Smite: Odyssey 2019 T5 Skin WINNER!

The winner has been announced for the Odyssey 2019 T5 Skin! This skin, as voted for by the community, will be the ultimate reward for the Odyssey coming to Smite in a few months time.

And the winner is… ARES!

Ares, The God of War has defeated Ganesha and has been appointed the winner of the T5 skin. The original concept that was used to vote on can be seen below:

god slayer ares

Hi-Rez have since drawn up new concept art which now looks like this:


Here you can see the ideas for the different forms typical to T5 skins. The change doesn’t look as drastic as it has in previous years, but this is only concept art and it could all change as the skin is being produced.

For everyone who voted for Ganesha, don’t be too disappointed as it’s possible the skin will later be made into a T4 skin. This happened with Crystal Gaze Medusa last year which was originally an idea for the T5 Odyssey skin of 2018. Frostfire Ullr ending up winning the votes so the Medusa skin was made as T4 Exclusive skin which featured as part of the Odyssey.

For those of you that haven’t seen the M.O.U.S.E Force Ganesha concept art, you can check it out in my Odyssey 2019 T5 Skin Vote announcement post here.

The Odyssey is only a few months away now, so we shouldn’t have too long to wait to see all the content up for grabs in the biggest Smite event of the year!

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