100% Game Completions [11:11]

Until last summer, I was never really bothered about Trophy Hunting. I always thought it was a waste of time, but I felt a huge sense of achievement after finishing a few games last year by gaining all the achievements. My views have recently changed and I now feel like getting all the achievements in a game means I’ve done everything the developers wanted the player to experience as well as being able to get more enjoyment out of a game once the story is over. This year, I seem to have prioritised 100% completion for those games I’ve really enjoyed rather than finishing a single playthrough and leaving it alone.

This month saw my 11th fully completed game (of a separate series), so I thought I’d share a list of my 100% games.

11. Higurashi When They Cry


I have fully finished all the available Higurashi When The Cry chapters (1 – 7) and therefore gained every single Higurashi achievement on Steam so far. I’m not typically a fan of games that award achievements for simply finishing a compulsory chapter, but I think this started off my interest in Trophy Hunting as it felt great to see 100% completion for a whole series of games!

10. Tokyo Dark


This achievement collection process was the most painful so far. There were a few factors that contributed to this, but the main problem was down to the vast amount of endings this game had considering how short it was. The story followed the same formula up until the end where it changed direction depending on the choices you made throughout. This made the game repetitive as it required starting from scratch in order to pick the right options to get the desired ending alongside certain scenarios needing to be chosen for separate achievements along the way. The game couldn’t be manually saved either, only allowing a save at the end of each chapter and the absence of a skip text function also made this incredibly frustrating.

9. Learn Japanese To Survive


Only the second game in the series, Katakana War, has Steam Achievements but I also finished all the content in the first game, Hiragana Battle. Although I’m part way through the third game, Kanji Combat, I haven’t finished it yet (so we’ll ignore that one for now)… In case you couldn’t tell from the title, these games are designed to teach the player Japanese. The gameplay itself isn’t anything special and it’s full of incredibly cheesy voice acting, but the games taught me the basics of Japanese with Hiragana and Katakana, however the Kanji one isn’t as simple. I decided to 100% these games for obvious reasons – to get as much Japanese study out of them as possible!

8. Amnesia: Memories


As much as I enjoyed Amnesia: Memories, the achievement process was rather time consuming. There were achievements for completing every single ending, mini game challenges and bonus content extras. The mini games were ridiculously painful but it was also frustrating to have to get every single ending as some of the routes had around 6 different outcomes. Overall, some of these achievements were completely unnecessary and took me way longer than I expected – I didn’t feel any more fulfilled by completing any of the bad endings either…

7. 7’scarlet


This set of achievements was actually easier to obtain than I thought. As this is an Idea Factory game, I thought the achievements would work in a similar style to Amnesia, but it was actually a lot simpler. The happy endings were only really needed to get the main achievements and I can only recall one bad ending being needed to obtain a tip. I did all the endings anyway… but every single option wasn’t actually required to be awarded all the achievements.

6. Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons


The achievements in Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons are the type of achievements I like. They had nothing to do with the story and revolved around other things you stumbled across as you explored the world. Due to their nature, some of these could quite easily be missed, but I did a second playthrough to finish off the ones that slipped past me. Achievements like this make me appreciate the effort put into a game as this element really didn’t need to exist, but the developers didn’t anyway. Good for them.

5. The Caligula Effect: Overdose


Do I even want to go there? Alright, I’ll be honest… This Trophy Hunt was a complete waste of my time. It was good to complete all the story routes and character chapters for both the Go Home Club and the Ostinato Musicians, but the School Sleuth (Mystery of the 21 Class Leaders) achievement was an utterly wasted effort. I must have spent several hours trying to finish off this one achievement alone, and when I did finally get it, nothing happened. I was left standing in a corridor without any bonus content or conclusion in the slightest. If you play this game, do yourself a favour and forget the achievements exist.

4. Steam Prison


Steam Prison is the only game on the list without any recorded Steam achievements. However, I have completed every single ending and since there wasn’t any other collectable content, I would have gotten all the achievements – had there been any. The game also has a list of completed routes for each person’s endings so I know I haven’t missed anything! This has been one of the best visual novels I’ve ever played, so completing this game was an absolute breeze.

3. Forgotton Anne


Completing Forgotton Anne with 100% score would have been so much easier if I hadn’t distilled Dilly at the beginning of the game (the game prompts you to do it). I didn’t realise there was another outcome, and due to my choice I had to start the game again from scratch to get the Pacifist achievement. Never mind, I thoroughly enjoyed Forgotton Anne, so I actually didn’t mind starting over to finish of the achievements I missed. There were a couple of trickier ones that took a few tries, but there was nothing too difficult and overall I think the Trophy Hunt strengthened my admiration for the game.

2. Dragon’s Crown Pro


Dragon’s Crown holds the title of my first ever PS4 Platinum Trophy! I’ve had my PS4 almost a year now, but I only really use it for those games I can’t get on the PC. I played through this game with my other half and we had many wonderful weekends working our way through these achievements together which greatly heightened the experience. We were actually quite sad when we’d finished it off and it’s since become a joint favourite of ours which I’m sure we’ll revisit in the future! The only thing that dampened the game was that there were a few CGs that could only be obtained through solo play resulting in our local co-op party to temporarily be disbanded.

1. Hakuoki


Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds and Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms are two of my absolute favourite visual novels of all time. I spent 120+ hours collectively over the two halves of the game and I would honestly go back and do it all over again! Since I loved it so much, I played through all 13 routes and finished every single ending (per game) without even thinking about achievements. Along with Higurashi, Hakuoki helped develop my new found desire to obtain as many 100% games as possible and I honestly believe this game will remain dear to me for the rest of my gaming life.

Thanks for reading! What’s the best game you’ve ever 100% completed?

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