Introducing: The Visual Novel Hovel

Today, I am welcoming my new brand to the blog! This has been in the works for almost a year and I’ve decided that November is the time to showcase ‘The Visual Novel Hovel‘.

The Visual Novel Hovel is predominantly gamergal.exe’s secondary Steam Curator page focusing on, you guessed it – Visual Novels (Hovel meaning a small, simple dwelling – my interpretation being a small room containing only myself and my PC). I hope to expand the brand and feature it as part of my blog in the near future, allowing the option to cover other Visual Novels that aren’t available on Steam (such as titles for the growing Switch market).

Over the past few years, Visual Novels have gradually become one of my favourite ways to spend my free time and although I’m certainly no expert on the subject, I would love to be able to help others find great stories to enjoy over various genres. After all, there are so many available!

From now on, I will be working hard to expand the brand and grow the curator page with my main focus next year being some larger titles I haven’t found the time to experience yet.

Throughout November, I plan to add one review to The Visual Novel Hovel every day of the month which I will be sharing as a Twitter thread. I hope you will join me on this exciting new venture and please stop by my Curator Page if you’re a fan of visual novels too!

Thanks for reading!

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