Smite: Odyssey 2019 T5 Skin Vote

The time has come around once again for the annual community skin vote to decide on the T5 Odyssey skin for 2019. The winning skin will be available as the final reward of the Odyssey event which will begin sometime around September/October 2018 and continue through to January 2019.

Click here for the Odyssey 2020 voting stages!

*Edit: See my post on the final stage of the Odyssey 2019 T5 skin vote here!

The process has changed slightly from last year. This year, instead of choosing from the entire God pool, a few Gods have already been selected and placed onto a voting table into competing pairs. The community then has the chance to vote on which of the two Gods nominated they would like to have a T5 skin for in game.

Here is the voting table created by Hi-Rez:

odyssey 2019 voting.jpg

As you can see, the Gods have been split into sections. There will be a separate vote held from each bracket, starting with bracket 1 (I will update this post with the correct links when they become available). The winner will then carry over into the next round until we are left with only 2 Gods remaining. There are more Guardians in this selection due to Guardian being the only class that doesn’t have a T5 skin yet.

The final 2 God’s chosen will then have concepts drawn up by the Hi-Rez team which will then be released for final voting, determining the overall winner!

As of yet, it is uncertain how the concept will be decided upon although Hi-Rez have stated there will be an opportunity for the community to submit their ideas later on. I believe a voting stage will later become available to decided on themes after the 2 God’s have been chosen, but that’s just my interpretation going from past events.

Voting Brackets

smite odyssey 2019 t5 vote 2

  • Bracket 3:
    • Voting on Bracket 2 has now closed and the results have been released. Bracket 3 is now open for voting! Here’s the link you need to place you votes on Bracket 3! This is the final round of voting and will leave us with the final 2 Gods who will then have concepts designed for them. Voting on Bracket 3 will close on June 28th at 11am EDT (3pm GMT).

smite odyssey 2019 t5 vote 3

The final 2 Gods have been selected and the results have been announced. The final 2 Gods are Ganesha and Ares! The next step requires concepts being created for both of these Gods. The community are welcome to make suggestions or even go as far as creating a whole concept with art to show, although this is not required to have your say.

Here are the links you will need to submit any ideas you have to the Smite Forum and Reddit Page. These pages also contain all the information you need to know about this stage of the event. Currently, there doesn’t seem to be a closing date, so I’ll update this post when it is announced!

odyssey 2019 voting 3.jpg

I’ll leave my choices here for anyone that’s interested:

Bracket 1:

Ymir vs. Ganesha

Poseidon vs. Odin

Sol vs. Amaterasu

Cerberus vs. Hou Yi

Discordia vs. Ra

Ares vs. Artemis

Loki vs. Nemesis

Athena vs. Achilles

The main Gods I’m interested in owning a T5 for are Amaterasu, Discordia and Nemesis. I wouldn’t mind one for Sol, and I think a T5 for Ganesha would be awesome!

Bracket 2:

Ganesha vs. Poseidon

Sol vs. Cerberus

Ra vs. Ares

Nemesis vs. Athena

Well, my first pick in Amaterasu has been cut short. At least Nemesis is still in with a chance. I’m honestly shocked that Loki didn’t beat her… I’m not complaining though!

Bracket 3:

Ganesha vs. Cerberus

Ares vs. Athena

I swear these results have been fixed! 5 Guardians were placed into the original starting God pool, and 4 of them have made it into the 3rd round. Considering Hi-Rez set out for Guardians to have a T5 in the first places makes it kind of suspicious to me. On the bright side, since none of the Gods I would have liked a T5 skin for made it this far, at least I can save some money this year!

For any other information, please refer to the Official Smite Odyssey T5 Skin Vote page here, although I’m pretty sure I covered it all!

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