Smite: 6.9 Patch Notes – Odyssey: Underworld

Patch 6.9 is on the way with plenty of new content. The Odyssey will be returning this month with a whole new line up of new skins, including a day one release of this year’s T5 ultimate reward – Stellar Demise Baron Samedi! Another Battle Pass is also on the way as well as the regular balance updates. Patch 6.9 should be available on Tuesday 17th September.

Odyssey 2020

The Odyssey is upon us. This year, the Odyssey will be following the story arc of Persephone. There’s a whole bunch of new skins up for direct purchase as well as quests and other rewards. The Odyssey will also see the return of a few previous gamemodes.

Corrupted Arena is back! Adventure maps will be returning every patch, 4 in total (excluding racer and dungeons). A new relic has been added specifically for this gamemode – Cruel Wind (will replace Sundering Spear in this gamemode). This is a projectile relic that knocks back all targets hit and provides a 20% bonus damage from all sources debuff – perfect for knocking opponents into the pits! The bonus round is also included at the end of each game. Jormungandr is banned from the game mode as he is knockback immune.

Odyssey quests are available to complete to earn rewards completely for free. There will be 2 quests released each week, totalling in 30 quests which earn the player 1 Odyssey point per quest (30 points total). These quests must be completed in order, but there is no time limit to complete these – they will be available until the end of the Odyssey.

Here are the Odyssey skins released with this patch – these will be available for direct purchase (600 gems per skin).

death dragon anubis

Death Dragon Anubis / Exclusive / Odyssey

chilling death odin

Chilling Death Odin / Exclusive / Odyssey

snakey chibi medusa

Snakey Chibi Medusa / Exclusive / Odyssey


Crime Boss Kuzenbo / Exclusive / Odyssey

Odyssey Rewards:

These skins are the bonus rewards earned by collecting Odyssey points from buying Odyssey items or completing Odyssey quests.


Thanatoast / Exclusive / Odyssey Reward (30 Odyssey Points)

stellar demise baron samedi

Stellar Demise Baron Samedi / Limited (T5) / Ultimate Odyssey Reward

This T5 skin is a 3 stage skin. The first transformation is at level 7 and the second transformation is at level 15.

This skin will be released on day one of the Odyssey for players who choose to buy all the Odyssey content in advance. Content will be unlocked as it is released, but the ultimate T5 skin can be used immediately.

Battle Pass

dread captain artemis

Dread Captain Artemis / Exclusive / Battle Pass Lvl 1

first mate serqet

First Mate Serqet / Exclusive / Battle Pass Lvl 21

sea shanty neith

Sea Shanty Neith / Exclusive / Battle Pass Lvl 40

pirate admiral change


Pirate Admiral Chang’e / Exclusive / Battle Pass Lvl 60

pirate queen change

Pirate Queen Chang’e / Limited / Battle Pass Prestige Lvl 60

Other Skins:

temptress aphrodite

Temptress Aphrodite / Exclusive / Underworld Odyssey Chest


Persephone Mastery Skins

HRX Pack (1500 gems):

People attending HRX can add a Bundle to their ticket price to receive a digital lootpack as well as a load of other content received at the event.

green knight king arthur

Convention 2020 King Arthur / Exclusive / HRX Bundle

nemean lion hercules

Nemean Lion Hercules / Exclusive / HRX Bundle

splyce jormungandr

Splyce Jormungandr / Exclusive / HRX Bundle

galaxy shaker nox

Galaxy Shaper Nox / Exclusive / HRX Bundle

Other items included in the HRX bundle are:

  • Ouroboros Global Emote
  • Cosmic Void Recall Skin
  • Galactic Title
  • Horus Announcer Pack
  • Set Announcer Pack
  • Merlin Announcer Pack

Project Olympus

New Streamer Mode setting:

  • Disabled – Does Nothing
  • Hide Others – Hide all player’s usernames
  • Hide Self – Hide your username
  • Hide Both – Hide all usernames

Welcome Screen:

  • Show new game changes, events and other new content
  • Link to current patch notes page

Items Changes

Heartseeker – 2900 gold, 75 physical power, 10 physical penetration, 200 mana, 20 MP5. New passive – Your abilities deal an extra 3% of targets’ max health as physical damage. The ability bonus damage scales up if you’re over 200 physical power, reaching a max of 6% max health as damage at 400 physical power.

Magi’s Cloak – New Visual FXs.

God Balance

Ah Muzen Cab:

  • Bees – No longer triggers any item effects.
  • Stinger – Decreased base damage from 275/355/435/515/595 to 255/225/415/495/575, decreased physical power scaling from 110% to 100%.


  • Heavenly Refelection – Increased base damage from 50/90/130/170/210 to 70/105/140/175/210, increased full charge damage from 100/180/260/340/420 to 140/210/280/350/420.
  • Glorious Charge – No longer roots Amaterasu during pre-fire.

Erlang Shen:

  • 72 Transformations – Removed haste from Mink form, decreased damage of turtle form from 75/125/175/225/275 to 65/115/155/195/235


  • Endless Greed (Passive) – Increased max bonus protections from 20 to 25.


  • Dispel Magic – Decreased shield health from 90/130/170/210/250 to 70/110/150/190/210, decreased slow from 30% to 20%.


  • Increased base power from 35 to 40.
  • Overflowing Divinity – Increased base damage from 35/50/65/80/95 to 40/55/70/85/100.


  • Fixed an issue where a skeleton was displayed during her death animation.
  • Pomegranate Seeds – Updated description to specify how it can be cancelled. Fixed issues where certain Gods (Achilles, Kali, Scylla, Thanatos) were not being awarded correctly for killing Persephone if the passive was used – they will now all receive rewards before Persephone uses her after death passive. Persephone’s health bar will also display while in her passive state.
  • Harvest – Altered material to make enemy and friendly plants more distinguishable.
  • Grasp of Death – Fixed an issue where some enemies were not effected by the bind CC, fixed an issue where Fafnir’s Dragonbreath could not break the cage.

Sun Wukong:

  • Undefeated Body – Effect now lasts for 10 seconds after gaining health above the threshold.
  • Master’s Will – Increased base damage from 90/140/190/240/290 to 90/145/200/255/310.


  • Wisps – Decreased cooldown from 18 seconds to 16 seconds.
  • Nature’s Grasp – Decreased cooldown from 10/19/18/17/16 seconds to 18/17/16/15/14 seconds.

The Morrigan:

  •  Changeling – Decreased cooldown from 160/140/120/100/80 seconds to 140/125/110/95/80 seconds.

Zhong Kui:

  • Demon Bag – Increased max souls from 40 to 60, decreased magical and physical protections from 0.8 to 0.5 per stack (max protections decreased from 32 to 30).
  • Expose Evil – Increased cooldown from 10 seconds to 12 seconds.

As always, you can view the Official Patch Notes here!

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