E3 2019: Personal Highlights

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve never understood all the hype for E3. This year has been no different. Since my blog is all about gaming, I do feel like I need to comment somewhat on which announcements I’m looking forward to, but this post will certainly be different to a lot of other coverage out there. Expect a few unpopular opinions in this one folks.

With all the excitement plastered all over Twitter I did feel like checking into the PC Gaming show, until I found out it was sponsored by Epic Games which swiftly put me right off. Therefore, I ended up catching the beginning of Microsoft’s announcements instead. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes, I remembered how insanely dull and cringe worthy E3 actually was so ended up abandoning the whole thing and watching the events unfold on Twitter instead.

I honestly felt like I was at the cinema – watching all the adverts before the film starts, waiting for something to finally happen, but it didn’t. All the announcements I’m remotely interested in comprise of games I’d already found out about previously, so nothing new peaked my interest. The hype is all well and good, but I feel like half of the games announced will have been forgotten by the time they’re actually released.

Enough of my negativity for now, here’s 7 games I’m most looking forward to and a couple I have some strong words for.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

11/02/2020 (Xbox One / PC)

I finally got round to playing Ori and the Blind Forest at the beginning of the year after having it sat in my backlog for a very long time. The game blew me away and has definitely earned a well deserved place in my favourite games list. I’d heard about this sequel a while back which in some ways spurred me on to play the first game sooner rather than later so I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how this compares to the first game. I’m just hoping it won’t disappoint when the expectations are so high, but from the looks of the trailer, it seems the style and gameplay will be very similar (if not the same) as the first game.

Code Vein

27/09/2019 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Code Vein took the top spot on my Most Anticipated Games of the Year post back in January. I’m so happy this is finally being released almost a year after the initial release date was set as I feel like I’ve been waiting FOREVER! This has been a long time coming, and although the release is still pretty vague (Steam release please), I’m pretty stoked.

Astral Chain

30/08/2019 (Nintendo Switch)

This is yet another game I stumbled upon a few months ago. I thought the concept looked interesting so I’m definitely up for giving this one a go. The combat style looks unique with great visuals and what seems to be an interesting story. This game will give me another reason to use my Switch since it’s an exclusive and I’m 100% putting this on my birthday list as it’s being released a few weeks beforehand.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

20/09/2019 (Original – Switch, Remaster – PC / PS4)

The whole reason I never played Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom was because I couldn’t get my hands on Wrath of the White Witch… Well now I can! I did buy Revenant Kingdom on sale a few months ago but I’m holding off now until I can get my hands on this. It’s released a few days after my birthday, so I think this might have to be my gift to myself – but it all depends on the price point. I’m not sure if I’ll opt for the PS4 remastered version or the Switch original version, but since I’ve got Ni No Kuni II on PS4, I’ll probably stick with the running theme.

Tales of Arise

2020 (PC / PS4 / Xbox One)

This trailer looks incredible! Although I’m aware of the Tales series, I’ve only played a few hours of Berseria in the past. I’m super keen to revisit the series before this is released next year, but this looks pretty promising. I’ll keep my eye open for an Official Release date, although I imagine it’ll be later on in 2020.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

20/03/2020 (Nintendo Switch)

Who isn’t hyped for Animal Crossing?! I think every Nintendo fan was sat with their fingers crossed waiting in anticipation for the release date for New Horizons – although it’s quite a wait, at least the fans got what they were all waiting for. I was a huge fan of Wild World on the DS, I must have spent hundreds of hours on that game… Unfortunately I didn’t feel the same about City Folk (Wii) or Pocket Camp (iOS / Android) but I feel like this one is going to be awesome. Another one to add to the Switch list!

Planet Zoo

05/11/2019 (PC)

I’m actually a little embarrassed to admit how much I’m looking forward to Planet Zoo. I bought Planet Coaster on release so I’ve got a decent idea of how this game will play – but obviously as a zoo and not a theme park. As a fan of creation and management games, this will be right up my street! I think I’ll be buying this on release and it will probably become my new chill-out game which I’m currently in the market for.

Cyberpunk 2077

16/04/2020 (PC / PS4 / Xbox One)

Although I can agree that Cyberpunk looks like an incredible game that’s going to be on a completely different level, I’m not feeling the hype for the Keanu Reeves announcement. Whenever Hollywood actors/actresses have been assigned voice acting roles for games, animated films, etc. they just never seem to be able to pull off the job. Voice acting is a completely different ball game to on-screen acting, and I’m not saying Keanu Reeves will do a bad job, but I really hope he doesn’t make a meal of it. I’m going to be disappointed if his role could have been portrayed far better by an experienced voice actor for the sake of celebrity hype.

Shenmue III

19/11/2019 (PC / PS4)

I was quite excited when I heard about Shenmue III, but that was soon dampened when I was informed it was going to be an Epic Games exclusive. After looking into this even further, it appears that Shenmue III was actually a crowdfunded game which offered its backers a Steam key for the game on release. Since Epic have now claimed the game for themselves, it has been pulled from Steam entirely even for the backers that were promised a Steam key. These backers can’t even get refunds which I think is absolutely appalling. I plan to make a more in depth post in the future about the way Epic are destroying the PC gaming market as this has truly angered me to the core as a member of the PC gaming community; I can guarantee I’m not alone. I will clearly state now that I am NEVER going to be involved with anything Epic has to offer other than pulling apart their lies and exposing them to the community so people can see what they truly are.

I’m fuming.

On that note, I’ll wrap up this post before I go off on one. I think my anger towards Epic Games ruined the whole E3 thing for me and it most definitely has had a part to play in the delay of this post. If you’re an Epic supporter, then I guess you’re entitled to you own opinion… but I will be back to change that!

Let me know the E3 announcements you were most interested in and which games you’re looking forward to the most!

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