March 2018 Summary

With my blog turning a year old this month, I have decided to try out the idea of a monthly summary post. I would like to do these each month to talk about what games I’ve bought, what I’ve been playing and what games/releases I’m looking forward to.

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VGC Day 8: What game haunts your dreams?

For the category “a game that haunts your dreams”, most people would probably pick a scary horror game. I decided to pick a game I experienced recently, which I still can’t stop thinking about even months after finishing it. Although this is a visual novel and isn’t your typical horror, it still has dark elements. To me, it’s more the mystery behind the events that’s haunting me.

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VGC Day 7: Who or what was the most annoying character?

Annoying characters could come in the form of either having an annoying personality or annoying by making the game way more difficult than it should be. I decided to pick two answers for this question, one for each of the scenarios I mentioned.

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Smite: New Level Up Rewards [RANT]

Today, Smite patch 5.5 was released on PC and with it came the new level up rewards that were mentioned in the last patch. These new rewards are designed for new players who can accept different rewards for every XP level they reach, from level 1 to level 30.

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VGC Day 6: What game recommendation have you tried this year?

When I started this blog, the only games I really ever played were Guild Wars 2 and Smite. Obviously I played a few others, but 90% off my free time was committed to these 2 games. Since starting this blog, I told myself I was going to try new games and reach out of my comfort zone to try games I wouldn’t normally even look at.

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VGC Day 5: What is your guilty pleasure game?

Everybody has a game that they don’t really want to admit loving. I’m quite happy to talk about all the games I play on PC, so for this category I’m actually going to pick something gamers don’t really talk about much… and that is a mobile game, Neko Atsume to be exact.

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VGC Day 3: Who or what is your favourite character?

A favourite character could categorise as a lot of things whether it be the character you like to play as most, the character who’s personality you like the most, or even the character you can relate to the most.

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VGC Day 2: What game can you ignore the story and just “live” in the world?

This was quite a difficult question to answer since I love story driven games. Even when playing open world games and MMOs I’ve loved the story aspects so it didn’t seem right to pick one of those as it’s so hard for me to ignore the story.

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