[11:11] Games To Get To Know Me

Following the new trending Twitter posts of 10 Games To Get To Know Me, I’ve noticed many people’s answers usually contain games that are similar genres or styles. After thinking long and hard about my answers, I realised that my gaming tastes are so widespread that my list could’ve been mistaken for being drawn straight out of a hat.

This list is going to be a little different to others I’ve come across as I’ve picked my favourite game from a different genre for each answer. Also, with this being a Skylar-Mei list, of course it’s going to feature 11 games! Since I appear to have missed the last [11:11] post, I’ll feature this as this final one in the series – sorry it’s late!


hakuoki kyoto winds

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds and Hakuoki Edo Blossoms will always personally be held in high regard. This was the first otome game I’d experienced, and I was honestly swept away by the charm this story offered with its historical, supernatural and romance fusion. Although the main character, Chizuru, was a little bland, all the other characters were well designed and voiced, each offering individual routes of their own. This, pieced together with the wonderful woodblock stylised artwork, created a realistic atmosphere with the plot staying true to the time period. I loved every single aspect of the series, which has since lead to other otome titles I probably would’ve never looked into otherwise. I have Hakuoki to thank for opening my eyes to my (now) favourite genre.

Higurashi When They Cry


Although Higurashi is another visual novel, it is on entirely the other end of the spectrum to Hakuoki. Beginning as a slice of life, the story takes some interesting turns throughout the arcs, mixing mystery, horror and some folklore elements within, resulting in a fantastically written plot. This leaves the reader with many questions and crazy theories of their own before being rounded off with the answer arcs (still awaiting chapter 8). I was surprised how hooked I became despite its lack of interactivity, but the art style, music and lack of voice cast somehow adds to the imagination and creates an atmosphere unlike anything else I’ve experienced. This series is underrated and deserves far more attention. 

Dragon’s Crown Pro

Dragon's Crown Pro 9.6.19
Dragon’s Crown is an absolute gem, easily making the cut as one of my favouritist games ever (yes, that’s a word now)! The major selling point for this game was in fact the local co op gameplay as it was purchased specifically to play with my boyfriend. We were both pleasantly surprised by how much this game had to offer from story missions, character selection, dungeons, pvp, unlockable difficulty levels and tonnes of side quests, resulting in 70 hours playtime and my first ever Platinum Trophy! The art style, animation and music were exceptional with superb level design and creative boss fights. Dragon’s Crown Pro also wins the award for the best cooking mini game – ever – I’m not even joking. This game was so beautifully designed and I can tell the team behind it put in a lot of thought, effort and love into creating this masterpiece. 

Ori and the Blind Forest

ori and the Blind Forest header

Labelled as one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played, Ori and the Blind Forest provides a fantastic (but slightly frustrating) experience for any gamer. This is an absolute must play that should be on everyone’s list even if you’re not a huge fan of platformers as it’s honestly just too good to miss. The gameplay can be challenging yet extremely rewarding, but the beauty of this game cannot be overlooked. The animation is flawless, to the point where moving around is even incredibly satisfying, accompanied by the mesmerising colours, stunning art style and the perfect soundtrack, all contributing to an emotional journey you won’t forget in a hurry. I am incredibly excited to play Ori and the Will of the Wisps next month!

AI: The Somnium Files

ai the somnium files#

I absolutely adored the genre fusion included throughout AI: The Somnium Files. The story was mainly portrayed using a visual novel style with phenomenal narrative, but the inclusion of 3rd person Somnium puzzles with Aiba, point and click investigations and interrogations gave a fantastic contrast in gameplay variety. The visual style, plot, puzzle design and character development were all excellent and I actually found myself preferring the English voice cast over the Japanese one for once in my life. AI is a solid game that I can’t recommend enough.



The best souls-like game. I’ve been playing Nioh on and off since it’s PC release in November 2017 – and I still haven’t finished it yet. There’s definitely a pretty steep learning curve here which can easily be reset if left alone for a number of months, but although it’s challenging, it can be so much fun once familiar with the play style. I’m really impressed with the online co-op gameplay (which begins after each player defeats the first boss) as this entitles me and boyfriend to play and progress the story together without having to repeat levels or constantly summon each other. The enchanting historical Japanese setting creates a fantastic atmosphere with creative enemies inspired by traditional Japanese folklore which is one of the main reasons I was drawn to this game in the first place. 

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle


I have a soft spot for fighting games, but since the release of Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, this is the only one I’ve touched. Fighting games could get dull after a while unless you really love to master specific characters, but the variety provided by the tag teams leads to many combinations that really do seem endless. Not only do the tag teams stand out, but the cross overs featured in the game really had me sold from day one. I’d played Blazblue games before, but the inclusion of RWBY characters caught my attention instantly and it has since introduced other titles such as Arcana Heart which I’d never even heard of before. I still suck at the game, but I love it all the same.



Deponia is by far my favourite point and click adventure game containing a truly spectacular mix of comedy, hope and adventure. The main character, Rufus, is an absolute star who makes this game what it is – he’s brilliant, but you also can’t help but feel sorry for him sometimes. The puzzles contained within the series can be pretty bizarre but this adds to the charm and uniqueness of Deponia, making it stand out from the rest. It saddens me that Deponia doesn’t get more attention as it’s a well deserving title for any adventure seeker out there!

Guild Wars 2


This makes me feel so nostalgic. It wasn’t really all that long ago that I was completely hooked on Guild Wars 2, but in some ways it feels like a lifetime ago. Even though it’s rare that I go back to Tyria, Guild Wars 2 will always mean a lot to me and this game alone opened my mind to the market of online gaming. This world helped me get by during uni, got me into playing games online with friends and even spurred me on to start this blog. I really do have a lot to thank it for. 



Why is this game even on this list? Because I have played 2.5k hours of this pile of crap yet I still keep going back for more. Smite is the definition of a love/hate relationship and despite calling it my ‘comfort’ game on a number of occasions, it stresses me out way more than it comforts. Since the beginning of Season 7, I haven’t actually played any matches at all which is a massive achievement in itself and I hope I can continue without logging into this every night – Hi-Rez removing the log in rewards has helped me out immensely here (bad move on their part). So, why is it actually on this list? It’s easy to jump into casual games whilst sticking on my music playlist and just play without having to think about what I’m doing (I guess that comes with years of practice). Would I recommend it? No, don’t get yourself sucked into it.

Steam Prison

steam prison

Here’s my bonus entry! I’ve played some great visual novels over the past couple of years, but I still can’t stop thinking about Steam Prison in particular. The whole world was so captivating with the perfect mix of characters and outstanding interaction between all those involved. It was funny, fascinating and certainly tugged the heartstrings on a few occasions, but most importantly, I felt like it wasn’t all about the main character for once. Firstly, she had personality and wasn’t a total blank canvas stuck into the story with the sole purpose of self insertion, and there was also evidence that the world was ongoing outside of her presence, strongly adding to the immersion. If you’re after a well written otome romance visual novel, then Steam Prison is ideal. 

What games would you list as “Games To Get To Know You”? Let me know!