Smite: Community Skin Contest 2019

Voting for the next community skin is now open! Voting will end on 2nd April, so now is your last chance to vote! Concept submission ended on 26th March and the voting became live only a few days ago, so there hasn’t been much time to vote.  Follow the link here to take you to the voting page!

The winner of the 2019 Community Skin Contest has been announced! See the bottom of the post for the result!

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Smite: New Skins [PTS 6.2]

During this weekend’s PTS release for Smite’s most recent patch for update 6.2, there seem to have been a number of skins added that weren’t included in the patch notes. I’m sure people who have logged in to PTS over the weekend have noticed the 8 new ‘mystery’ skins featured, but the question is, when will we be getting these skins?

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Smite: HRX Announcements

HRX happened this weekend, claiming Splyce as the Smite World Champions. Due to this huge tournament, there was no patch notes but there was plenty of announcements for upcoming content! This post will include information on new God’s announced for Season 6, the reveal of the T5 Godslayer Ares skin and other exciting additions.

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