Monthly Summary: March 2021

Welcome to another Monthly Summary here at gamergal.exe! March marks the anniversary of my blog and I’m hoping to make more content throughout my 4th year, with plans to bring back reviews for new games! Before I get too ahead of myself (talking about things I aim to do), let’s get back to talking about what I have actually done. Well, there’s not all that much to be honest. This month has been another slow one for gaming but I have at least started a few more games than I had last month. I hope to wrap some of these titles up within the next few weeks as I recently purchased some new games that I can’t wait to try and I promised myself I’d finish what I’d started before I move on. I’m finding this a little difficult though as I’m constantly getting sucked into watching anime – I thought my anime phase would’ve been over by now, but I guess not. I blame my Crunchyroll subscription…

It’s also dawned on me that I should’ve been in Japan this time last year with WesleyWhale. It’s actually hitting me harder than I thought today, as right now we should’ve been walking around Eastern Kyoto admiring the Cherry Blossoms. It’d make me feel better if I had a trip to look forward to, but it seems like it’s going to be over a year away until we’ll get the chance to go again which is incredibly depressing. I’ll just have to put all my effort into making the trip even better than it was originally – I suppose I have a lot of time to plan, and to learn more of the language. Every cloud and all that.

Anyway, putting those thoughts aside, let’s take a look at my month in gaming:


Little Nightmares II

I only completed a single game again this month, but it’s a new release! I’ve been meaning to play Little Nightmares II since I purchased it on day 1 last month, and after really enjoying the first game, I was eager to see what the next game had to offer. It was a lot shorter than I was expecting, only taking a few sittings to finish the entire game, and although I wouldn’t go as far as saying I disliked it, Little Nightmares II wasn’t as good as I was hoping it to be. Even though it wasn’t what I was expecting, I’d still recommend it, but I suggest you play Little Nightmares beforehand as not only does it make more sense story-wise, it’s actually a lot more enjoyable.

Games Played:

Little Nightmares

Code:Realize – Wintertide Miracles

Nioh 2

Taisho x Alice Episode 3

No Straight Roads

Destroy All Humans

Speaking of Little Nightmares, I decided to go back and finish all the achievements for the first game whilst refreshing my memories from last year. This achievement process also includes a speed run to be completed, so I found myself becoming quite engrossed in researching different methods to complete this ‘gotta go fast’ without dying run (still uncompleted as of yet due to the ‘no deaths’ rule as I swear the game makes up a new way to die every single time). Aside from that, I’ve not really stuck with any other games yet. I managed to work through the triangle dates on Code:Realize Wintertide Miracles which ultimately didn’t capture my interest, and I’ve just finished up Snow White‘s route in Taisho x Alice Episode 3. I’ve been making steady progress in Nioh 2 with WesleyWhale and we also started up No Straight Roads and Destroy All Humans together – both still in their early stages so I don’t have a great deal to report yet. I’m sure they’ll be taking the spotlight next month.

Game of the Month:

Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II is a horror, adventure game from Tarsier Studios. Despite being the second game in the series, Little Nightmares II is in fact a prequel to Little Nightmares, released in 2017. Featuring new protagonist, Mono, experience another atmospheric adventure in a world affected by a mysterious transmission as Mono and familiar companion, Six, begin their journey to investigate the source of this power.

Little Nightmares (2017) made my list of the best games I played during 2020, so I was really looking forward to Little Nightmares II being released. Platforming and puzzles make up the majority of the gameplay, but Little Nightmares II also includes moments of combat and sections which require teamwork with Six, making a refreshing addition to the series. Little Nightmares II feels very similar in terms of controls to its predecessor and the atmospheric environment definitely has some resemblance, despite the settings being vastly different. The animation, music and sound design were all equally impressive and greatly impacted the overall tense experience of the game from start to finish.

However, as much as I enjoyed Little Nightmares II, I didn’t feel the way I did during my playthrough of Little Nightmares. I didn’t find the game as fluid due to different environments being introduced with each chapter and with a lot of mechanics being included, some of the bosses became overshadowed. For example, I found the mannequins in Chapter 3 much more interesting than the actual chapter boss whom, looking back, was actually pretty forgettable. I appreciate that the developers tried to mix things up a bit as opposed to making a straight copy of the first game, but I wasn’t all that impressed with some of the new mechanics towards the end, and I was honestly expecting to get more than 6hrs play time out of a game that cost £25. Don’t let my thoughts put you off though – Little Nightmares II was an enjoyable game, but in my opinion, Little Nightmares (2017) was the better game and I highly recommend you play it before jumping in to Little Nightmares II.


Taisho x Alice Episode 3


Root Film


I bought my copy of Taisho x Alice Episode 3 on Steam as soon as it became available a few days into March. I was hoping to have finished it by now, but at least I’ve reached the end of Snow White‘s route. I also purchase Root Film on release which I will be playing once I’ve finished Code:Realize, and I also preordered the special edition of Bustafellows due out in the summer (which I’m incredibly excited for)! I also purchased Devotion from the Red Candle Games‘ store since it’s become available again after a lot of controversy causing it to be unobtainable for quite some time. I’m really looking forward to giving it a go sometime in the near future – I did have a sneaky listen to the soundtrack and it sounds amazing!

Looking Forward To:

Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood

Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood is the next game on my list of scheduled releases, due sometime during April. I feel like I’ve been talking a lot about this game recently with the next section being no exception. Follow the link in the Blog section below if you’d like to find out more about this game and other titles I’m looking forward to being released this year.


11 Upcoming Games of 2021

I was unsure how to mark the 4th anniversary of my blog, so I decided to make an upcoming games list featuring 11 games set for release in 2021 that I’m looking forward to. I’m hoping that the games in the list will kick me back into writing game reviews which I’ve been considering getting back into for the past few months. I think setting myself something to aim for on this blog will be good for me moving forwards, so will this be a new beginning for gamergal.exe? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


I’ve pretty much been listening to the same 3 songs on repeat this month but I have mixed it up a tad by listening to plenty of different covers of these 3 songs. First up is another りぶ (Rib) cover of エンヴィーベイビー (Envy Baby) by Kanaria (creator of popular 2020 song, KING). It’s a really catchy song with so many different versions being posted at the moment, but Rib‘s cover is my favourite so far. I’m absolutely loving his return!

Next up is new release ヴァンパイア (Vampire) from vocaloid producer, DECO*27! I instantly took a liking to this song due its exciting, upbeat composition and since DECO*27 is one of my favourite producers, I knew I’d end up playing this song on repeat. Since the song’s release a few weeks ago, there’s been a tonne of covers by many different utaite plastered all over YouTube and I’m loving it!

Last up this month is a cover of れるりり (rerulili‘s) 反芻シ考 (Rumination Thinking) from 伊東歌詞太郎 (Ito Kashitaro). This song has such a strong hook and although I really like the original vocaloid version, this cover has completely won me over with some fantastic vocals from Ito Kashitaro. Overall, it’s been an impactful music month.

Thank you all for reading this month’s wrap up. I’m hoping to get a few more games on the completions list by the end of April, but for now I’m going to continue my anime binge which will hopefully provide lost of content for my #AniMay celebrations this year.

What have you been up to this month?

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