Smite: Odyssey 2020 T5 Skin Vote

Here we are once again for the annual T5 skin vote to determine which Smite God will get the next T5 skin as part of the Odyssey 2020. The winning skin will be available as the final reward for the next Odyssey which will begin around September/October 2019 and run through until January 2020. The voting process remains the same as last year.

The winning concept has now been decided! Scroll down to find out the winner!

I will add all the links for each bracket to this post as they become available. I believe the community will be able to submit concepts later on in the process like last year, but I’ll be sure to update this post with the details as they become known.

The first tier voting is live right now and will be active until Monday 15th April (11am ET / 3pm GMT)! Here’s the voting table for Round 1:


Voting on Round 1 has now ended and voting for Round 2 has begun! Voting closes on Thursday 18th April (11am ET / 3pm GMT)! Here’s the voting table for Bracket 2:


Voting on round 2 has now ended and now you can vote on Round 3! Voting closes on Monday 22nd April (11am ET / 3pm GMT)! Here’s the voting table for Bracket 3:


Voting has now ended and we have the results on the final two Gods!

Here are the final two contenders for the T5 Odyssey skin of 2020 – Ymir vs. Baron!


The next stage of the vote requires the community to submit concept ideas or share their suggestions for a T5 skin for either Ymir or Baron Samedi. To submit your ideas, you can either share in the Smite Reddit Thread or Smite Forums. The only requirements are that the skin needs to have changing forms and be an original idea. The Hi-Rez team will then take these ideas into consideration and make some skin concepts which will then be released to vote later on in the year.

The Final

Hi-Rez have released the concepts for both Ymir and Baron Samedi. You can vote on your favourite of the two concepts until Friday 7th June (11.59pm ET).

Divine Constructs Ymir


Ymir takes the form of 3 separate elemental forms (Earth, Fire, Lightning) with mechanical fusion. The form will change during his ultimate where construction minions will appear to build his new form, but it can also be changed using a specified emote. His abilities will also look different depending on his current form.

Symbiote Hunter Baron Samedi


Baron Samedi takes on the role of an Alien capturer, although this skin appears to display him being taken over by the Alien! As Baron levels up over time, his form will change (similar to Anubis) as the Alien he set out to capture takes over his body. His Coffin will be turned into a capture device which is stated to evolve into the Alien’s mouth in his final form.

For more detailed descriptions you can refer to the Official Smite Announcement here, or you can get straight to voting by following the link to the Voting Survey here! Voting closes on 7th June!

Voting has now ended and the winner of the Limited T5 Odyssey Skin has been announced. This skin will be the ultimate reward for the Odyssey 2020!

The winner is Symbiote Hunter Baron Samedi!

Once again, I’ll leave my choices here in case anyone is interested:

Round 1:

Cernunnos vs. Ymir

Athena vs. Xbalanque

Arachne vs. Sol

Izanami vs. Ah Puch

Pele vs. Chaac

Agni vs. Amaterasu

Nemesis vs. Baron Samedi

Neith vs. Medusa

Round 2:

Ymir vs. Athena

Sol vs. Ah Puch

Chaac vs. Agni

Baron Samedi vs. Medusa

Round 3:

Ymir vs. Sol

Chaac vs. Baron Samedi

The Final:

Ymir vs. Baron Samedi

That’s the end of the process for the next T5 Odyssey skin. The Odyssey will return to Smite in a few months time with the T5 Limited skin to be released as the final reward around December/January time.

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