Steam Summer Sale Purchases 2018

With the Steam Summer Sale ending a few days ago, I though I’d update you all on what I purchased, similar to the post I did last year. I didn’t buy as much as I thought I would, but since I was collecting the trading cards from the discovery queues every day, I did come across a few other games to add to my wishlist.

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Steam Summer Sale 2018

The Steam Summer Sale is back! This time of year is by far the best time to pick up any games you’ve been eyeing up as the Summer Sale has the biggest selection of game sales throughout the year. The sale began on 22nd June and will end on 5th July 2018.

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Steam Summer Sale 2017 Purchases

With the Steam Summer Sale coming to an end, it’s time to make those final purchases. There were quite a few items on my wishlist this year and it’s been quite difficult for me to chose which games to buy.


If you saw my last post you will have seen that the main games I was eyeing up were NieR:Automata, Tales of Berseria, Total War: Warhammer, God Eater 2 Rage Burst and Black Desert Online. I actually only bought two of these games.

So in the end I bought:

God Eater 2 Rage Burst

Popular Steam User Tags: Anime, Action, RPG, Character Customisation.

This game is both Single and Multiplayer and can be played with keyboard/mouse or controller. It has Steam achievements and trading cards.


I heard about this game a while ago and I thought it looked somewhat similar to the playstyle of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse which I bought last Christmas. The game also comes with God Eater Resurrection (the first game). The majority of the reviews said the second game was far better than the first so I started playing Rage Burst first. After 2 hours of gameplay I decided I liked the progression of the game and the story seemed quite rich, so I decided to start on the first game rather than playing any further.

I’ve reached about 5 hours play time over both games and I’m happy I bought this as I think it’s something that will have plenty of play hours and a game that I could get into story wise. At £13.59 (66% off) it was a good price, especially as you get God Eater Resurrection with it!


  • + Character Customization
  • + Crafting and upgrading of weapons and armour
  • + Rich story (not really got far into it yet though)
  • – Made for the PSP so the graphics aren’t very smooth
  • – I found I had to run it with Anti-Aliasing on otherwise the screen would blink and have lines running across it whenever I moved (not a problem for me but for players with lower system specs it might be a problem)
  • – Loads of voices to choose for character customisation but I haven’t actually heard my character make any kind of noise yet… pointless?
  • + Talking to characters in game gives you some nice tips rather than having to read through all the information in the database
  • + Short and clear tutorials


Total War: Warhammer

Popular Steam User Tags: Strategy, Fantasy, War, RTS, Multiplayer.

Metacritic Score: 86

This game is both Single and Multiplayer with Steam achievements and trading cards.


I bought this game because I have played Total War: Shogun 2 which I really enjoyed. I’ve not played Warhammer yet, but I’ve had about 20 hours on Shogun so since it’s the same series I can imagine the gameplay is very similar, if not the same. It was a decent price at £13.59 (66% off) since it’s only a year old.

For me, the turn based gameplay took quite a while to get used to, and I’m still not sure what all the options do and how to really go about with strategies. I’m sure by playing Total War: Warhammer, I will be able to learn and progress with this type of gameplay. I’ll be playing this with a friend which is why I haven’t tried it yet.

Syberia 1 & 2

Popular Steam User Tags: Adventure, Point & Click, Puzzle, Steampunk.

Metacritic Scores: Syberia 1 – 80, Syberia 2 – 82

Single player only with steam trading cards for both games.


I’ve actually heard Syberia 2 being mentioned a lot in the past month which I thought was strange since it was release in 2004. I actually picked this up on Origin for free when it was part of the “On The House” offer (I can’t remember when) but I never gave it much thought to see what it was about. It was only 70p more to buy the second game in a bundle with the first one, so I thought it was best to get them both on Steam since I don’t actually use Origin for anything (£1.49 each or £2.19 together in a bundle).

After looking into it, since I’d heard it being mentioned a lot, it turns out it seems quite similar to “The Longest Journey”. For those of you that don’t know about TLJ trilogy I really recommend you look it up. I bought “The Longest Journey” and “Dreamfall: The Longest Journey” two years ago in the Steam summer sale and the 3rd game “Dreamfall Chapters” last Steam Summer Sale. I finished Dreamfall Chapters in January and I loved all of them – I’ll talk more about them in a different post when I replay them (which will be soon since Dreamfall Chapters had a big update in May).

But anyway, now I’m expecting Syberia to be similar to TLJ, so I really wanted to give it a go (since I loved TLJ so much). Again, I haven’t played them yet since I only bought them yesterday but I’m eager to start. I’ll post a review on them when I’m done playing.


Games I really wanted but didn’t buy (and why I didn’t buy them):


Popular Steam User Tags: Great Soundtrack, Story Rich, Action, RPG.

Metacritic Score: 84

Single player with Steam achievements and partial controller support.


I added this game to my wishlish as soon as it was available to pre-order. I love the style and the graphics look great as well as it seeming like a game I could get really into playing. I understand that this game was only released in March, but I still think it was a bit pricey at £27.99, even though 30% off is a good price considering how new it is. I was considering buying it anyway as I’m so eager to play this game, however I read up on it and apparently the PC port is awful and lots of people say you will need to download third party software to mod it to make it playable. Sorry, but I’m not paying nearly £30 for a game that doesn’t run properly. It hasn’t had an update since the release to fix the problems but there’s already DLC for it… that is a problem.

TLDR: I’m waiting until the PC port of the game actually works, but I can’t say I’ve heard any other negatives. In other words, I’m still so excited to play this game – Steam Winter Sale perhaps?

Even writing about it is making me want it… I have a feeling I will regret not buying it.

Tales of Berseria:

Popular Steam User Tags: Anime, JRPG, RPG, Female Protagonist, Action.

Metacritic Score: 80

Single Player and Split Screen with controller support, Steam achievements and trading cards.


I haven’t really played games like this before so I wasn’t really prepared to spend £23.99 to find out it wasn’t for me. It looks somewhat similar to God Eater with the combat style but I’m not one for researching games religiously before buying in case I ruin it for myself. Basically I chose God Eater instead because it was cheaper and it had Character Customisation, but since I’m liking God Eater I’m sure keeping my eye on this one (I don’t even know if it’s anything like God Eater – but the combat and style looks similar).

Black Desert Online:

Popular Steam User Tags: Massively Multiplayer, MMORPG, RPG, Fantasy.

Metacritic Score: 74

Online multiplayer and co-op with partial controller support, Steam achievements and trading cards.


Basically I’m not even sure if I want to get into another MMO. I don’t even play Guild Wars 2 much anymore – hence it taking me so long with my Druid Stone posts! I downloaded TERA a few months ago and didn’t even get round to creating a character so I didn’t really want to pay for Black Desert, even though it is only £5.59. I think I’m just a little bit scared of completely losing interest in GW to another MMO since I’ve played over 2000 hours of GW and still haven’t finished my Legendary Weapon yet! Graphics look great though and it would definitely be my next choice of MMO if I was to play another.

I’d like to start doing some reviews on other games, so stay tuned and I’ll try to broaden my horizons and let you know what I think!

Steam Summer Sale 2017

It’s that time of year again… the Steam Summer sale is here! If you’ve had your eye on a game or whether you’re just in the mood to try something new, now is the time to make that purchase!

The Steam Summer Sale is active from 22nd June to 5th July and is the biggest sale throughout the year with hundreds of games at great discounts! As well as the sale there is also the yearly Steam Summer Sale badge to craft along with a new mini-game.


The Steam Summer Badge is crafted with Trading Cards. You earn these cards daily by completing your Discovery Queue (you can complete the queue twice to earn 2 cards per day) and by spending money in the store. Card drops are random so you can end up with duplicates, however you can craft the badge multiple times. Cards are also tradable and marketable. On completion of the badge you will receive a badge to display on your profile, level XP, an emoticon and a profile background. All cards will expire on 5th July so make sure you craft your badges before then.

This year the mini-game is in the form of a sticker book where you complete mini quests to earn sticker packs which you then fill your book with. There are 3 quests each day – today mine were: Complete your Steam Discovery Queue, Review your Preferences, and check out your what your friends are doing on the Activity page (earning 1 sticker pack per quest). You will not get duplicate stickers until you own one of each sticker available. There are 112 stickers altogether and you get 3 stickers per pack.


I added NeiR:Automata to my wishlist as soon as it was advertised on Steam. The game just looks beautiful and I love the style of it. Over the past few months I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and I think I would have a great deal of fun playing this game. My only doubt is that it is still quite expensive… but it is still a new game and from what I’ve heard, it sounds like it’s worth it.

In my opinion the sale isn’t as good this year as it has been over the past few years so I’m not sure if I’ll be making many purchases, but I’m hoping I can decide what games I’d like to buy from my wishlist and possibly make some reviews. Here are some games I’ve had my eye on for a while:

  • NieR:Automata (Was £39.99 / 30% off / Now £27.99)
  • Tales of Berseria (Was £39.99 / 40% off / Now £23.99)
  • Total War: Warhammer (Was £39.99 / 66% off / Now £13.59)
  • God Eater 2: Rage Burst (Was £39.99 / 66% off / Now £13.59)
  • Black Desert Online (Was £6.99 / 20% off / Now £5.59)
    • Explorers Package (Was £29.99 / 40% off / Now £17.99)


I’ve been thinking about trying Black Desert for a while now but I was worried that I wouldn’t get into it so much. Since I play an awful lot of Guild Wars 2, I didn’t really want to start playing another MMO as Guild Wars took up so much of my free time (and still does from time to time). However, I’m not playing Guild Wars as much as I used to and I’m interested in trying to invest my time into something else, so maybe Black Desert could be just that.

Let me know your thoughts if you have played any of these games and/or have any recommendations!