GW2: Halloween [2018]

My favourite time of year is almost here and now the Hallowe’en festivities have landed in Tyria! The Mad King’s Labyrinth is my favourite part of Guild Wars 2’s seasonal activities and I can’t wait to get back into playing for the next few weeks!


So, here’s what’s to offer this year:

The Mad King’s Labyrinth is here! Join a squad and go get farming! That’s where I’ll be spending most of my time… if you see Alessa Demon on your travels then please say hi, I hope to be leading some groups over the upcoming weeks.


If you’re not into all that farming malarkey, you could participate in the Mad King’s Raceway, make your way to the top of the Mad King’s Clock Tower or try your hand at Ascent to Madness. The PVP style game, Reaper’s Rumble, is also making a reappearance for the first time since 2012!


Of course, The Mad King himself will also be making his usual appearance in Lion’s Arch for the traditional Hallowe’en “Mad King Says”.  Plenty of achievements are also available to complete for goodies, including this year’s Mini Haunted Candle for completing the Annual Hallowe’en Rituals. Completing 3 of the Hallowe’en Dailies for 5 days will also award you with a Mad King’s Gift Weapon box.


The Nightfang Griffon skin is the newest mount skin available on the Black Lion Trading Post for 2000 gems. I love this skin and I’m hoping to farm enough to be able to afford it. There’s also a new Festive Harvest Chair available for 600 gems.

New additions to the Black Lion Chests include the new mount and special Hallowe’en themed weapons. There’s also returning Hallowe’en outfits, the Spooky Mounts pack and other Hallowe’en goodies on the Gem Store, some with a few discounts and you can also claim a free Hallow Fortunes Firework Bundle for a limited time.

Happy Hallowe’en! See you all in the Labyrinth!

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