Smite: Community Skin Contest 2019

Voting for the next community skin is now open! Voting will end on 2nd April, so now is your last chance to vote! Concept submission ended on 26th March and the voting became live only a few days ago, so there hasn’t been much time to vote.  Follow the link here to take you to the voting page!

The winner of the 2019 Community Skin Contest has been announced! See the bottom of the post for the result!

This year, 6 skins have been selected and the community votes on how much they like each skin rather than just picking one. The scale goes from 1 to 10 for each of the 6 skins depending on your preferences.

Here are 2019’s finalists:

Badlands Nemesis (by Jerazzman)

Badlands Nemesis

Kawaii Hera (by CheselthC)

Kawaii Hera.png

Khep-Cake Khepri (by Jade RapBit)

Khep-cake Khepri

Kitsune Artio (by No0azette)

Kitsune Artio

River Pirate Zhong Kui (by DrawFreeOrDie)

River Pirate Zhong Kui

Royal Crustacean Arachne (by JuniperGarcia

Royal Crustacean Arachne

All these concepts are great ideas, but I absolutely adore the Kitsune skin for Artio! I would love for this concept to be in the game, so that’s the skin I’m rooting for. I usually like the kawaii themed skins, but I think Badlands Nemesis is probably my next favourite due to her being one of my rank Xs.

Usually, the top three skins will be drafted by the Hi-Rez team and placed for voting again to achieve a winner, but I’m not 100% sure how it will work out this time. Click here to see all the info Hi-Rex has announced so far and please…

Don’t forget to vote!

Voting has now ended and the winner has been announced. The winning concept is:

Kitsune Artio by No0azette!

This was my personal favourite so I’m incredibly happy this one won! I’m definitely excited to see the finished results!

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