30 Day Anime Challenge: Section 4

It’s the 20th of September which means it’s time for the next instalment of the 30 Day Anime Challenge created by A Geeky Gal! These questions really do get more difficult as the challenge progresses, but I’m still enjoying the journey. Here’s questions 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 for you all, hope you enjoy!

Day 16: What is the last anime you watched?

After watching seasons 1 and 2 of Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma) earlier in the year, I was excited to see the release of the 3rd season. I wanted to wait until the whole series was on Crunchyroll before diving in as I like to watch multiple episodes in one sitting. Over the past few weeks, after concluding everything else I was watching, I finally got chance to see it.


I finished watching The Third Plate earlier this week, and I feel rather disappointed. As much as I enjoyed the first season, the series has become so predictable that there’s literally no longer any point in watching the outcome.

In my view, the writing got lazy, there were plenty of plot holes and even after a few episodes you could predict the events easily. Besides, it didn’t even have an ending… I feel like I stopped watching halfway through. Now we’ll have to wait for season 4 to see the results of the group shokugeki (that isn’t really a group shokugeki). Rules just don’t seem to apply anymore. I’m done.

Day 17: What is an anime you want to watch but haven’t yet?

There are plenty… I currently have around 80 unwatched anime on my Crunchyroll watch list, several on DVDs I’ve bought but haven’t seen yet and there’s also anime I want to watch that I can’t find anywhere to stream or buy it from.

The main few I’m desperate to watch are Orange, Blend S and Kill la Kill. I’ve heard Orange is one of the most emotional anime out there so I’ve never really been in the mood to watch it, also I think I might pick up the manga first. I’ve wanted to watch Blend S since it was first aired, but I’ve just never got round to it and Kill la Kill has been announced as an upcoming game by Arc System Works that sounds awesome. The characters have also been rumoured to be added to BBTAG!


I’d also really like to watch Sailor Moon as I’ve never seen any episodes and of course it’s a classic. I’m amazed at the vast quantity of Sailor Moon merchandise you can buy in the UK, yet I haven’t once seen anywhere that sells the actual series. It’s also not available on Crunchyroll so it seems like the only place I can get it is from Amazon, but it’ll cost me quite a lot.

Day 18: What is the weirdest anime you enjoyed?

Keijo!!!!!!!! Not my usual choice as I couldn’t care less about sports and obviously the anime also evolves around girls battling each other only using their bums and breasts to knock each other off platforms. Very odd, but weirdly interesting. Spanning over 12 episodes, you follow Nozomi as she trains to become a famous competitor for the new found women’s sport, Keijo.


It was fairly short and simple, but it certainly was a strange idea. Some of the moves and tactics used were farfetched, but at least it was different with a fairly decent story. I’m not sure I’d watch another series if one was released, but I’d say I enjoyed it far more than I originally thought.

Day 19: What anime would make a great video game?

I think High School of the Dead would make a pretty cool video game. I imagine it to be somewhat like Dead Rising but in anime form; lots of action but quite silly. Obviously zombie games follow the same kind of formula but this could make for a fun hack and slash/survival, comedy-ish horror game. I suppose it could be done seriously instead and be more story focused – the possibilities are endless! There are certain scenes from this anime that I could imagine being in a game, and riding a motorbike around a free to roam city full of undead sounds interesting.


I enjoyed HotD more than I thought I would. I’m not particularly a fan of zombie films/series as they’re all very similar so this wouldn’t be my usual choice when picking an anime to watch, but I’m pleased I did. It’s a shame it was never finished, but can’t be helped due to the circumstances. Someone should definitely take my hint and reboot the series in game form though, I think it could be fun.

Day 20: What video game would make a great anime?

I feel like Tales of Berseria could be turned into a decent anime. I’ve only played the game for around 7 hours, but so far the story has been great! It’s fully voiced accompanied by an on-screen storyboard during the main story sections. An anime drawn in this style (or the style from the cutscenes) would look beautiful and the voice acting for the game has already been done exceptionally, so why not use that too.


Although I’m not very far into the game (and there’s a hell of a way to go), the story has interested me so far and I think it could be adapted into an anime without many issues thus far. It definitely has its fair share of character progression, emotions and action scenes which would set a good pace for an anime series. It would most likely end up being lengthy, but from what I’ve seen of the game so far, I would watch it!

That’s all for section 4! For a list of all the 30 Day Anime Challenge questions please follow the link. You can also see my answers for Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3 here! Don’t forget to also check out Megan, A Geeky Gal’s 30 Day Challenge!

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