Monthly Summary: July 2018

I can’t believe it’s the end of the month already! Between my busy work schedule and seeing my boyfriend every weekend (twice as much as usual), I’ve barely had any time to myself to jump into solo gaming. I’ve still managed to fit a few things in though including the rebranding of my blog, although there are a few changes that still need to be made!

July Purchases:

Tricolour Lovestory

tricolour lovestory

This month I’ve spent a whopping £0.60 on games! That must be some kind of record for me! If you saw my Steam Summer Sale Purchases post, you’ll already know that this isn’t my usual choice, but I couldn’t resist the price!

July Completions:

Higurashi, When They Cry: Chapter 6 – Tsumihoroboshi


I finally finished chapter 6! I found this chapter difficult to get into as at the beginning it didn’t really feel like a Higurashi game. I can’t place my finger on it, but the characters (particularly Keiichi) didn’t sound like they did previously. The way they spoke wasn’t true to their personalities and I’m not sure whether this was lost in translation or just overlooked. After a few hours though, I was hooked – just like with every other Chapter so far! I’ll be writing a review on this game shortly.

July Favourites:

Star Ocean – The Last Hope – Remaster

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

Higurashi When They Cry – Chapter 6: Tsumihoroboshi

star ocean.png

My boyfriend purchased the Star Ocean Remaster when it was released a few months ago. He originally played it on Xbox 360, but since I’d never experienced it before, he wanted me to watch him revisit it. So far we’re about 15 hours in and I can imagine it’ll take us a very long time to finish it!

We’re also getting better at Cross Tag Battle (him moreso than me) and we’re having a lot of fun fighting each other. I’m hoping to review this game next month.

Games I’m looking forward to:

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]

Code Vein

Yakuza 0

Kill la Kill

Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms

under night exelatest.png

I’m so excited for more Under Night! I bought Exe:Late just before the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle release to get a feel for some of the characters. I’m looking forward to seeing what this will bring as I don’t even know if it’s an updated version or DLC yet! I hope I’m not too disappointed.

It was announced this month that Code Vein’s release would be postponed. A lot of people were angry about this, but personally I believe it’s a positive thing. I know I’ve been looking forward to this game for ages, but I’m sure I can wait a little longer and have it in a finer polished state on release. No one likes broken games.

Yakuza 0 comes out tomorrow on Steam and I’m really interested to see how the multiplayer works. My boyfriend has already bought a copy but Steam states there’s a local co op feature. We’re not sure how good this will be, but we will test it out before I possibly purchase a copy for myself.

Although Edo Blossoms has already been released, I have never wanted to start a game so badly! I finished Kyoto Winds around 6 weeks ago, but then I went on holiday and when I got back I swore to myself that I would finish Higurashi before starting Edo Blossoms. I’m pretty sure next month will be all about my Hakuoki binge!

Monthly Recommendation:

Higurashi When They Cry Series

higurashi series.png

After finishing Chapter 6 since it’s release in English on 14th June, I feel like I need to talk about my love for this series. Although the story is completely text with no options for the player to choose from, it’s incredible how the story alone can pull you in, getting you hooked and excited to continue. Due to the story plot, it is very important that the chapters of this series are played in order, hence this recommendation being for the whole series and not just Chapter 6.

Although there are still two chapters left to be translated (which have yet to be announced), Higurashi is definitely a strong visual novel with a gripping story. Despite it being an unfinished series, I would highly recommend getting on board as I’m sure the final few chapters will be released fairly soon. Saying that, the chapters were being released every month, but Chapter 6 took over a year to be announced, never mind released! Now Umineko is out the way though, I think Higurashi will make a comeback.

I’ve written separate reviews for each chapter: Onikakushi, Watanagashi, Tatarigoroshi, Himatsubushi, Meakashi and I’ll be writing about Chapter 6: Tsumihoroboshi next month.

Let me know what you’ve been playing this month!

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