Hallowe’en Bitesize-Reviews 2018

If you’re looking for a game to play this Hallowe’en, myself and WesleyWhale have got you covered! Throughout October, we’ve both taken the time to investigate some horror games on Steam. We decided to pick a handful of small games so we could get them finished in order to give a decent review for each of them.

This list also features a few free games, so if you’re looking for something very last minute then there are options! Steam also has a Hallowe’en sale on right now so I’ll leave the current price list with each game too!

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Smite: Community Halloween and Winter Skin Contest

Over the past few months, Hi-Rez began another community competition for the next Halloween and Winter Skin. These contests have been taking place over the past few years, but after a tweet claiming Chef Vulcan to be the new community addition if it reached a certain number of retweets was successful, Smite fans became annoyed that a contest was not going to be held this year. To make up for this original idea, Hi-Rez announced that there would be a competition to decide on a new Halloween skin and a new Winter skin!

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VGC Day 24: What game had a big emotional impact on you?

I had a tough time choosing a game for this category as this question is similar to Day 10: What game destroyed you emotionally? I was going to pick another Higurashi Chapter, but I thought, since they are similar categories, I should pick something else.

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