New Year’s Resolutions: 2019

Happy New Year! Here I am with my first post of 2019! This year, I’ll be setting myself some new resolutions which I’m hoping to fully stick to this time. I feel like 2019 will be a good year for my personal gaming progress and I really hope I can win by sticking to my goals.

Goals for 2019

Complete 40 games from my backlog

This year I really need to tackle my backlog. I’m not even sure how many games I own, but there’s probably around 200 games that I’ve either never started or prematurely stopped playing. Last year I completed 20 games so I know 40 is probably a little optimistic since the majority of games high on my priority list are pretty big, but I’ll be happy if I can complete 30 games. Everyone needs to set themselves a challenge now and then, right?

Be more active on Social Media

Social media really is my downfall. I find Twitter exhausting in many ways and trying to keep up to date with stuff can be a little overwhelming. I created an Instagram and a Steam Curator page when I rebranded but I never managed to look into these any further. I’m hoping this will be the next step for gamergal.exe.

Start up a YouTube Channel

This was last year’s resolution with WesleyWhale which unfortunately never took off. The furthest we got was creating a channel and recording the first part of a video, however, we never got round to uploading it. I know he’s been experimenting and trialling recording options without me but I’m hoping we can continue this and start putting together a channel to run alongside what I do here at gamergal.exe.

Start a blogging series

Myself and WesleyWhale have been working on an idea for a blogging series, hopefully launching later this year. We really wanted to start this in 2018 but we never fully developed the idea, even now we’re still working on it. I’m hoping this is a series we can continue each month and should hopefully be a fresh concept if it goes as planned!

Plan and book a trip to Japan

For the past couple of years now, I’ve really fancied taking a trip to Japan. I’ve never been one for travelling, but in recent months I’ve been more keen on the idea, and now I’ve got to the point of being so desperate to go. There are a few places I have in mind but I’m way off having a full itinerary so if anyone has any suggestions I would absolutely love to hear them! I’m aiming for 2 – 3 weeks over there in Spring 2020 with my boyfriend so I really want to get it planned out so I can book it ASAP.

Achievements of 2018


Back in July, I decided to take the plunge and rebrand my whole site. I changed my username, web address and gave my blog a makeover which I’m still super happy with. However, since rebranding, I appear to have lost 2/3 of my original audience that I built up over the past year. My Smite posts used to be very high up on the Google search list but changing my web address sacrificed this placement and in some ways I feel like I’ve knocked myself back. On the other hand, I’ve had so many more interactions from you guys throughout this year, so although my stats have depleted, I feel like my other work is being noticed and not just my Smite posts. I’m grateful for your support, thank you for sticking with me!

The Games That Define Us

Throughout November and the beginning of December, Normal Happenings published works written by a fantastic selection of writers. I was lucky enough to receive the final available space in this collaboration and the whole process has definitely been an incredible journey. I wrote about Guild Wars 2 and I’m proud of how my piece turned out after many redrafts and alterations.

I’ll be taking part in Normal Happenings’ next collaboration project called “Tracking Shells”. It is set for release in March, but you can check out all the details and the full roster announcements by following the link above!

Completing three 30 Day Challenges

I’ve managed to complete three 30 Day Challenges throughout 2018 which is quite an achievement. The first one I did was the Video Game Challenge created by A Geeky Gal in March, followed by her Anime Challenge in September and finally finishing off with an MMO Challenge created by Ruubin Dolle in November! After struggling with the daily schedule of the first challenge, I wasn’t sure I was going to do another. After finding a posting schedule that worked for me, I decided to take part in the other challenges and I’m so pleased I did.

Wishing you all the best for 2019. What are your main goals for the year?


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