30 Day MMO Challenge – GW2: Section 2

The second section of the 30 Day MMO Challenge: Guild Wars 2 Edition is here! This challenge was originally created by Ruubin Dolle for WoW, but with her approval, I’ve altered a few of her questions to fit my choice of MMO, Guild Wars 2. If you’d like to join in with any MMO of your choice then please go ahead, it would be fantastic to continue the theme!

Day 6: Do I mainly play PvP, PvE or WvW?

I’m a PvE player. There was a time I was rather invested in PvP back when my friends played, but it’s just not the same when queuing alone. I’ve never been a fan of WvW and I only really put a lot of time into it to get a the Gift of Battle reward track item I needed for Chuka and Champawat.


I much prefer to farm in the open world, complete achievements/collections and participate in META events. I can do this at my own pace and the variety of gameplay PvE offers is ridiculously wide across a huge selection of maps.

Day 7: What’s my favourite mount?

Similarly to a question in section 1, this question doesn’t work as well for GW2 as it would for WoW. In GW2, mounts are used for different purposes so it’s difficult to stick to one mount for a specific character.


I find myself using the Raptor the most as it’s the easiest to control and the fastest to travel with. It can also jump really far so it’s fairly easy to navigate the maps without having to swap, unless you need to climb a vertical cliff, in which case, out comes the Springer! The Springer is probably my favourite visually, but I find it such a pain to control and I probably spend more time falling off cliffs than I do trying to scale them!

My favourite mount skins are the Branded Skins. These skins fit with my Thief’s style perfectly and they were certainly worth the 1,600 gems I spent weeks farming for…

Day 8: Which was my favourite collection to complete?

Even though it was such a pain to complete, I loved the whole Henge Away From Home collections for The Wayfarer’s Henge backpack. Draconis Mons is one of my favourite maps so I really enjoyed exploring the area more and the collection gave me a reason to play daily.


I also thoroughly enjoyed the Chuka and Champawat Vol. 1: Hunter’s Journal collection. It was great to track down the Tigers and I really felt like I was on a mission. Although the end result was rather sad, I had a wonderful time being sent on an adventure all the way across Tyria. This section of Chuka has been one of the best GW2 experiences I’ve had and I would honestly go back and redo this section if I could.

Day 9: What’s my favourite Legendary Weapon?

This is a tough one. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the majority of the Legendary Weapons. As much as I like Chuka and Champawat, the reason I chose to craft this one over any others was because of the Tiger Cub Backpacks that you craft in Vol. 4… And of course the prefered weapon for my Thief main is the Short Bow.


I also really like Nevermore and Shooshadoo. I would probably use Nevermore if I was to craft it, but it’s unlikely I’d get much use out of Shooshadoo, even thought it would look great on my Chronomancer!

Day 10: What was the best part of Heart of Thorns?

All of it. Seriously though, HoT was such an amazing expansion. I loved the new tiered areas and gliding the most. The whole canopy idea in Verdant Brink was really unique and complimented the gliding addition well. Although it was frustrating at first not being able to get where you needed to, the map design had so much detail with stunning scenery alongside it.


The setting for Auric Basin was one of my favourite places. The golden fortress of Tarir was such a contrast to anything else we’d seen in GW2 and it’s so magnificent to look at. The META events were also well planned and they got separate teams of people working together, similar to what we saw from Triple Trouble which made it far more rewarding to complete, particularly in Dragon’s Stand.

The next section will be live on 15th November so stay tuned. For the list of Questions involved in this challenge, please see my 30 Day MMO Challenge Question List and you can also view my Section 1 post here to see the answers to my first 5 questions. I’d love to see your versions of this challenge, so please feel free to take part if you wish.

One thought on “30 Day MMO Challenge – GW2: Section 2

  1. I’m also more of a PvE player with most video games. There was a time that I was really into PvP too but as I get older it’s harder to schedule time with everyone because we all have crazy work schedules, school, and families.

    The mount in GW2 is really cool! I think I like the detail of the mount more then the mounts in World of Warcraft! 🙂

    Can’t wait for Part 3!


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