Smite: Odyssey 2021 T5 Skin Vote

The annual T5 skin vote is here once again to decide which Smite God will receive this year’s T5 skin for the Odyssey 2021. The winning skin will be available as the ultimate reward during this year’s Odyssey which will be active from around September/October 2020 until January 2021. This seems to get earlier every year…

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Smite: 6.5 Patch Notes – Neo Olympia

Patch 6.5 is here with the Neo Olympia update. This patch feature some separate game mode updates, the usual God balance and a truck load of new skins. This patch should be released on Monday 27th May going by the previous patch schedules, although this hasn’t be confirmed.

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Smite: Odyssey 2020 T5 Skin Vote

Here we are once again for the annual T5 skin vote to determine which Smite God will get the next T5 skin as part of the Odyssey 2020. The winning skin will be available as the final reward for the next Odyssey which will begin around September/October 2019 and run through until January 2020. The voting process remains the same as last year.

Please follow the link for Smite: Odyssey 2021 T5 Skin Vote!

The winning concept has now been decided! Scroll down to find out the winner!

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Smite: 5.23 Patch Notes

Patch 5.23 will be the penultimate patch in Smite Season 5 and features a new mini adventure, the final Odyssey items and the reveal of the Godslayer Ares T5 skin as the final Odyssey reward! This patch should be released on Monday 17th December for PC and later in the week for console although there have been no official announcements.

*Edit: Patch 5.23 has been delayed until later in the week. A date hasn’t been set, but I imagine it will be available within the next couple of days.

The final patch, 5.24, of Smite Season 5 will be coming in January with the announcement of Season 6 soon to follow. These patches will be fairly small in terms of balance with the run up to the start of a new Season.

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Smite: HRX Announcements

HRX happened this weekend, claiming Splyce as the Smite World Champions. Due to this huge tournament, there was no patch notes but there was plenty of announcements for upcoming content! This post will include information on new God’s announced for Season 6, the reveal of the T5 Godslayer Ares skin and other exciting additions.

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Smite: 5.15 Patch Notes

Patch notes for 5.15 have been released. This update brings a new adventure, plenty of new skins, a teaser of Hera and the announcement for the Odyssey 2019 T5 skin winner! 5.15 should be released on 21st August for PC and for Console later in the week.

PTS doesn’t look like it will be up this weekend due to Hi-Rez stating there are some issues. Hopefully it should be up later in the week.

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