GW2: Living World Season 4 – Long Live the Lich

The third chapter of GW2 Living World Season 4 will be released tonight (26th June)! The previous chapter, A Bug in the System was released back in February, so I’m sure we are all ready to continue the journey… I know I am! You can watch the “Long Live the Lich” release trailer here!

It has been 4 months since the release of the second chapter of Living World Season 4, A Bug in the System, but it’s looking like a big release this time around. As well as the new story chapter and the new map (Domian of Kourna) to go alongside it, there will also be the Deepstone Fractal and a new Legendary Warhorn, Verdarach!

gw2 verdarach

Not only that… but there will also be a new mount – the Roller Beetle! This mount looks really interesting and I’m definitely looking forward to giving it a go. The Roller Beetle will be available to unlock through completing a series of collections. I assume this will be similar to the Griffon collection process.

roller bettle

The chapter was announced a week ago, but as I was on holiday I somehow managed to miss it due to my lack of internet presence during this time. I only found out about it yesterday, and now I’m hyped to play it tomorrow (luckily for me, it’s my day off)!

I can’t say I’m as excited as I have been with previous chapters, but maybe that’s because the area looks a bit like The Desolation to me which is my least favourite map. I’m interested to see the events to come and see more of Joko, so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy it!

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