Monthly Summary: June 2018

It’s the end of June, meaning it’s time for another monthly summary! The past week has seen the beginning of the Steam Summer Sale, but other than that it has been a somewhat quieter month for me.

June Purchases:

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle: Deluxe

Higurashi Chapter 6: Tsumihoroboshi

Zeus & Poseidon

Steam Sale:


Supipara: Chapter 1

Destiny’s Princess

Ori and the Blind Forest

Rayman Legends


I bought BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle on release. I decided to opt for the Deluxe version which will unlock all future character packs as they become available rather than buying them all separately. I have been so excited for this game since I heard RWBY were going to be featured, and so far I haven’t been disappointed.

I’ve had my eye on Bayonetta since Black Friday, so I decided now was the time to purchase it. I’ve also had my eye on Ori and the Blind Forest for over a year but the price has never dropped any further than 50% off. I’m fed up of waiting now so I took my chance! Rayman Legends is a game I didn’t think I would buy as I’ve already played through it once on Xbox One a few years ago. I remember having so much fun and decided I’d like to replay it again as the co-op split screen is decent, making it really fun to play with local multiplayer.

June Completions:

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds (100%)

Guild Wars 2 LWS4 Episode 3: Long Live the Lich

gw2 lw

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds has been the first game in a very long time that I have 100% completed. I spent 66 hours on the game in total and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! Can’t wait to start Edo Blossoms next!

Long Live the Lich, Episode 3 of Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season 4 was released earlier this week. So far I have completed the story, but I’m yet to claim my Roller Beetle or complete the Domain of Kourna map. I’ve not been as interested in Guild Wars since the Path of Fire release, but I do still enjoy playing through the new story chapters.

June Favourites:

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

hakuoki kyoto winds

I’ve spent the majority of my game time this month working through all the endings of Hakuoki. I really wanted to get Kyoto Winds finished so I can start Edo Blossoms next month. I really didn’t think I’d enjoy this as much as I have and I think this will be the beginning of a new gaming experience for me.

I’ve also invested a few hours into BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. I bought the deluxe version on release and have since played split screen with my boyfriend. I haven’t been through the tutorials yet so I’m just trying to figure things out as I go, but I’m loving the game so far!

Looking Forward to:

Code Vein

Spyro Reignited

Soul Calibur VI

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Nioh 2

Cyberpunk 2077

The Sinking City

code vein.jpg

June also saw the return of E3. I didn’t watch any of it myself as personally I think it’s rather overrated, but I’ve since heard about a few games that I might possibly be interested in. Code Vein definitely seems the best so far.

Nioh 2 has also been announced which is another game I will look forward to playing after I’ve finished the first game! I’m making slow progress, but when I do get round to playing with my boyfriend we get really engrossed.

Spyro Reignited and Soul Calibur VI are still on the list! They are probably the games I am most looking forward to now that Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and Higurashi Chapter 6 have been released! I’ve purchased both of these releases, but I’ve only managed to play Higurashi for about an hour as of yet, so I’m sure that will be featured in next month’s post.

June Recommendation:

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle


My game of the month goes to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle! This is the first game I’ve bought on release in years, and I even went the extra mile and bought the Deluxe Edition! As I bought it on release day, I also received a copy of the soundtrack which features some of the RWBY soundtrack in the form of mash ups. I’m a huge RWBY fan, so one of my favourite parts of the game is definitely the use of the music!

So far my favourite characters are Ruby (obviously), Linnie, Es, Vatista and Blake. Since there are still 9 characters to be announced, I really hope Kokonoe is one of them as she was my favourite from Chronophantasma. I’m also hoping more RWBY characters are coming, but I think that’s being a little too optimistic.

So far I am loving this game and I definitely can’t wait to play more. I hope to get stuck into the tutorials soon so I can actually learn how to play decently before trying out the story mode. When I do, I hope to write a review, so stay tuned for that!

Let me know what you’ve been up to this month and let me know of your Steam Sale Purchases!

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