30 Day MMO Challenge – GW2: Section 1

Here I am kicking of the 30 Day MMO Challenge: Guild Wars 2 Edition with Section 1! This challenge was originally a 30 Day WoW Challenge created by Ruubin Dolle, but I thought it would be cool to tweak a few questions and do a GW2 version since I’m not a WoW player (with her approval of course)!

Day 1: Who was my first character?

My first character was a Sylvari Mesmer named Tani Sassafras. I thought the Sylvari looked like the most unique race and unlike any other that I’d come across in games before. The base customisation was the most varied for the Sylvari class too and I remember spending ages on getting her looking as perfect as I could.


I recently used a Total Makeover kit on her though, so she looks a lot different to how she used to. I don’t play as her much anymore as I only really play my Thief or Necromancer, but Tani will always be special as she was the first character I explored Tyria with.

Day 2: Which story do I prefer, Main Story or Living World?

I’m a sucker for the Living World Chapters… As much as I enjoyed the main story when I first started playing, I much prefer the Living World episodes now. The LW chapters are more interesting and seem to take you on a new adventure to a new land with every episode. I think another main reason is probably due to LW being released every few months with a bunch of new content rather than the main story being released as a whole. Oh, and the LW episodes are free!

gw2 lw

Living Word Season 3 was a major turning point with an interesting storyline and some of the best new maps, Lake Doric and Draconis Mons in particular. The content here has absorbed the majority of my play time offering so much to do and new community trains to keep me occupied. I’ve even found myself replaying some of these Living World chapters and still enjoying them even though I’ve experienced it all before.

Day 3: Which expansion is my favourite?

Since Guild Wars 2 only has 2 expansions, this question won’t work as well as intended. However, it’s a super easy answer… Heart of Thorns out-performs Path of Fire HANDS DOWN! If you’re familiar with my posts, you’ll know I’ve never really got along with PoF since it’s release last year. I thought the PoF release would get me back into playing regularly, but in fact, it ended up being the opposite.


Anyway, HoT was incredible! There was so much new content released with this expansion: Gliding, raids, the Revenant class, specialisations, Mastery Points, tiered maps, new enemies, beautiful scenery, interesting META events, etc.

Day 4: What class is my favourite, and which is my least favourite?

When I used to do Dungeon runs, my favourite class was always Necromancer. However, since I don’t do those anymore and I basically just PvE all the time, my favourite class is the Thief. Thieves are fast and have plenty of blinks to get out of situations which is great as I play alone. When wielding a Short Bow, the Thief also has plenty of multitarget abilities as well as having bouncing basic attacks which makes farming easier.


As I mainly stick to farming these days, this class is ideal for what I need. I have the ability to catch up to a group in combat and I have basic attacks that can hit up to 3 targets at once, increasing my loot drops. The downside is that 90% of armour sucks for medium classes and I’m really surprised they haven’t released a decent one yet.

My least favourite class is probably the Revenant. I made a Human Revenant on release, but I never really got to grips with the playstyle of the character. I ended up deleting my character and can say I’ve ever regretted it.

Day 5: What is your favourite screenshot?

I’ve always been a huge fan of taking screenshots. I have thousands of GW2 ones that I’ve accumulated over the past 4 years. It’s only been recently that I’ve explored the screenshot options and managed to create much better ones than I ever used to.


Therefore, my favourite has got to be one of my most recent ones of my Thief during the Festival of the Four Winds. I really love the colours and I even took advantage of someone riding their Griffon mount in the background! Out of all my characters, I’m the most pleased with how Ivanna looks, so at the moment, this is my favourite screenshot.

That’s Section 1 complete! I’ll be posting the next instalment in 5 days time but you can see the upcoming questions by clicking here for the full question list. Hope you enjoyed reading, and please feel free to join in with any MMO of your choice!

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