Celebrating 3 Years on WordPress

March is gamergal.exe’s birthday!

I’ve had my blog here on WordPress for 3 years now, so to celebrate the occasion I would like to share a few of my favourite posts from my time on WordPress!

Ori and the Blind Forest Review

ori and the Blind Forest header

Starting off with a review for one of my favourite games! With Will of the Wisps being released a few weeks ago, this is a great time to share some love for the first game and get more people playing this wonderful series!

Steam Prison Review


I absolutely loved Steam Prison and this is the review I’m probably most proud of. Otome visual novels are my favourite, and I hope to go back and write reviews for all the ones I played last year.

Cleverly Used Soundtracks [11:11]

yakuza0 24

Soundtracks and music have a huge impact within games, so as part of my blogging series last year, I wrote a post on games that used music in clever ways. This was the post I enjoyed writing most for this [11:11] series and I’m still pretty happy with my selections!



During May last year, I joined in with the popular #AniMay hashtag in the form of a blog post. I don’t talk much about Anime here on my blog normally as it is focused more on gaming, but I really enjoyed writing about another subject for a change. I’m really happy with how this post came out and I’m looking forward to writing another this year!

Completions List [2019]


I was very pleased with the amount of games I finished last year, ending on a total of 35. Throughout the year, I kept a record of each game as I finished it in the form of a Twitter thread which I ended up turning into a post in January. I don’t expect people to read the whole lot, but I feel a huge sense of achievement when I look back on this list. Let’s see if I can beat my record this year!

I’ve created another thread for 2020 Game Completions, so go follow me over on Twitter for up to date gaming progress!

I’ve also got a gamergal.exe Steam Curator page where I write reviews on all the games I’ve played. If you use Steam and haven’t checked it out already, please go take a look!

Thank you for 3 years!

I hope to continue for many more!

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