Monthly Summary: January 2023

Welcome to another Monthly Summary, the first of a brand new year! I’m hoping to mix things up a little on the blog this year and try to post more content! Since I really enjoy sharing what I’ve been up to each month, I’ll still be keeping my Monthly Summaries as a regular thing, but I will be changing the layout a little by cutting out my Game of the Month and Looking Forward To sections. This should hopefully mean I’ll have shorter posts which should make them easier to read and I’ll also have more time to put into other posts rather than making a big spectacle out of these. I’ve also added an ‘Other’ section, as there are many other things outside of gaming that I’d like to start talking a bit more about here too – so, let’s take a look at the first revamped Monthly Summary for January!

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Priority Backlog 2023

With another new year comes another round of typical posts for the blog – except this year I’m breaking the norm and doing things slightly different! Usually, I would post a Most Anticipated Games of the Year post to share my excitment about some of the new releases heading our way sometime in the near future, however, this year I feel very uninspired by the game announcements we’ve had so far. Aside from the usual otome announcement from Aksys Games, there aren’t really any titles that I think I’d buy on release so decided that 2023 should be spent being dedicated to working my way through my backlog (easier said than done)! I’ve noticed that I tend to prioritise new releases over anything else, so this will be a welcome change for me and a way I can challenge myself throughout the year.

At the moment, I’m catching up with any 2022 releases I didn’t get chance to play last year (e.g. Pentiment, Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei and River City Girls 2), but once I’m done with these remaining few, I’ll be digging into some of the larger titles that have been virtually shelved for much longer than they should have been. Below is a list of 15 games I’d like to prioritise getting through by the end of the year, however, I have over 200 games in my backlog, so I’m not going to restrict myself just to these games. I became a little bit stressed last year trying to keep up with all my purchases, so this year I plan to play what I enjoy and take my time doing so – and if that means I don’t feel like playing a particular game, then I’ll choose something else instead. Gaming is meant to be fun after all!

Here’s the games I hope to finish during the next 11 and 1/2 months! If you’ve played any particularly special ones from this list, please let me know which ones you’d recommend in the comments!

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Goals for 2023

It’s time to set some goals for the year! I’m not usually one for setting myself huge goals and I haven’t even made any for the past couple of years, but this year I actually have some things I want to aim towards so thought I’d write them down here to remind myself. Below, I have listed a goal for each of my hobbies and one life goal which I believe to be somewhat achievable during the next 12 months (I’m hoping that posting this on Friday the 13th won’t curse it):

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Completions List: 2022

It’s another brand new year which means it’s time to take a look back at my Gaming Completions for 2022 with the help of my trusty spreadsheet filled with my gaming achievements over the past 12 months before I start afresh for 2023! It’s become a tradition for me to document the games I’ve completed throughout the year, and it also seems like 35 is the magic number when it comes to tallying up all the games I’ve marked as finished, whether that be 100% completed or just rolled credits on – but any games I may have dropped for whatever reason don’t count (there’s never usually any anyway). I’m happy with the progress I made this year, so let’s take a look!

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Monthly Summary: December 2022

Welcome to the final Monthly Summary and also the last post of the year! I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas and I also hope everyone has a Happy New Year! December has mainly consisted of wrapping up the longer games I had ongoing, but I also started a couple more with WesleyWhale during our time off which has been a short but sweet break for us since I barely get any time off work at this time of year and Wesley spent a lot of it poorly – but I feel like we made the most of it! So for the last time, let’s take a look at what I’ve been playing this month:

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Monthly Summary: November 2022

Welcome to another Monthly Summary here at gamergal.exe! I can’t believe we’re almost in the last month of the year already… where’s 2022 gone?! My schedule always takes a hit this time of year as work is always super busy and I tend to get into a bit of a panic over finishing up the games I’ve had ongoing in order to start fresh in the new year, however, I’m trying to let that go a bit this year and just take things as they come. Saying that though, I’m looking forward to starting a new year as I have a bunch of things planned which I’ll be talking a bit more about next month. Looking back at November, it was actually a pretty decent month for gaming, so without rambling on too much, let’s take a look what November had in store:

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Monthly Summary: October 2022

Welcome to another Monthly Summary here on gamergal.exe! October has been all about Hallowe’en for me and I’ve been playing a bunch of horror games to celebrate my favourite season. I’ve played a good selection of games with a spooky vibe which I’ll be writing in my annual HORROWE’EN – coming soon! This post is the fullest one I’ve written in a while, so let’s get straight into it:

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AniMei #2: Horror Edition

It’s been over a year since the last instalment of my revamped anime series, AniMei, which I planned to post every 6 months. As you can see, that didn’t really go plan so here’s my second post which I’ve written as a horror special, just in time for Hallowe’en! My first post contained 11 different anime, but I made the decision to cut this one down to feature 5 series to make it much more accessible – not only for you all to read, but also for me to write! I’m hoping that this will also create a more stable posting schedule and encourage me to write about anime more often as I always like to share the ones I’ve seen that stand out the most. Now, let’s take a look at some spooky anime!

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Monthly Summary: September 2022

Welcome to another Monthly Summary at gamergal.exe! September saw quite a lot of new games being started as well as a fair few completions in preparation for October’s Hallowe’en spotlight! I didn’t manage to post much during September, but I have been putting in the work behind the scenes for lots of content ready for the next few months and I’m super excited to share it with you all! I decided to start my Hallowe’en gaming slightly early this year which I’m sure you’ll notice later, but before I get too carried away thinking about my favourite time of the year, let’s take a look at what I got up to during September:

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Top 15 Vocaloid Songs of 2021

Aside from gaming, my next biggest passion is music with Vocaloid being a massive inspiration and key factor to one of my favourite sub-genres, Utaite. I like to include my favourite new songs each month at the end of my Monthly Summary posts, but considering how much I value music in my day-to-day life, I don’t give it that much attention on the blog. Since August 31st was Hatsune Miku’s 15th Anniversary, I decided to drag this post, featuring my favourite 15 Vocaloid songs of 2021, out of the drafts folder – 7 of which feature Hatsune Miku. I was unsure how best to organise these songs as choosing 15 favourites was difficult enough, never mind ranking them individually, so I decided to list them as a timeline progressing throughout the year. I’m still learning Japanese, so I’ve chosen these songs based on their musical qualities rather than for their lyrics. Now let’s get started!

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