11 Characters I Would Like to Cosplay As For Hallowe’en [11:11]

Hello! October is here and I’m feeling spooky! This post is a little different from the others in the [11:11] series as I’ll be talking about games in a less direct way by featuring a list of characters here instead.

I’ve had a minor interest in cosplay for some time now, but I’ve never felt the urge to make a proper go of it. With this month being Hallowe’en, I’ve been thinking about which gaming characters I’d love to have a go dressing up as if I was to go to a party or event (which is highly unlikely for a shut-in like myself – but still). I came up with a few ideas so thought this would make an interesting topic for a post. Who knows, maybe by next year I might’ve actually tried a least one!

11. Alice – Madness Returns


A creepy take on a well known children’s character is always a great option for a cool Hallowe’en costume. Armed with a plastic knife and some fake blood, Alice would be a great choice for a party full of non-gamers as I’m sure they’d still get the reference.

10. Aphra Cadabra Aphrodite – Smite

aphra cadabra

Aphra Cadabra is my all time favourite Smite skin and I’ve always fancied giving this a shot. The outfit might be a little revealing for my taste, but I could totally rock the broom – the cat will of course be included (I promise I won’t be flinging it at any walls or other people)!

9. Alessa Demon – Guild Wars 2


How awesome would it be to dress as a character you created years ago who you still play as regularly? Alessa Demon was my main character in GW2 for years. She is a Necromancer, and I always style her to reflect the darkness of her class which makes Alessa a great pick for Hallowe’en. Not sure how I’d even begin to craft a replica of that Greatsword though…

8. Hibari – River City Girls


After my very recent playthrough of River City Girls, I couldn’t help but notice how cool Hibari’s character design is. She is a fashion designer after all, and I’d certainly want to buy her clothes if I lived in the River City universe. Her style is right up my street and perfect for Hallowe’en!

7. Magilou – Tales of Berseria


Not the traditional spooky type costume most people would probably opt for, but I absolutely love Magilou’s outfit! It’s quirky, wacky and very unique, although I think I’d have to wear something under the skirt. Maybe not the best choice for a Hallowe’en costume, but Magilou would be a solid pick for a gaming cosplayer.

6. Ruby Rose – RWBY


I’ve been a RWBY fan for many years and even though it’s a webseries, team RWBY have featured in multiple games including Grimm Eclipse, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and are even being introduced to Smite next month. I’ve always thought Ruby would make great cosplay and I’d certainly be up for giving this one a good go.

5. Hanyuu – Higurashi When They Cry


Without spoiling too much, Hanyuu would best be described as a ghost who is also labelled as a demon. She was introduced in the latest Higurashi Chapter, Minagoroshi, and I instantly took a liking to her. Hanyuu’s character design is definitely more cute than creepy, but think this would be a really awesome idea for a cosplay with a more traditional Japanese vibe that could work well for Hallowe’en too.

4. Megumin – KonoSuba


I know KonoSuba is an anime, but there has (or will be) a game over in Japan so I’m going to give this choice the all clear… Megumin’s character is one of my favourites and I absolutely love her outfit, especially the hat! I would totally take a Chomusuke plush along too.

3. Rem – RE:ZERO


Following suit with the choice above, I’m allowing Rem into the list. If I ever was to try out cosplay, Rem would be my first choice as a starting cosplay. Rem’s demon form would be a fantastic pick for Hallowe’en with her single demon horn and choice of weapon paired with some fake blood and maybe some contacts. I actually purchased Rem’s maid outfit a while ago with views to trying this cosplay sometime, so all I’d need would be a wig and a weapon – I’m actually over halfway there!

2. Marie – Skullgirls


Skullgirls is probably my favourite fighting game of all time with its beautiful hand drawn art and animation. The whole Skullgirls roster could easily make a full set of super cosplays, but personally, I’d love to dress as the Skullgirl herself, Marie. Although her outfit is similar to Rem, her character has a much more gothic feel with her bone minions and blood red eyes.

1. Rachel Alucard – BlazBlue


If you’re familiar with Normal Happenings’ “The Characters That Define Us”, this choice won’t come as much of a surprise. Rachel is a character I can relate to in many ways, her fashion sense included. Everything about this outfit screams for the need to be cosplayed and I think it would also be pretty appropriate for a Hallowe’en party.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of [11:11] especially for Hallowe’en. As Hallowe’en is my favourite seasonal celebration, I hope to do another bonus post for October with a different spooky theme.

Who will you be dressing up as for Hallowe’en?

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