Hallowe’en Bitesize-Reviews 2018

If you’re looking for a game to play this Hallowe’en, myself and WesleyWhale have got you covered! Throughout October, we’ve both taken the time to investigate some horror games on Steam. We decided to pick a handful of small games so we could get them finished in order to give a decent review for each of them.

This list also features a few free games, so if you’re looking for something very last minute then there are options! Steam also has a Hallowe’en sale on right now so I’ll leave the current price list with each game too!

Trick & Treat

Length: 2 hours

Atmosphere: Hallowe’en

Price: Free


Trick & Treat is free to play game on Steam made by Rabbiton released in September 2016. For a free game, I actually thought it was pretty decent with a short but interesting story and a few light puzzles along the way. It took a little over 2 hours for us to do everything we wanted in this game, but you could probably finish it within an hour and I think it’s worth checking out at this time of year.

There are multiple endings to this game and a selection of unlockable concept art depending on the routes you take. We did take the time to explore the different endings by loading from the last save point, but we only played through the whole events once.

2018-10-07 (4).png

Skylar-Mayhem: This game is made for Hallowe’en. It was short but enjoyable without the need to be any longer. It had a decent story with a few puzzles along the way, plus, Amelia’s pumpkin outfit was adorable!

WesleyWails: The story and setting was interesting enough to keep my attention through this short game. Although I wouldn’t rate it particularly highly, it’s worth checking out as it’s completely free. Play this if you like cute narrative driven games and pumpkins.


Length: 4 hours

Atmosphere: Eerie, Lonely

Price: £8.99, on sale for £3.59


Detention is a neat little atmospheric/psychological horror game created by RedCandleGames, released in January 2017. Available on Steam, PS4 and Switch, this dark point and click puzzle game set in 1960s Taiwan is certainly worth taking a look at. It took around 4 hours to finish our first playthrough, and I was very impressed with the visuals and the atmosphere they created. There’s no spoken voice in the game, so the story is portrayed in subtitles which I think only contributes to the eerie environment further.

Although I adored the visuals, I didn’t rate the pacing much. Although it’s only a short game, I felt like it was slow to start but sometimes it also felt rushed in places. The puzzles along the way were quite basic even though they used some fairly fresh ideas and I felt like the enemies had been forgotten as soon as they’d been introduced. It’s unlikely I’d play this game again to complete the rest of the achievements, but it was worth the 4 hours I investing into it.


WesleyWails: Detention’s world building was excellent as was its scenery. I really wanted to like this game but the story wasn’t engaging enough to make up for the unnecessarily slow pacing and lack of any interesting gameplay. I’m glad we played it, but I don’t think I’d play it again.

Skylar-Mayhem: It’s a real shame about the slow pacing and I feel like the ending let it down. The visuals were fantastic though, as was the atmosphere, particularly at the beginning of the game. I wouldn’t pay £8.99 for it, but it’s worth giving it a go if you can get it on sale.

Yomawari: Night Alone

Length: 6 hours

Atmosphere: Lonely, Dark, Eerie

Price: £14.99, on sale for £3.74


Yomawari: Night Alone is a horror adventure game developed by Nippon Ichi Software Inc originally released on PSP in October 2015, Steam in October 2016 and most recently for the Nintendo Switch this month. It took me 6 hours to finish all 7 chapters of the story with a little additional exploration. I’ve heard there are a few side quests and random occurring events that I’ve not experienced, but I’m not in any rush to dive back into it.

I really wanted to like this game, but I can’t help but feel frustrated with it. After a short cutscene, you get dropped straight into the game and pretty much have to pick things up for yourself with a few little hints along the way. This wasn’t a problem at first, I actually enjoyed wandering around seeing what the world had to offer but this got tired very quickly. The game keeps you guessing the whole time and it seems to me like there are some enemies that you simply can’t get rid of… which leads to your death. This means restarting the section and repeating the area which takes away from the horror element and is quite frankly tedious.


Check out my full review for Yomawari: Night Alone here!

Skylar-Mayhem: I played this without Wesley. I was disappointed with the game overall, but I have hopes for improvements in Midnight Shadows. If you’re interested, then pick it up in a sale as I don’t think it’s worth the retail price of £14.99.

Red Rope: Don’t Fall Behind

Length: Unknown

Atmosphere: May cause some arguments

Price: £5.59, on sale for £2.79


Red Rope is a wonderfully unique local co-op puzzle game released on PC in July 2016. The two playable characters are connected together via a rope with the aim of the game being to solve the puzzles in the rooms and kill enemies with the use of the rope while conjoined. It’s a real test of friendship and is actually so much more difficult than it sounds.

The game isn’t classified as a horror game as such, but it is very atmospheric with the enemies being typically undead. There are definitely some tense moments while you’re trying to make your way through an area whilst your partner has other ideas…

We’re only partway through this game at the moment but we plan on finishing this up soon, writing a full review and maybe even have some YouTube content to go alongside it!


Skylar-Mayhem: Red Rope could be incredibly frustrating at times, but it was also really fun and a unique gaming experience. It’s certainly a teamwork tester!

WesleyWails: A must buy for any fan of co-op games, in my opinion. Just don’t play it with someone you don’t want to fall out with.

Dracula: The Resurrection

Length: 4 hours

Atmosphere: Uneventful, cliché vampire setting

Price: Trilogy £7.70, on sale for £1.99 (GOG version)

dracula resurrection

Released in 1999 by Microids, Dracula The Resurrection is the first in the series of point and click adventure games. After playing Syberia last year, I thought this game would be similar, but it’s actually quite different for a game of the same genre by the same developers. Firstly, I would like to point out that I played the GOG version of the game, not the Steam version. The version on Steam has apparently been altered a lot from the original and had bits removed.

The game was shorter than I expected, taking about 4 hours to complete. I thought it was pretty simple and straight forward for a puzzle game and it didn’t engage my interest all that well. The story was slow and it didn’t really feel like it had started until about 2/3rds of the way through. About 50% of the entire game was comprised of cutscenes, and not just story cutscenes, but the awful type of cutscene where you have to watch a 10 second clip of the main character walking up some stairs… every time you get to a staircase (I know it’s loading time, but it’s really irritating). It was also awkward and disorientating to navigate the areas due to the odd movement controls.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend this game and even though I’ve bought the other games in the series, I don’t think I’ll be in a rush to delve any deeper.


Skylar-Mayhem: I played this game without Wesley. It was painfully slow paced and to be honest, I feel like it didn’t even finish. I lacked any enjoyment during the hours I spent on game due to the poor visuals, awkward movement controls and amount of pointless cutscenes so I’m in no rush to play the next game.

Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion

Length: 4 hours (in 30 minute intervals)

Atmosphere: Cute mixed with horror, really bad ‘jump scares’

Price: Free, HD Renovation is £6.99, on sale for £4.68

2018-10-26 (3).png

Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion, formerly known as Spooky’s House of Jump Scares is a free to play game released on Steam in July 2015 by Lag Studios. There is also a HD Renovation version available on Steam for £6.99. This game is perfect for anyone who likes opening doors…

The game starts off decent enough with a nice little introduction from Spooky. The first level basically revolves around cutesy cardboard pop outs but the game begins to introduce more enemies as the levels progress. There was only really one enemy that was an issue in terms of changing the way you play, but other than that none of the others did anything particularly special.

As you could probably imagine, the gameplay gets very old extremely quickly. The controls weren’t super responsive and it tended to lag quite hard every now and then. Spread throughout the game, there were a few areas you could clearly tell were inspired by other works, but these areas were short lived and the game goes straight back to opening more doors again! Overall, it was pretty dull and there’s no way we could have played the whole game in one sitting.

2018-10-26 (5)

WesleyWails: If you’re the type of person who’s into the SCP wiki, then this is probably a game for you. However, I can’t recommend it as there really isn’t enough content and the game gets old fast.

Skylar-Mayhem: I loved the idea of contrasting cute with creepy, but that’s about all. I don’t recommend buying the HD version, if you’re really that interested then just play the free one.

Ben & Ed

Length: 4 + hours

Atmosphere: Fun with a dark theme

Price: £6.99, on sale for £3.49

ben ed

Developed by Sluggerfly and released in December 2015, Ben & Ed is a creative 3D platformer which is incredibly fun to play. You play as Ed, a zombie, who has been kidnapped along with his human friend Ben in order to perform for the RunDead Gameshow. This gameshow consists of an obstacle course, much like a deadly Total Wipeout / Takeshi’s Castle involving rotating blades, lasers, cannons, etc.

These obstacles can remove Ed’s limbs if you get caught, but as long as Ed’s head remains then you can keep pressing on like a trooper. Ed can also remove his head and throw it which can be a useful but sneaky trick that could result in you skipping bits of the course (you didn’t hear that from me).

I really like how this game can be both simple and challenging. If you want to complete the levels without getting all the bonus items then that’s totally fine, but it can also be very challenging if you do wish to get a perfect level. It’s also hilarious and you can have fun even if you’re spectating despite it’s dark foundations. We used a controller to play which unfortunately doesn’t control the menu but works perfectly fine during the levels.

If you’re after a Hallowe’en game that’s a hell of a lot of fun without the uncomfortable atmosphere of the typical horror game, then this is the game for you!


WesleyWails: Ben & Ed was actually a lot of fun. It has enough content to justify the asking price and it’s highly accessible. I’d say this is a good buy for almost anyone.

Skylar-Mayhem: I think this was the most fun we had over the course of the month. It was also a lot of fun to spectate, so even though it’s a single player game, you could easily have a laugh with your friends.

Forbidden Siren

Length: Unknown (pretty long)

Atmosphere: Foggy, Creepy, Mysterious

Price: £8.99 on PS4 Store


I purchased Forbidden Siren a few weeks ago on PS4 for the purpose of playing it this Hallowe’en. Unfortunately, we are far from finishing this game and we’ve barely even scraped the surface due to the slow pacing and hard to grasp mechanics. We must have played for around 3 hours and only got through a few introductory levels.

Developed by SCE Japan Studio/Project Siren and originally released in 2003 for PS2 (also known as Siren), this survival stealth horror game is perfect for this time of year. I don’t know much about the game right now as I haven’t experience much of it, but I can certainly see some similarities to the Silent Hill series. I think the ‘Sightjack’ mechanic is really unique (seeing through others’ eyes) and it will be interesting to see how this develops later on.

Considering the age of the game, the graphics are actually pretty good, especially the characters’ faces. The voice acting for the English dub is terrible though and there’s no Japanese audio option which is a real shame. I think we’re going to enjoy the story once we get into it and we can’t wait to play more!


Skylar-Mayhem: I’m interested to see where this game goes, particularly with the ‘Sightjack’ mechanic. The atmosphere this game creates is seriously creepy and the stealth element will make for some intriguing gameplay. I think we’ve managed to find one of the most annoying characters in gaming history already though….

WesleyWails: Looks promising so far. It’s well crafted atmosphere easily makes it one of the creepiest horror games I’ve played and its unique style of oppressive stealth gameplay kept me on the edge of my seat.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our Hallowe’en gaming experiences! This is quite different to anything we’ve done before but I’ve enjoyed dedicating my month to play this selection of games.

What are you planning for Hallowe’en? Will you be playing any of these games, or have you played any already? Let us know in the comments below!

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