30 Day MMO Challenge – GW2: Section 6

A day early as promised, here is the final section to the 30 Day MMO Challenge: Guild Wars 2 Edition. I’ve enjoyed writing these posts far more than I imagined and answering these questions has got me back into playing as well as revising some old memories of the game.

I’d like to thank Ruubin Dolle for creating this challenge (originally for WoW) and allowing me to alter some of the questions to fit Guild Wars 2, my preferred MMO. If you’d like to participate in this challenge yourself for any MMO you wish, then please feel free!

Day 26: What’s my favourite zone for farming?

To date, Lake Doric is still my favourite place to farm. Unfortunately it’s not as good as it used to be due to price decreases over time, but in its hay day, it was easy to make 30 gold in an hour. That’s pretty damn good. I used to enjoy the Mad King’s Labyrinth for farming too during Hallowe’en as you could sell Trick or Treat bags for a decent amount, but that seems to have gone in a similar direction now.


Cursed Shore Champ Trains were my all time favourite farming runs. Unfortunately, the guy that used to do them hasn’t been active for quite some time. Although other commanders have taken his place, it just isn’t what it used to be and the social aspect just isn’t the same without the regular community being there.

Day 27: What’s the worst zone for farming?

Basically any of the starting low level areas. All the loot you get is obviously low levelled and sells for minimal copper… Unless you need specific materials that you get from low level areas, don’t waste your time trying to make any sort of money here.


Other than that, Wintersday was always a grind to farm for all the drinks I needed for the Winter’s Presence skin. Unless you wanted to spend hundreds of gold on a thousand Christmas drinks, you had to play millions of Bell Ringing rounds or no life the Jumping Puzzle. This got tedious pretty quickly…

Day 28: What was the most Challenging Achievement?

Probably Chuka and Champawat since I still haven’t managed to craft the final tier in the 3 years I’ve been working on it. If I was willing to put real money into the game, then this stage really wouldn’t be a problem, but since I’m collecting everything personally, it’s taking FOREVER. The challenge here is basically crafting this Weapon without funding.


I also really struggled with the One Path Ends Mastery achievements. I managed to get enough achievements in the collection earlier this week to get the Greaves box I needed for the Siren’s Landing Mastery Achievement. I’ve been having difficulty with this for a while so I’ve been putting my guide off until I’d completed it fully. I’ve now finished the first section of the Legendary Trinket: Aurora and I have feeling this collection will take the top spot for being the most difficult…

Day 29: Which craftsmanship do I prefer?

I hate crafting. I’m not sure how crafting works in WoW, but it’s such a pain in GW2. Levelling up your craftsmanship is such a waste of money and materials, but to craft anything decent you need to at least level 400. Level 500 is the maximum unless it’s cooking or jewelling (max 400).

Unless you purchase an add on, one character can only practise 2 crafts at once. The majority of my characters, such as my Ranger, are only still existing because I cannot be bothered to start my crafting levels from scratch on a new character (and I need my Huntsman to craft Chuka).


I can’t say I have a favourite craft because it depends on your class to determine what weapon and armour weight you will use. I always liked the Tailor when I first started as I was excited to see the new light armour for my Mesmer and Necromancer since they were the only classes I played. Everyone knows light armour is always the best anyway.

Day 30: What is one thing I would change about Guild Wars 2?

I know I’ve said this before, but I wish there wasn’t player quantity specific tasks in Dungeons. If we hadn’t have been defeated by 5 buttons with 4 players, then I think my Guild mates would have stuck around longer and we probably could’ve completed every run for all the Dungeons. We wanted to play with just the four of us and enjoy fighting as a team without having a random player wandering around with us, but we couldn’t always do that which really ruined it for us.

I understand the game is an MMO, but currently as a solo player, I don’t always want to play in big groups and I feel like Dungeons and Fractals should take the party size into account.

gw2 spirit vale

This brings me onto Raids. As I bought HoT a few months after release, I didn’t experience the Raids as new. In fact, I never got to experience them at all due to how snobby the Squads were. About a year ago now, I decided I wanted to have a go, so I sat in the Raids lobby in LFG where a few people invited me into their group. Unfortunately for me, as soon as they found out it would be my first Raid, they were very quick to drop me. Other parties made you share your armour and weapon stats in chat, and if they weren’t satisfactory, they would also drop me. I waited 3 hours to find a Raid and was rejected with every group I found.

Maybe I was just extremely unlucky that day, but the way the community acted towards a new Raider was very discouraging and for that reason, I’ve never tried to find another Squad for Raids since. Can you blame me though?

That brings my 30 Day MMO Challenge for Guild Wars 2 to an end. Thanks to everyone who has followed me on my journey over the past month. Don’t forget that on Tuesday 4th of December, Normal Happening’s will be posting my Guild Wars 2 piece for The Games That Define Us Collaboration project! I’m so excited!

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