GW2: Aurora: Awakening – Bitterfrost Frontier Master

Aurora: Awakening is the first set of collections towards the Legendary Trinket, Aurora. For information on how to get started with this collection process, please see my Aurora Introduction post here. I have also written collection guides for Bloodstone Fen Master, Ember Bay Master, Lake Doric Master and Draconis Mons Master.

This is what the Aurora: Awakening collection looks like in the achievement panel:


This post is specifically about the Bitterfrost Frontier sub collection and here I will talk about all the things you need to complete this section. Firstly, here’s what Bitterfrost Frontier Master looks like in the achievements panel:


There are 14 parts to this collection. I probably found completing this collection the hardest as it requires crafting elements and you need to complete all the achievements for the “Crack in the Ice” chapter which took me some time. Completing this sub collection will award you with 3AP and the Bitterfrost Frontier Hero trophy.

1. Heavy Glacial Gauntlets – Complete the “Crack in the Ice Mastery” achievement. All 21 parts to this achievement need to be completed to be awarded with the Gauntlet Armor Box. Any skin weight can be chosen from the box as all skins are unlocked in the wardrobe anyway when one skin is claimed.

I really struggled with a few of the story achievements: “Beast Slain Quick” and “Stay Unfrosty”. My friends no longer play GW2, and I’m not part of a community guild so I do all these story achievements by myself, therefore it took me a few hours to complete the two. I got “Beast Slain Quick” fairly soon, but “Stay Unfrosty” caused some problems. In the end, I hung around on the staggered wall and let Garm do all the work… after about 20 minutes it actually worked and I got the achievement!


2. Plump Winterberry – Gathered from Winterberry nodes. Keep harvesting the Winterberry bushes until the item drops. This is a random drop so it just comes down to chance as when you will obtain the item.

3. Frozen Winterberry – Found in Icebound Chests. These chests are located throughout Bitterfrost Frontier and are opened using Koda’s Flame. You get Koda’s Flame from the Braziers around the map, but they have to be lit in order to carry the flame. If another player has melted the ice already then the chest can be opened without Koda’s Flame, but this effect doesn’t last very long. Keep opening the chests until you get the item as it is a random drop.


4. Friend of the Grawl – Complete the Renown Heart “Keep the grawl busy so they don’t turn to Jormag” located in Brakbrak Ice Snarl. After completing the heart, you can buy the item from the hart vendor for 7,000 Karma.


5. Protector of Griffons – Complete the Renown Heart “Help protect the endangered snow griffons” located in the south of Griffon Old Growth. After completing the heart, you can buy the item from the heart vendor for 7,000 Karma.

6. Friend of Quaggans – Complete the Renown Heart “Help the quaggan farmers harvest food” located by Whorl Lagoon in Dragon’s Teeth Hot Springs. After completing the heart, you can buy the item from the heart vendor for 7,000 Karma.

7. Enemy of the Svanir – Complete the Renown Heart “Disrupt the Svanir” located in The Svanir Hive. After completing the heart, you can buy the item from the heart vendor for 7,000 Karma. To be able to enter the area where the vendor is, you will need to collect a full Svanir Disguise (Helm, Chest and Legs) which can then be worn in order to pass the guard. The disguise pieces are dropped from Svanir in The Svanir Hive area.

8. Mini Aurene – Complete the Gift of Aurene collection. There’s two ways to complete this collection. You can either purchase the recipes and craft each item yourself, or you could just buy all the separate crafted items from the Black Lion Trading post.

I decided to craft them myself. There are 5 separate recipes you need to purchase from the Unbound Magic Vendor on the Sorrow’s Eclipse Sanctuary for 1,000 Unbound Magic and 5 Gold each (5,000 Unbound Magic and 25 Gold in total).


There are 8 parts to the Gift of Aurene collection:

  1. Token of Affection – Awarded alongside the Exalted Portal Stone after completing the first “Crack in the Ice” story chapter: Precious Aurene.
  2. Dragon Hatchling Doll Frame – Requires Huntsman level 450.
    • 40 Ancient Wood Planks
    • 20 Orichalcum Ingots
    • 50 Thermocatalyctic Reagents
    • 5 Crystal Lodestones.
  3. Gossamer Stuffing – Requires Tailor level 450.
    • 50 Bolts of Gossamer
    • 25 Globs of Ectoplasm
    • 1 Spool of Silk Weaving Thread
    • 5 Crystal Lodestones
  4. Dragon Hatchling Doll Hide – Requires Leatherworker level 450.
    • 15 Cured Hardened Leather Squares
    • 15 Armoured Scales
    • 50 Thermocatalyctic Reagents
    • 5 Crystal Lodestones.
  5. Dragon Hatchling Doll Eye – Requires Artificer level 450.
    • 20 Quartz Crystals
    • 25 Globs of Ectoplasm
    • 50 Thermocatalyctic Reagents
    • 5 Crystal Lodestones
  6. Dragon Hatchling Doll Adornments – Requires Jeweller level 400.
    • 15 Vicious Fangs
    • 15 Vicious Claws
    • 15 Piles of Crystalline Dust
    • 5 Crystal Lodestones
  7. Dragon Hatchling Doll – When you have all 5 parts in your inventory, double click on any part to combine them all together to create the doll.
  8. Aurenic Essence – Give the doll to Aurene by using the Exalted Portal Stone to teleport to her in Tarir.

9. Corrupted Griffon Talon – Dropped by the Corrupted Griffon during the night cycle in Bitterfrost Frontier. The item will be awarded on the death of the Griffon.

All 5 of these champions spawn during the “Kill Jormag’s Champion” event which takes place as the final part of the Beacon’s of Koda Meta event at night. The enemies will randomly spawn at one of the Braziers throughout the event and may spawn multiple times. Although you can see where the champions spawn on the map, it does not tell you which one until you actually get to them and they all seem to spawn in random places rather than specific locations.


10. Corrupted Wolfmaster Whistle – Dropped by the Corrupted Wolfmaster during the night cycle in Bitterfrost Frontier. The item will be awarded on the death of the Wolfmaster. See section 9 for more details.


11. Icebrood Goliath Sinew – Dropped by the Champion Icebrood Goliath during the night cycle in Bitterfrost Frontier. The item will be awarded on the death of the Goliath. See section 9 for more details.


12. Icebrood Norn Pauldrons – Dropped by the Champion Icebrood Norn during the night cycle in Bitterfrost Frontier. The item will be awarded on the death of the Norn. See section 9 for more details.


13. Icebrood Troll Tooth – Dropped by the Champion Icebrood Troll during the night cycle in Bitterfrost Frontier. The item will be awarded on the death of the Troll. See section 9 for more details.


14. Crystallized Suet – Found in chests inside The Bitter Cold in Bitterfrost Frontier.


This is another achievement that relies heavily on chance. There are a total of 5 chests in The Bitter Cold that can only be opened once per day for each character.

Firstly, to enter The Bitter Cold, you need to brew a Thaw Elixir. Without the effects of the elixir, you will die when entering the area. The downside is that the Thaw Elixir only lasts for one day (server time), so when the chests reset, you will also need to brew another elixir.

Here’s what you need to brew an elixir (these items need to be in your inventory):

  • 12 Winterberries – Harvested from Winterberry Bushes and found in Icebound Chests.
  • 8 Clumps of Frostbitten Suet – Dropped by all types on enemies in Bitterfrost Frontier.
  • 3 Cold Resistant Eggshells – Collected from the Egg Warmer located near Woomulla (griffon heart vendor) after placing and Abandoned Egg inside.
  • Grawl Firestone – Purchased from Sun Warming (grawl heart vendor after completing the heart) for 1,050 Karma.

After collecting these items, you need to head to the Blister Cauldron located to the very west of Dragon’s Teeth Hot Springs. Interact with the hot spring and select the option to brew the elixir.


Now you are ready to enter The Bitter Cold. Here are the locations of the chests inside:


  1. Following the patch to enter The Bitter Cold, turn right up the ramp and follow the path round. You will notice this chest on the top level against a wall.
  2. From that platform, jump to where the mirror is located and melt the frozen waterfall. Then jump down to the lower platform to the southwest and open the second chest.
  3. Enter the cave through the frozen waterfall (POI – Lockflow Ice Fall) you just melted by interacting with the mirror.
  4. Head south and follow the side path up to the next chest.
  5. Glide from the platform and head up the slope until you find the Diving Goggles (there are 3 sets of goggles in this area all leading to the same place so it doesn’t matter which you use). Use the goggles and jump off the platform to break the ice area below where the chest is located.

You may need to repeat these steps for a few days until you get the Crystallized Suet. It took me about 3 tries.

That’s it for this collection! Only Siren’s Landing left to go which I hope to post about soon! I haven’t quite finished this myself yet, but I plan on knuckling down so I can move onto the next step of crafting Aurora and sharing it with you all!

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