2020 Goals & 2019 Recap

It seems as though I’ve been waiting for 2020 to begin for a very long time. I wouldn’t say 2019 was a bad year, but other than some major changes to my job and completing 35 games, I can’t really say much else happened – especially from a blogging perspective.

I already know 2020 is going to be an exciting year. I have a huge trip to Japan planned with my boyfriend, so it already feels like the best year I’ll ever have! We’re also hoping to buy a house towards then end of the year, so 2020 is definitely looking promising!

Firstly, let’s take one last look back at my resolutions for 2019 and check in on my progress since I last checked in June. Here are my 2019 New Year’s Resolutions I listed in my post last year followed by a summary:

Complete 40 games from my backlog (I’ll be happy with 30).

I completed 35 in total during 2019 so I’m pretty happy with myself. Although some of these were 2019 releases, I did make decent progress on my backlog too. I also feel like I played a variety of different game genres, surprising myself with my favourites. I’ve definitely experienced and challenged myself a lot in the past year. You can take a look at my 11 Best Games I Played in 2019 here.

Be more active on social media.

I’ve definitely been posting more on Twitter than I used to, but my blog activity has decreased rapidly. I’m dropping all my Smite and GW2 content this year so hopefully I’ll have more time for different post ideas and more reviews.


My account still exists (I think) but I don’t plan on getting into it. Posting photos daily online just isn’t me.

Steam Curator.

I’ve been working hard on my curator page for the past 6 months. I have a review for every game I’ve played to date and I’m adding more with every game completion! Here’s a link if you want to check it out!

YouTube channel.

I’ve been meaning to do this for so long but I think it’ll have to wait until me and my boyfriend buy our own place (which should hopefully be towards the end of the year). We’re hoping to do some music projects too, so maybe we’ll even upload those in the future.

Start a Blogging Series.

Although the blogging series I’d originally planned didn’t go anywhere, I still launched my first series! The series began with 11 Games I Loved But Never Finished and has had 8 more instalments since then, even an extra 2 as part of a subseries. I have 2 more entries to my [11:11] series left to come but I’m unsure what’s to follow next. I’ll get brainstorming!

Plan and book a trip to Japan.

In 11 weeks time, we’ll be in Japan! We booked our trip back in July, but after Thomas Cook went bust, the trip went up in the air. After transferring the booking to the airline company, and finally getting confirmation off work, I can now officially say it’s all going ahead! I’m super excited but also terrified.

To summarise 2019, I put the majority of my time into gaming, trying to reach my yearly goal of 40 completions which seemed so important to me last year. However, I now feel inspired to invest my time during 2020 into other interests – the main one being music. That doesn’t mean I’m done gaming though – like that would ever happen.

I’m not making resolutions this year, but I have a vague idea of goals I’m aiming for during 2020:


Japan / Buy a house / Dog

Our trip to Japan is getting closer and there’s still so much to plan. We’ll be travelling around Honshu and visiting so many different places during our stay so we want to fit in as much as we can. It’ll be tiring, but completely worth it!

Moving into our own space is the dream right now. After our adventure across Japan, finding the perfect house is on the horizon! Once we’re settled in, we can spend more time gaming together and hopefully set up this YouTube channel.

My boyfriend is also desperate to have a dog. It’s unlikely we’ll adopt a canine companion this year, but if we find a house early on, then it’s possible.


Visual Novels / Backlog / Priority Games / Less Smite

After enjoying Visual Novels much more than expected last year, I really want to experience more! There are a few major titles I’ve got high on my list (Danganrompa, Steins Gate, etc.) and also some free ones on Steam I want to try. I’m hoping to complete at least one VN per month and I plan on creating a new brand to help promote Visual Novel titles.

Alongside the visual novels, I want to focus more on my backlog. There are so many games on my priority list and I really hope I can make time for a few time consuming titles I’ve not got round to playing yet. To see my priority list, check in on the 11th!

Smite is becoming a problem. I know I waste far too much of my time playing this trash when I could be using it to progress with something else. There’s no way I could ditch this love/hate relationship entirely, but I definitely need to cut down my playtime to make room for other things.


Song Recordings / Guitar / Piano Duets / Remixes

2020 is the year for for music! With both our musical backgrounds, I’d love to get back into creating music with my boyfiend. We’re hoping to record covers of songs (appearing to be anime themed so far) and maybe post them online if they’re good enough. It’ll be a lot of fun doing creative projects together again and I’m hoping this will also help with my guitar practice as my playing is pretty poor considering I spend day after day in a guitar shop.

Another idea we had was to learn some songs on the piano together. To make it even more fun, we decided we’re going to turn them into duets. It’s going surprisingly well so far!

Last year, I mashed up a song (very amateurly) using utaite covers to make it sound like it was a three-man collaboration. I was pretty pleased with the results since the urge came from nowhere and I used rubbish free software because I couldn’t be bothered to reinstall ProTools. Now I’m kitted out, I’d like to try again and see what I can come up with – I already have a few songs in mind!


Japanese Study / Drawing / Blogging

I’ve been interested in learning the Japanese language for almost 2 years now, but I’ve never fully committed. I’ve got the basics down and I know enough words and phrases to get me by, but I want to take my studying to the next level. Slow progress is better than none at all, but now I want to get stuck in! I’m not afraid of you kanji! (Did that sound convincing?)

I used to love drawing when I was a kid. I’ve been seeing more and more people posting art on Twitter recently and it’s really spurring me on to have a go myself. I bought some decent brush pens and have drawn out a few simple characters so far to experiment with and I’m having much more fun than I thought. Maybe one day I’ll draw my own avatar!

As for blogging, I hope to get more involved again. Ditching my Smite and GW2 content is going to free up a lot more blogging time which I’m hoping to put into this new Visual Novel venture. I’d also like to sort my blog put, creating separate pages for different content and make it more mobile friendly. I’ll still be creating monthly summaries and I have a few [11:11] entries left, but aside from that, I’ll just play it by ear.

Happy New Year!

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      1. I’d love to chat about utaite sometime! It’s great to find another fan šŸ˜ƒ I don’t have an account for Archives of Our Own.


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