30 Day MMO Challenge – GW2 Edition: Section 3

Half way already! I’ve answered the next 5 questions of the 30 Day MMO Challenge, originally designed for WoW created by Ruubin Dolle. I’ve tailored this challenge to fit my preferred MMO, Guild Wars 2, and I’d love for you guys to do the same for your MMO of choice!

Day 11: What is my favourite starting zone?

Caledon Forest has always been my favourite starting zone. After achieving map completion over multiple characters, Caledon Forest was probably the most beautiful of them all. The Sylvari areas are the prettiest out of all the other parts of Tyria due to the heavy, luscious vegetation compared to the baron plains of Ascalon or Kryta. Various areas in the Shiverpeaks were also stunning, but I hated the content in Wayfarer Foothills.


I was pleased to realise that the first area I ever experienced in Tyria was one of the better ones to start with since I chose to begin with a Sylvari. I don’t think I’d have been as ‘wowed’ by any of the other starting areas as much I was with Caledon Forest.

Day 12: How many characters do I currently have?

Guild Wars 2 originally came with 5 free character slots and I have purchased a further 3 over the years, resulting in 8 current characters. When I started the game, I wanted to create one of each class over a variety of different races. Here’s a list of my characters ordered by most used first:

  • Ivanna Karasu – Human Thief
  • Alessa Demon – Human Necromancer
  • Skylar Mei – Human Thief
  • Tani Sassafras – Sylvari Mesmer
  • Inori Kobayashi – Human Elementalist
  • Siarru Mhexxi – Asuran Ranger
  • Orchid Azalea – Sylvari Guardian
  • Astrid Von Skadi – Norn Warrior


I only have one doubled up class because Skylar Mei was made purely for farming. Ivanna and Alessa are my main characters, but Tani and Inori might come out every now and then. I did have a Revenant, but I ended up deleting him as I decided I wouldn’t play the class.

My Ranger is my Huntsman, but other than crafting I can’t say I ever use her anymore. Both my Guardian and Warrior are just used for storage these days… I guess I’m just not a fan of Heavy classes. I’ve never had an Engineer, but it doesn’t really interest me since I play alone now. If I was to make a new character, it would definitely be a Charr Engi.

Day 13: How do I come up with names for my characters?

It can take hours for me to come up with names for my characters. I’ll try my best to choose a name that fits in with the race I create, e.g. my Sylvari’s have plant themed names and my Asura has a harsh name with double consonants and ‘x’s.

I’m most proud of my first character’s name, Tani Sassafras. I got the name Tani from Thai folklore. I was inspired by the name “Nang Tani”, a ghost that haunts banana trees, and I thought this tale was quite querky and interesting, so much so that I still remember it years later. Sassafras is a type of tree that’s used to in the production of drinks and sweets due to its aroma. As my Sylvari was originally green, I thought this suited her as well as personally liking the way it sounded.


Out of all the names I’ve chosen, my main character’s name is probably the worst… Ivanna Karasu. Karasu (カラス) means crow in Japanese. Crows are intelligent birds, solitary and are fairly fearless which I thought depicted traits of a Thief well. I liked the name Ivana at the time, but to be different I added an extra ‘n’ for no apparent reason.

I considered buying a name change contract for her and naming her Skylar Mei instead of creating a new thief, but I decided an extra character would be more useful. The name choice of Skylar Mei should be fairly obvious… besides the fact you can’t use hyphens in game.

Day 14: Which is my favourite and least favourite Elite Specialisation?

I’ve had a go with all of the HoT Elite Specialisations except the Engineer’s, but I’ve only had experience with the Deadeye and Scourge from PoF. I’d much rather use the Daredevil over the Deadeye and likewise the Reaper over the Scourge so I didn’t feel inspired to try out any others when the expansion was released. Therefore, I’m going to judge this on HoT Elites and not include the PoF ones.

I think the Reaper would have to be my favourite. The way it changed the Necromancer’s Death Shroud abilities really affected the gameplay. I also love wielding the Greatsword and I think it really suits my character as well as being effective with my choice of playstyle.


As much as I hate to say it, I think Druid was my least favourite. I was really looking forward to this Elite, but since playing alone, it hasn’t been that useful. I can imagine it being really handy in raids with a support build, but when you’re running around by yourself it really isn’t ideal.

Day 15: Share my Guild Wars 2 story.

Sorry guys, but you’ll have to wait for this one. On the 4th December, my piece will be published for “The Games That Define Us”, created and hosted by Normal Happenings! My piece will be all about my Guild Wars 2 story and how the game has impacted my life thus far. Stay tuned for that if you’d like to know my GW2 journey!

The Games That Define Us header.png

Check back on Tuesday 4th December to read the reasons why Guild Wars 2 is the game that Defines me.

So that’s all for Section 3! You can view the list of questions for the 30 Day MMO Challenge: Guild Wars 2 Edition here, or follow the links to read my previous entries for Section 1 and Section 2. I’d love for you all to get involved with this challenge, so please feel free to make your own version if you wish.

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