30 Day Anime Challenge: Section 3

I’m here with section 3 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge, as created by A Geeky Gal. I’m halfway through the challenge now and although I tweaked the main challenge from posting every day to posting 5 questions per post every 5 days, I’m very proud of myself for sticking to this schedule! These questions have been the most difficult ones so far but I managed to get there in the end!

Day 11: Who is your favourite female anime character?

I absolutely adore Kanna from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. She’s so adorable and I love her quiet nature although she’s completely comfortable being herself. As she came from the Dragon world and was invited by Miss Kobayashi to live at her place with Tohru, she isn’t familiar with human actions or objects.


She acts partly like a child, a dog and an alien mixed all one which is fascinating to watch. The way she interacts with items is brilliant, mainly because she just seems to eat everything. The scene with the crab had me in stitches.

I just love how she’s so weird but she doesn’t care and everyone loves her for it. She’s not afraid to experience the new world around her and do it in her own weird but wonderful way.

Day 12: Who is your favourite male anime character?

Without hesitation I’d probably say Hak from Yona of the Dawn. However, since I mentioned him for anime crush it’s pretty clear that he’s going to be one of my favourite characters, so I’m going to choose someone else instead.


I’m going to go in a totally different direction here and say that Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service is my favourite male character, the English dub version is preferred. Jiji’s personality comes across completely different in the English dub compared the original Japanese version. In Japanese, he’s actually female voiced and he comes across wise and proud. In the English dub, he’s male voiced with a far more sarcastic personality… This is much more to my taste and I think it suits him very well.

Day 13: Who is your favourite anime couple?

Whisper of the Heart‘s Shizuku Tsukishima and Seiji Amasawa are such an inspirational couple, especially for their age. At first, Shizuku doesn’t even know Seiji exists and he puts so much effort into getting her to notice him in such a subtle and personal way, it makes my heart melt.


When they finally do get to know each other, Seiji admits he wants to study violin craftsmanship and that he’ll be moving to Italy to train for a few months. Shizuku then thinks she isn’t good enough for him so challenges herself to write a novel during the time he’s away.

The motivation, support and influence these two have for each other is just incredible, particularly when it comes to their future career prospects. Couples should inspire each other to do things and support each other along the way, even if they are at the other side of the world. We should all take an example out of their book.

Day 14: What is your favourite anime opening or ending?

This has probably been the toughest question so far. Music has always been a massive part of my life (enough so to study it for 5 years) so I honestly could be here all day talking about anime OPs and EDs. Watching anime over the past few years has drastically changed my music taste and I find myself getting excited when listening to music again. I regularly listen to anime themes and bands/artists that have their music as anime themes, so anime has pushed the ajar door back open again. No shame.


I seem to favour EDs over OPs. They always seem more memorable to me, but maybe that’s because it’s the last thing you hear after watching. My favourite ending is “Wanna Go Home” from Konosuba series 2, closely followed by “Communication” from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

The absolute best way to end an episode is by listening to the anime characters sing the closing credits. I have massive respect for voice actors that can portray their character’s voices while singing. It’s so hard to do, but this combination of Aqua, Megumin and Darkness is perfect.

Day 15: What anime has the best soundtrack?

Again, this was another hard one for me to answer as so many anime have fantastic soundtracks. Personally, there’s one anime that especially stands out for this category for multiple reasons. That anime is Re:Zero. This soundtrack is incredible and the opening/closing tracks are all equally superb.


Although the music is outstanding, the main reason I chose this for best soundtrack was because of one band in particular, Myth & Roid. These guys are honestly one of my favourite bands, combining alternative rock with electronic elements resulting in a unique style and sound that I adore. They have 4 songs featured throughout the series.

“Paradisus Paradoxum” is probably the most well known song (the OP for Re:Zero part 2) so I’ll leave the official music video for this song here.

You may also know Myth & Roid from other anime such as Youjo Senki and Overlord. They are a seriously underrated duo whose music is unfortunately really hard to get hold of. They released their debut album “[eYe’s]” last year which has a variety of different styles included and their newest track will be featured as the new Overlord OP.

Another song from Re:Zero that cannot go unnoticed is “Wishing” by Rem (Inori Minase). This is one of the most beautiful and emotional anime songs I’ve ever heard. One day I aspire to write my own version in English and arrange it on guitar. “Wishing” will always have a place in my heart and remain one of my most iconic anime songs.

So that’s all for Section 3. Hope you all enjoyed reading my answers! You can see the list of upcoming questions for the 30 Day Anime Challenge here and you can also follow the links to read my answers for Section 1 and Section 2. Also, please don’t forget to check out Megan, A Geeky Gal’s 30 Day Anime Challenge here!

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