Monthly Summary: February 2020

“2020 is going to be the best year ever”, I say as I make a note of all the major plans I have for this year – the year I decide to step out of my comfort zone and do the things I’ve wanted to do for a while. Well, here we are 2 months later and this past week has been officially been the worst of my life.

As some of you may know, I booked my trip to Japan last July (scheduled to go in 3 weeks time). Firstly, this trip was threatened by the liquidation of Thomas Cook, and now it’s in jeopardy over the Coronavirus. Most of you will be saying “you need to think of your health and cancel”, but if we cancel, we will lose 80% of our money (around 2 years’ savings) which will be completely non-refundable. I can’t rearrange my trip as it’s unlikely the situation will be getting any better within the next couple of months and I can’t claim on the insurance because the FCO have still given the all clear to travel – which is totally unbelievable since all the schools have been ordered to close for 5 weeks as well as many public attractions. My only hope is that our flight is cancelled within the next 10 days as we’ll be entitled to a little more money back, but losing this money means we won’t be able to afford to book again. What an absolute waste. With that in mind, we’ll probably just take the risk and go anyway – at least everywhere will be a lot quieter!

Due to this devastating news, I haven’t played any games at all for the past week (mainly spending my free time binging the whole series of Ouran High School Host Club), so there’s not much to report. Anyway, moving on to what I’d been doing previously this month:


Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth (Switch)

The First Tree (Steam)


After hearing Code Realize was coming to the Switch in March, I decided to preorder a copy as it was a little difficult to find. I’ve always wanted to play this series, but I’m not a fan of visual novels on PS4. Besides that, I spent the whopping total of 80p on The First Tree, and even that was from my Steam Wallet.

Games Played:


Total War: Shogun 2

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Root Letter

The First Tree

Red Rope

Moon Hunters

London Detective Mysteria

london detective mysteria

I’ve mainly been playing online co op or local co op games with my boyfriend this month. Aside from that, I’m mainly making very gradual progress with Tokyo Mirage Sessions and I decided to revisit London Detective Mysteria after ditching the title back in December. It’s an incredibly cheesy otome visual novel that’s really slow to start, even 10 hours in, I feel like I haven’t even got into the story yet. I can’t help but feel like the whole old English setting in the Japanese language is so out of place, especially when one scene involves actual Japanese characters speaking Japanese and the main character can’t understand them (even though she is technically also speaking Japanese). I just can’t get my head round it.


Root Letter (100%)

The First Tree

Moon Hunters

Root Letter (100%) 11.2.20

I’m actually getting pretty good at playing games I’ve bought recently rather than just letting them join the rest of my other games stored in some incredibly dusty folder hidden deep within my hard drive. Unfortunately, none of these games are really something to shout about and I’m just glad Moon Hunters is out of the way.

Game of the Month:



Although I’ve been playing Nioh on and off for the past 2 years, I’ve really got stuck back in this month. I’ve being playing this co op with my boyfriend and we’ve had such a fantastic time playing together, even though it can get incredibly frustrating due to the steep learning curve. I’m pretty sure we’re close to the end now so I think we’ll have finally finished the story by the time Nioh 2 is released on PC. I look forward to finishing this off, however, I’m pretty sure we’ll be going back to revisit some of the levels to see what else Nioh has to offer.

Looking Forward To:

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Code Realize

Animal Crossing

ori and the will of the wisps

Of course Ori is still at the top of the list. I would have loved to buy the collector’s edition, but there isn’t a physical copy for the PC version. I will definitely be buying it on release though and I’ll be playing it if I don’t make it to Japan. However, if I do make it to Japan, I’ll definitely be taking my Switch and binging on Animal Crossing while I’m there! I’ll probably even get some hours in on Code Realize if I can’t sleep on the plane.


11 Games To Get To Know Me

Games To Get To Know Me

Follow the link to see 11 games that summarise my gaming tastes! I decided to join in with the recent Twitter trend but turn it into a blog post for the final (overdue) post for my [11:11] series. I’ve had fun writing this series as I enjoy writing lists, but I don’t think I’ll be keeping this as a running series. I have some ideas for another blogging series I hope to get running in the next few months, so keep an eye out for that!

Song of the Month:

心予報 (Heart Forecast) – うめころり (Umekorori)

This is actually a cover of the song I posted last month, but I absolutely LOVE it! The instrumentation is a lot different, but it’s pretty close to Eve’s original version which I’ve played to death already. This is what I love most about utaite, falling in love with a song and then falling in love all over again with a cover of the same song you already loved. I’m also interested in trying to record some of my own covers, so it’s great to hear what other people are doing with each version. Umekorori seems to be fairly new, but he looks like he’s having so much fun singing this song which is so inspiring and instantly got me to subscribe to his channel. I’m looking forward to more of his covers in the future!

That’s all for February. Unfortunately, I didn’t really make use of the extra day this year granted me, but I feel like I can forgive myself slightly for having a complete potato day when I heard the news about Japan.

What have you been up to this month?