all the side activities. A worthwhile use of your time, though. https://moegamer.net/all-games/xenoblade-chronicles-2/

    Neptunia – One of my favourite series, and Re;Birth1 is the perfect place to start. Quirky, self-referential humour, adorable characters and a really entertaining battle system make this a lot of fun. This is a series that gets consistently better with each new installment too, so if you dig the first one just know that they get better and better from there! Don’t skip out on the spin-off games, too, there’s some real gems in there. 30-40 hours to beat; 100 or more if you want to do everything and/or go for Platinum trophies. The other games in the series vary in length a bit. https://moegamer.net/all-games/hyperdimension-neptunia/

    Nelke – This isn’t the best place to start with the Atelier series, as it’s been built as a “series fanservice” game that incorporates characters from all over the series as a whole. You can probably get something out of it on its own terms (I haven’t played it myself yet!) but it’s probably better to try some of the mainline games first. The Arland trilogy is good — I haven’t tried any of the other subseries as yet. https://moegamer.net/all-games/atelier-arland-trilogy/

    Death end re;Quest – Fantastic blend of horror visual novel and isekai RPG. A really cool, thought-provoking story, great characters and one of the most unusual, enjoyable battle systems I’ve seen for a long time. 50-60 hours or so. https://moegamer.net/all-games/death-end-request/

    Nier Automata – One of the most artistically beautiful games ever created, in every sense you can take that. Mechanically elegant, structurally fascinating and narratively complex, this is a game that everyone absolutely MUST play. 20-30 hours or so, depending on how thorough you are. At the very least, you need to see the A, B, C, D and E endings for the full story. https://moegamer.net/all-games/nier-automata/

    Persona 5 – Rather long (100 hours, minimum) and features long stretches where you’re not actively doing anything but reading dialogue, but if you’re into visual novels you won’t have a problem with that! Mechanically interesting and can get quite complex if you let it, but an absolutely beautiful visual style, great music and relatable characters make this a great one to enjoy. You may want to wait for the new “Royal” version that is coming down the pipe, though. https://moegamer.net/all-games/persona-5/

    Trails of Cold Steel – I haven’t played this yet, but I have played one of its series-mates, Trails in the Sky. Know that if you get into this series, you’re probably making a commitment to all its various installments, which at present include three Trails in the Sky games, two Trails of Cold Steel games (with a third on the way, and a fourth already out in Japan so almost certainly coming West sometime) and, if they ever get localised, Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki. They’re consistently great, but they’re also like 100 hours each. Only jump in here if you’re in it for the long haul! Those who have made the journey say it’s VERY worth it, though. https://moegamer.net/all-games/trails-in-the-sky/

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    1. Wow, thank you so much for all this advice!

      I’m actually swaying more towards starting Neptunia after hearing how highly you regard the series and I’ve haven’t played a bad Idea Factory game yet, so that’s a good sign! It’s also good to know I’ve purchased the right game first. The same goes for Death End re;Quest.

      Thanks for the heads up on the Atelier series. This was the main series I was particularly struggling to find a decent entry point to. I’ll keep my eye on the Arland trilogy to see if I can pick it up on a sale later down the line.

      Nier:Automata and Persona 5 are so high up on my priority list so I’ll probably get to play them before the end of the year. I don’t know a lot about the Persona 5 ‘Royal’ version as I didn’t want to bump into any spoilers, but if it means I’ll have to buy the game again then I probably won’t wait around for it.


  3. It’s almost a bonus that you’ve haven’t managed to get around to playing Persona 5 yet.
    Now that the upgraded “Royal” version is on the way, you might as well jump onboard next year with the most complete experience possible. I know that’s what I’m doing.

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    1. I don’t know whether to wait or not as I didn’t look into the Royal version in case I stumbled across any spoilers. I’ve already purchased the game, so if I have to re-buy it then I’ll probably skip the waiting and jump straight in.

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  4. To me, Dragon Quest 5 is a must-play, even if you end up not liking the Dragon Quest series. Great game, my favorite protagonist, and out of the DQ games that I have played, the best story in the series. You can also get it on the DS.

    If I could only get 1 Dragon Quest game on the Switch, I would choose 5 every time, even if it isn’t my favorite game in the series.

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    1. I would love to try Dragon Quest 5 and I do have a DS so I’ll keep an eye out for that! I chose Dragon Quest XI for the list as it’s the easiest one to get hold of and I’m more of a modern gamer (not that I dislike older games). Hopefully they might be released on the Switch in the future!


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