Monthly Summary: April 2020

This last month has been a very strange time for us all. I know a lot of people are finding the lockdown incredibly difficult, which is totally understandable, but I’m left feeling a little guilty for somewhat enjoying hiding myself away from the world. There’s no doubt I’m a complete shut in – I’ve only left the house on one occasion in the past 7 weeks and I’m not even beginning to feel stir crazy. Unfortunately, my boyfriend had to go back to work as an essential worker, so I’ve been hiding out in my family home for the past 4 weeks without seeing him (which has definitely been the worst part), however, we have been spending a lot more time gaming online together than usual.


Code:Realize Future Blessings

Code Vein

Sims 4: Seasons, University, City Life


For saying I’ve been sat at home all this time, I’m actually shocked I haven’t bought more. It’s prime time for the backlog right now so I’ve been trying my best to focus on some longer games I’ve had for a while, however, I somehow couldn’t resist the urge to go back to playing Sims… I bought a few expansion packs since they’re 50% off at the moment to keep myself entertained. Code Vein was also on sale on Steam for 40% off, so me and my boyfriend both picked it up and have been playing it together over the past couple of weeks. The multiplayer summoning works better than I thought, although I’m not so thrilled about the story progressing only in the host’s world. Lastly, I preordered Code:Realize Future Blessings for the Switch. Even though it’s not meant to be out yet, I received my copy in the post yesterday – not that it matters as I haven’t finished Guardian of Rebirth yet.

Games Played:

Code Vein

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Code:Realize Guardian of Rebirth

Sims 4

Animal Crossing New Horizons

code vein

In addition to starting Code Vein with my boyfriend, I’ve also jumped into playing Warhammer: Vermintide 2 with him and his brother. They’ve been playing for a good while, but we fancied a game we could all jump into together and this seemed to fit the bill. As for single player games, I got back into Tokyo Mirage Sessions (which has taken up the majority of my time), finally started Ori and the Will of the Wisps and also dived into Code:Realize Guardian of Rebirth. Animal Crossing has still been taking up at least an hour of my day every morning, but I’m currently undecided on how to lay out my town, so for now I’m just working to pay off my house loans until I can figure it out.


Trine 2

Little Big Adventure

We Were Here

Tokyo Mirage Sessions


It seems ages ago since I played Trine 2 with my boyfriend and his brother, but I can still say this has been one of my favourite games in a long time. I can highly recommend this series – especially the 2nd game for anyone looking for anything 3 player (it also supports Steam Remote Play Together)! Little Big Adventure has been on my backlog for ages more for nostalgia than anything else. It hasn’t aged well, but I’m pleased I managed to finish the first game. I also played the free-to-play We Were Here puzzle game with my boyfriend which requires two players to solve puzzles together while in different rooms – a true test of communication.

Game of the Month:

Tokyo Mirage Sessions


I’m a little late with this one, but I’ve just finished Tokyo Mirage Sessions… and what a game it was. I’ve never really warmed to JRPGs, but this one was incredible. I must admit, I was a little frustrated with the starting game, but once I’d got beyond Gangrel, I really got into it. The cast was fantastic, I honestly couldn’t have placed better characters than the mix here, there wasn’t a single one I disliked even a little bit. Overall, I think the idol theme of the game was what enraptured me the most. As a massive Utaite fan, this is a close as I’m going to get to a game crossover – but the collaborations that were happening between the characters in Tokyo Mirage Sessions really reminded me of the reason I love the genre of Utaite – you could never be sure what crossover was coming next! I had a lot fun doing the character side stories, unlocking all the costumes and watching the battles play out as well as watching the story progress over the 60 hours I invested. The battle system is really simple at first, but I absolutely loved all the session animations and the Duo Arts that are introduced later on – I’m not familiar with many other JRPG battle systems, but there seemed to be something special about how these battles were performed as the game progressed. In conclusion, this game was awesome! I can definitely see myself playing New Game + sometime in the future.

Looking Forward To:

Higurashi When They Cry Chapter 8 – Matsuribayashi

Collar x Malice / Collar x Malice Unlimited

Nioh 2 (Steam)

higurashi chapter 8

I’ve been waiting for the finale of Higurashi When They Cry to be localised for years now, and in 2 weeks time, I’ll finally be able to finish the story! I’m so excited and I’m sure the wait will be well worth it! Collar x Malice is also being released on Switch in July. I’m really looking forward to this otome visual novel as I’ve never had access to it before and I’ve heard so much praise for it. After the recent port of Code:Realize, I’m really hoping more otome visual novels will be ported in the future. After finishing Nioh a short while ago and now jumping into Code Vein, I really can’t wait to try Nioh 2 when it comes to Steam later this year.


5 Games That Have Had The Biggest Impact On My Life

Real Neat Blog Award

real neat blog award#

Not much has happened on the blog since my blogging series [11:11] finished, but this month I was nominated for two different posts: 5 Games That Have Had The Biggest Impact On My Life and the Real Neat Blog Award. You can see either of these posts by following the links above. During May, I have something a little different planned for gamergal.exe – I will be dedicating all my monthly posts to #AniMay since I enjoyed writing last year’s #AniMay post way more than expected. I’m really excited to see how these posts turn out, so I hope you’ll all come join me in celebrating anime during May!

Song of the Month:

夕刻、夢ト見紛ウ/After the Rain

On the subject of Tokyo Mirage Sessions, this song here is what collaborations are all about. It’s been a couple of months since the last After the Rain song, but this time it’s sounding a lot more like their older stuff as opposed to what they’ve been releasing recently. Both Soraru and Mafumafu have said this is one of their favourite songs yet and I can see why, therefore I make it song of the month.

As a little bonus, Araki wrote some lyrics to the Animal Crossing Theme Song as part of a Twitter tag trend going on in Japan to encourage people to stay home. Now, every time I log into Animal Crossing New Horizons, this pops into my head and I think it’s great reminder of how this game has impacted us during the pandemic lockdown. Very appropriate.

I hope you’re all coping with the lockdown and staying safe. Although we’re having a pretty rough time, there’s never been a better time to work on that gaming backlog!

Let me know what you’ve been playing!

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