30 Day Anime Challenge: Section 1

It’s time for the first section of anime questions to be released with my answers! For the past five days, I’ve been answering this selection of questions created by Megan, A Geeky Gal who is currently working on her 30 Day Anime Challenge too!

Day 1: What was your very first anime?

I don’t recall ever watching any anime as a kid. I was never really into cartoons or animated films in my teens either, so my first experience was probably around 5 years ago when I watched the entirety of a Studio Ghibli film for the first time.


I remember watching Ponyo on Film4 with my boyfriend, and wow… what an entrance to Studio Ghibli! It was probably the weirdest film I’d ever seen, but it had me hooked. From this day on, I still can’t believe they cast Liam Neeson as Ponyo’s dad in the dub! This film lead me on to watch the entire repertoire of Studio Ghibli’s films and I’ve loved every second of it!

Day 2: Who was your first anime crush?

To be honest, I’m not really one for crushing on characters. I watched Yona of the Dawn just over a year ago now, and Hak has probably been the character I’ve admired the most and still do to this day. As well as the watching the series, I’ve also read a lot of the manga, so I feel like I know Hak and the Yona characters better than anyone from another anime.


Besides him having the typical features I’m attracted to, I favour his personality and the way he interacts with the others. He loves to wind people up and can be pretty sarcastic at times even though he is incredibly loyal and dependable. It’s obvious how he feels about Yona, but I admire that he respects her and just wants to keep her safe as she doesn’t appear to feel the same about him. It’s actually heart breaking as Hak would make such a wonderful partner for her.

Day 3: Do you prefer dubs or subs?

Personally, I much prefer subs. I like watching anime in its original form with the original voice cast as this is what carries the characters’ personalities as intended. In anime’s case, it’s typically in Japanese and as I’m currently learning Japanese myself, I find it helpful to listen to as much as I can. I also listen to a lot of J-Pop, so listening to a different language really doesn’t phase me at all and does help with my learning progression.

I also generally find that English dubs can be cheesy. There are only a few anime I can think of where I prefer the English dub to the original version, but this is typically with films as I find the casting is much better when the film is on a larger budget (e.g. Studio Ghibli). There’s nothing wrong with liking either and your preference really can just depend on the anime you’re watching.


Contains Mild Spoilers: There was a particular part in Your Name that really changed the whole film for me just because of the difference in subbed and dubbed versions. When Taki gets Mitsuha’s message about the comet after his date, the subs say “What is she saying?” where as the dubbed version says “What comet?”. I watched the subbed version first, so I felt like there was still an element of mystery throughout the rest of the film, whereas the dubbed version is straight to the point about the main plot twist.

Day 4: What anime deserves more love?

Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) definitely deserves more credit. It is slow to start, but once it gets going it’s very enjoyable. The animations, character progression and voice acting are all fantastic and there isn’t a single character I dislike. I love the way the main characters interact with each other despite having barely anything common, but the fusion of these personalities makes for interesting banter between sections of the story.


The only disappointment is that the series ends prematurely and currently hasn’t had another Season announced so I ended up buying the manga to continue the story. If it was more popular, than maybe we’d finally get a Season 2!

Day 5: What is your guilty pleasure anime?

I’m going to have to say Love Tyrant for this category. The anime revolves around Guri, a cupid who’s job is to romantically match people with the use of a magical notebook. She doesn’t take her job seriously or understand the concept of love so things get rather messy and slightly perverse but hilarious all the same.


There were times it left me thinking “what the hell have I just watched?” but I suppose with the nature of the anime, that’s to be expected. It certainly has an interesting plot, so if you’re up for a strange rom-com anime, then this could be right up your street!

That’s all for section 1! In five days time I will post the second section to my 30 Day Anime Challenge. You can also check out all the questions to come by following the link!

6 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Section 1

    1. It’s great to see fellow Yona fans! I’m not one for reading manga myself usually, but I fell in love with the series so much that I needed to find out more! Unfortunately the complete manga series hasn’t been released in English yet either…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Do you know if it is complete in Japan? I hope the rest of it gets brought out in English soon. I’ve given up hoping for a new series of the anume though.

        I’ve basically been relying on fanfic (some good, some a little over the top…) to get a feel for where the story was going.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m not sure if it’s complete, but there are over 20 volumes in Japanese. Volume 13 has just been released in English and they seem to be released every 2 – 3 months.

        I did read somewhere that Season 2 anime had been confirmed, but that could’ve just been a rumour as there’s been no talk of any release dates. I still have my fingers crossed though!

        Liked by 1 person

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