GW2: Chuka and Champawat Vol. 3: Tigris: Naturalist’s Journal

The Naturalist’s Journal is a sub collection for the Chuka and Chamapawat Vol.3: Tigris Collection. This collection has 16 parts consisting of one crafted item and 15 journal entries.

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GW2: Chuka and Champawat Vol. 3: Tigris

Crafting Tigris, the Precursor weapon to Chuka and Champawat, is the next major stage towards creating your Legendary Weapon. However, we need to complete this collection first. There are 20 parts to this collection, 2 of which involve a separate collection which I will write my next Chuka post on.

If you haven’t completed the previous collections, please refer to my other guides for The Hunt and The Ambush as these need to be completed before the Tigris collection can be unlocked.

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GW2: Chuka and Champawat Vol 1: Hunter’s Journal

The Hunter’s Journal is part of the Chuka and Champawat Volume 1: The Hunt collection. After you have spoken to Bagred the Hunter in Snowden Drifts, received the recipe for the Crude Leather Book and crafted it, a new sub-collection will unlock:

Chuka and Champawat I Hunter’s Journal: “Under Bagred’s tutelage, I now undertake my hunt. The pages will chronicle the pages of my deed”.

This is what the collection looks like in the achievements tab:


There are 20 parts to this collection, the first being the Crude Leather Book that unlocked the collection and the other 19 have to be completed in order. As I completed this collection just over a year ago I cannot replay the steps to give you accurate screenshots. I briefly looked at a few guides (mainly referring to Dulfy) to refresh my memory and make this as helpful as possible.

I remember it taking me about 2 hours to complete without using any guides and following all the trails rather than skipping ahead. This is going to be a long guide, but this was probably my favourite part of the Chuka and Champawat collection.

It would be useful to do this collection with a character that has 100% map completion as there is quite a lot of moving about and traveling to different places, so it would save a lot of time along the way.

Entry 1: I’m looking for a challenging hunt, and rumour has it there’s a tiger harassing researchers in Metrica Province. I’ll contact researcher Hrappa at the Rana Landing Complex. Could this prey be worthy of my skills?”


You will need to complete the renown heart at Voloxoan Passage in order to speak to Hrappa about the tigers. You will then need to interact with some of the Alliance Monitors to look for camera footage of the tigers. The entry will be completed when you find the correct monitor.

Entry 2: “I’m told there may be two tigers! They’ve been tearing into supplies and terrifying research subjects. The evidence points east, I’ll follow the tracks and see what turns up.”


Travel south-east from Desider Atum waypoint. Roughly where the arrow ends (screenshot below) you will find Signs of Tiger Habitation and tiger tracks at the circle. Interacting with the tracks will complete entry 2.


Entry 3: “The hunt is on! I discovered signs of a den and – more importantly – I’ve picked up their trail. The trail leads into southern Caledon. Maybe the local Hylek villagers know something.”

Again you will need to complete the renown heart to the west to be able to speak to Atzintli and complete the entry. He will lead you to the cliffs.


Entry 4: “What luck! There are recent reports of a tiger sighting near the cliffs to the south!”

Go to the pace by the cliffs marked on the map and interact with the Signs of Tiger Habitation. This will spawn Legendary Chuka and Legendary Champawat and you will have to fight… at about 2/3 health they will run off before you can kill them. Chase them to complete the entry.


Entry 5: “I tracked them down! They fight with such ferocity! I wasn’t able to bring them down before they escaped, but the trail is fresh. To Southsun Strait! I’ll cut them off at Southsun Cove. If my luck holds, someone at Lion Point will have spotted them.”

Talk to Lionguard Liella located in the camp where Lion Point waypoint is to complete entry 5.


Entry 6: “Circumstances have changed. It seems the beasts are now attacking people. Did our confrontation drive them to this? Settlers have been killed and dragged off to the west. The stakes are rising rapidly – this hunt is no longer merely for sport. Lives are in danger. They’ve fled west. The wet sands should preserve their tracks.”


Follow the tiger tracks west. This will lead you to a Tiger Attack Victim north of Southsun Strait (northwest corner). The tracks will then lead you east to the very edge of the map and lead you to Sparkfly Fen, roughly following the path of orange arrows on the map below.


Entry 7: “Tracking them is difficult in this terrain, but I think I’ve gained ground. Signs point east into Sparkfly Fen. I should search for the man-eaters’ whereabouts around Verarium Delves.”


Follow the rough direction of the arrows through the caves, past the hero point and then onto a ledge where you will find another Sign of Tiger Habitation. Interacting with this will spawn both Legendary Tigers (as you can see from the screen shot below – it’s the only screenshot I took when I was actually doing this collection myself!) which you will have to fight, and they are quite tough this time. Again they will run off (at about half health) before you can defeat them.

The tiger face symbolises a tiger den which you need to find for the Spirit of the Tiger Achievement. Although the tiger dens have nothing to do with the Chuka and Champawat collection, it is a good time to start this achievement alongside the Hunter’s Journal as you will have to go to places where some are the dens are. Likewise for future parts in the Chuka and Champawat collections. After the tigers run off, walk north to the edge of the ledge you fought the tigers on, drop off the ledge onto a lower ledge and you will find the tiger den hidden in a corner within the cliff.


Entry 8: “The vicious animals had slunk off into the cliffs near the Tower of Modius! They escaped me but not without a fight. I must stop them. I tracked the vicious animals down and gravely wounded the male. Following its trail should be simple enough.

Follow the trail of tiger blood through Sparkfly Fen into Bloodtide Coast then through the Lornar’s Pass. Interact with the Tiger Tracks on the orange circle to complete the entry.


Entry 9:The Brutes have led me to Lornar’s Pass and are heading for Ettin Territory. I must be careful. The nearby Ettinworks Lab is investigating ways to avoid Ettin detection. Aiding them should give me ample opportunities to search the area.”

To complete this entry you need to complete the event chain at the marked location. The specific event in the chain that completes the entry is “Free Venpa and help her reach safety” so if this event isn’t active when you get there just continue with the event chain or wait for the chain to start.


Again there is another tiger den here for the Spirit of the Tiger achievement. It is on a ledge marked with the tiger face and you will just need to jump up some rocks to get to it.

Entry 10: “The local Ettin Chief seems to be fascinated with pets. It appears at least one of the tigers was held here in captivity for a time. I’m too late. They’ve moved on. Signs point east into the Shiverpeak Mountains. I should search the Tribulation Caverns for clues.”

Travel to Sorrow’s Embrace waypoint in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. You will need to completed 2 jumping puzzles in order to reach the next locations. The first you need to do is Tribulation Rift Scaffolding which then leads you onto Tribulations Caverns. The orange arrows roughly point out the direction of the jumping puzzles but looks up video guides if you’re not familiar with them.


When you have completed the Tribulations Caverns jumping puzzle, interact with the Tiger Signs to spawn the Legendary Tigers again. Be careful this time because if you die you will need to do the jump puzzles over again, bring a friend if you need to. Chuka will spawn on 50% health, so focus him as Champawat only runs off again later. You will actually need to kill Chuka this time and the entry will complete on his death.

Entry 11: I’ve slain one if the evil man-eaters! The cold and snow give me and advantage. The other creature fled, but this hunt will end soon.”


This entry involves following more tiger tracks from Dredgehaunt Cliffs, through Hoelbrak and into Wayfarer Foothills. You need to interact with the Tiger Tracks leading to Diessa Plateau to complete this entry.


Entry 12: “Hours of trudging through the snow, yet still the beast eludes me. I need to rest in Nolan before I can complete the hunt. Perhaps I can learn something of value from the Nolan locals.”

Travel to Nolan waypoint in Diessa Plateau and speak to Primus Kurr located next to the portal leading to the Black Citadel (the first orange circle). Head west to the vista in the Town of Nolan. You will need to jump up the mossy cogs here, go through a pipe, and make your way into the cliff where you will find a cave with a strawberry patch in it (marked with the second orange circle). Here you need to speak to Anya Fairmind to complete the entry.


Entry 13: “The death toll rises. Nolan residents reported that an old soldier was attacked and killed not long before I arrived. His body was dragged west into the foothills. Searching west I met a young charr tending a strawberry garden. Her tale sounded a bit suspect, but it’s clear the tiger has turned east. I’ve picked up the trail again. If my suspicions prove true, it will lead me to the Crimson Plateau.”

You will need to do the Crimson Plateau jumping puzzle to complete this entry. The puzzle starts roughly where the orange arrows begin and follows the general direction of the arrows. You will need to jump to a hidden gap in a wall nearing the middle of the puzzle, so look up a video guide if you aren’t familiar with it.

There is also a tiger den on the way, at the very end of the puzzle it is on a ledge behind the huge tree just before you drop down to get the chest. It is only possible to get on this platform during the puzzle, so if you jump down to get the chest you will have to do the puzzle again to get the den (unless you have a Mesmer friend).

Signs of Tiger Habitation will be shown in the area where the chest is. Interact with the signs and Legendary Champawat will spawn again. Getting the tiger down to about 50% health will again cause it to run off and the entry will be completed.


Entry 14: “I cornered her! Another brutal fight, but again she slipped away. She’s escaped south fleeing for Martyr’s Woods in the Plains of Ashford. I’ve lost the track. Hopefully the charr at Spirit Hunter Camp have seen something.”

Speak to Latres Bladebane located at Spirt Hunter Camp waypoint in Plains of Ashford. She is stood next to one of the tents by the waypoint. Speaking to her will complete the entry.


Entry 15: “Some charr at Spirit Hunter Camp tell me a tiger attacked them during the night. They fended the beast off without any casualties. The trail continues southeast. I expect it leads to Loreclaw Expanse.”

Travel to Loreclaw Waypoint and head east through the water. You will find more Signs of Tiger Habitation just on the shoreline. Interact with them to complete the entry.


Entry 16: “I uncovered ample evidence of her passing near a separatist camp in Loreclaw Expanse. I’ve tracked her south but her path is too treacherous for me to traverse. I’ll cut her off at Secluded Glen.”

Travel to Tenaebron Waypoint in Fields of Ruin and head northwest to the Secluded Glen where the hero point is (very furthest point in the top left corner of the map). Talk to the Travelling Priestess to complete this entry.


Entry 17: “Incredible! A travelling priestess at Secluded Glen told me she saw the tiger pass through and – with no hesitation – proceed into the Dragonbrand. The Brand is terrifying for a well-trained warrior – I can’t imagine what courage that tiger must possess. I’ll resume my search around Sentinel’s Perch. If she somehow survived the Brand, that’s her likely destination.”


Travel to Thunderbreak waypoint in Fields of Ruin. Head east and follow more tiger tracks until you come to some Obscured Tiger Tracks. Interact with them and you will be directed to Captain Carbins (at the second orange circle). Speaking to him will complete the entry.


Entry 18: “A villager at Halkor Meadows is missing. Apparently the beast is still hungry for flesh. An Ebon Vanguard member searching for the missing villager was mauled near the cliffs north of the village. I go north.”

You need to get up the cliff for this entry. Use the wooden structure in the village to get onto the cliffs, then jump to the next cliff using the stone pillars (the arrows mark the rough direction). When you reach the top of the cliff there will be more Signs of Tiger Habitation. Interact with it to spawn Legendary Champawat at 50% health. You will need to kill the tiger to complete the entry.

There is also another tiger den here (marked with the tiger face). Go to the edge of the cliff and head east round the back. The tiger den is on a lower ledge you can glide to.


Entry 19: “The beast is slain! The countryside is finally safe from her murderous rampage! I’m exhausted. I’ve rarely seen creatures so relentless, so single-minded in their will to survive. Time to return to Bagred the Hunter, he’ll want to hear the details of this hunt.”

Travel to Snowdrift Haven waypoint and head south west towards the bridge where you will once again find Bagred the Hunter. Speak to Bagred and tell him you’ve completed the journal.


This will complete the journal and award you with a Completed Hunter’s Journal. The completed journal will also count towards the Chuka and Champawat Vol 1: The Hunt collection.

Entry 20: “Warming my sore bones by a norn campfire, I’m unsure how to wrap up this journal. I started this hunt seeking a challenging game. I ended up with quite a bit more than I’d bargained for, tracking a pair of vicious creatures over vast territory. Their tenacity was unparalleled. In the end I’m pleased I could bring an end to the tigers’ wanton violence, but a part of me can’t help but wonder what drove these creatures to madness.”

Stay tuned for Chuka and Champawat Vol 2 and a full Spirit of the Tiger achievement guide!