Smite: Odyssey 2021

The first content for the Odyssey 2021 has arrived with Patch 7.9: Odyssey: Reckoning update notes. This year, the Odyssey works a little different to how it has in previous years, so in this post I’ll give an overview of what’s new, what you can gain for free and how to make the most of your Gems!

Firstly, the winner of the Odyssey T5 Skin contest was awarded to Hel with the Eclipse Summoner skin which arrived to Smite with patch 7.9. You can see the process of how Hel was crowned winner of the T5 skin here.

The simplest way to get the Eclipse Summoner Hel skin is to buy the Odyssey bundle outright for 8,000 Gems which also instantly unlocks this skin and all other Odyssey skins as they become available. However, it is possible to earn this skin for less if you’re willing to wait a bit longer or on a budget.

In previous years, buying a skin from the Odyssey collection would also award the player Odyssey Points and an Odyssey Chest. This is different this year – buying a skin grants a cosmetic item (frame, avatar, etc.) and Odyssey Points which are accumulated to unlock Map Fragments in the same way Bonus Odyssey rewards are unlocked. These Map Fragments are then used to unlock areas on the Quest Map for players to complete small quests to earn rewards, such as those Odyssey Chests.

So, what’s the Quest Map? The first area in the Quest Map is unlocked for free. This area includes 3 separate sections with 7 quests in total. Completing an individual quest will award the player with a small reward, such as favor, while completing all the quests within a section will give the player a reward such as Odyssey chests, unique Odyssey avatars / music themes / etc. or Gems. Only one quest line can be active at once, and all quests within the selected quest line have to be completed before selecting another.

So how do you get Odyssey Points? Well, there are a few ways. To get started, 10,000 Odyssey Points are available by completing the Niflheim Territory’s Winter Voyage section within the free sections of the Quest Map. There are another 20,000 Odyssey Points contained within the Necropolis Battle Pass – 3x 5,000 Points in the free track (levels 18, 36 and 49) and 1x 5,000 points in the Premium track (level 6). However, as far as freebies are concerned, that’s your lot.

TLDR: Free Odyssey Points:

  • Niflheim Territory, Winter Voyage = 10,000 OP
  • Necropolis Battle Pass (Free Track) = 15,000 OP
  • Necropolis Battle Pass (Premium Track) = 5,000 OP

With this amount (30,000 OP with the Premium Battle Pass or 25,000 OP with the Free Battle Pass), you can unlock your next Map Fragment entirely for free (at 20,000 OP) – although this will be quite a bit of work without the Premium Battle Pass boost.

The final, and most obvious, way to earn Odyssey Points is through buying Odyssey skins – 2 Odyssey skins will be released with every patch. Each skin purchase grants 10,000 OP and is also is paired with a specific cosmetic item (not an Odyssey Chest). During the current patch, both of these new released skins will be discounted from 750 Gems to 500 Gems, but when next batch becomes available in game, all the previous skins will then be priced at 750 Gems until the end of the Odyssey.

Here’s a list of who has skins coming to the Odyssey and which cosmetics are paired with which skin. All of these bundles also include 10,000 OP:

  • Thanatos + Jump Stamp
  • Zeus + Loading Frame
  • Chaac + Loading Screen
  • Hera + Recall Skin
  • Medusa + Ward
  • Ra + Jump Stamp
  • Ares + Title
  • Ratatoskr + Avatar
  • Sol + Fountain Skin
  • Jing Wei + Level-Up Skin
  • Hun Batz + Death Mark
  • Poseidon + Global Emote
  • Hercules + Announcer Pack
  • Chernobog + Recall Skin
  • Athena + Avatar
  • Rama + Loading Screen

Here’s a list of the Bonus Rewards:

  • 20,000 OP – Map Fragment
  • 40,000 OP – Map Fragment + Mysterious Warrior Mulan
  • 60,000 OP – Map Fragment
  • 80,000 OP – Map Fragment + Gecko Gladiator Xing Xian
  • 100,000 OP – Map Fragment
  • 120,000 OP – Map Fragment + (Unreleased Skin) Cernunnos
  • 140,000 OP – Map Fragment
  • 160,000 OP – Map Fragment + Eclipse Summoner Hel T5 Skin

It’s also been stated that buying any chest skins released from the 7.9 update until November will also give 10,000 OP each (I assume this to be the direct purchase of any new released skins as opposed to rolling the chests themselves due to the prices – but I haven’t tried this myself).

To make the most of your Gems, the cheapest way to unlock the Eclipse Summoner Hel skin would be to unlock all 30,000 Odyssey Points for free by also buying the Battle Pass for 600 Gems (you’ll gain 200 Gems back if you reach level 58), which leaves 130,000 OP remaining. This means you need to buy 13 Odyssey skins. If you buy your choice of 13 skins as they release for 500 Gems each, that totals at 6,500 Gems + 400 Gems for the Battle Pass (or + 500 Gems for an extra skin if you didn’t buy the Battle Pass). Doing it this way will save at least 1,000 Gems or if you bought the Battle Pass, you can save 1,100 Gems and get a whole bunch of extra content along the way!

To conclude, the cheapest you can get the Eclipse Summoner Hel T5 skin for is 6,900 Gems. Not only is this the cheapest possible, but it also contains the most content compared to any other method (which is great if there are a few Odyssey skins you don’t like).

That ended up being quite long winded, but I think I covered it all. If anyone has had any experience with gaining any OP from chest skins then drop a comment and let us know.

Finally, Gem packs are also on sale until 13th September 2020!

4 thoughts on “Smite: Odyssey 2021

    1. Since it’s free, I’d say it’s worth checking out, especially if you’ve got a group of friends to play with since it is a team game.

      The thing that drew me to Smite initially was the 3rd person perspective, but generally it’s quite easy to pick up and you don’t have to get too worried about builds to start with as most things tend to work. Saying that, it does have its own learning curve but it’s fun to figure builds out for yourself (just ignore those players who tell you otherwise)! There’s plenty of ‘Gods’ to try so I’m sure you’ll find at least one who suits your playstyle.

      There’s always toxic players from time to time, but it’s generally not so bad. And there’s a mute button now 😅 My best advice would definitely be to learn and play with friends though, solo queuing can be painful…

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