GW2: Aurora: Awakening – Draconis Mons Master

Aurora: Awakening is the first set of collections towards the Legendary Trinket, Aurora. If you need to know how to get started and unlock the Aurora: Awakening collection, then please see my introductory post. I have also done posts on other Aurora sub collections, so you can see the posts for Bloodstone Fen Master, Ember Bay Master and Lake Doric Master here.

Here’s what the Aurora: Awakening collection looks like in the achievements tab:


This post is about the Draconis Mons Master collection and contains everything you need to know to complete this sub collection. Firstly, here’s what the collection looks like in the achievements panel:


There are 14 parts to this collection but you will complete most of them while working towards the Wayfarer’s Henge collection if you haven’t done so already.

1. Heavy Houndskin Mantle – 20 (out of 32) of the Flashpoint achievements need to be completed in order to complete the Flashpoint Mastery achievement and unlock the Houndskin Mantle armour box. Selecting any armour class will unlock the skin for all three weights so you don’t need to pick the heavy one specifically.

2. The Wayfarer’s Henge – Complete the achievement “The Wayfarer’s Henge” to unlock the Ascended Backpack. This is the biggest section to this achievement due to there being a whole separate series of 4 collections that you will need to be complete to reach the end goal of The Wayfarer’s Henge.

I’ve written a series of posts about this whole process (The Druid Stone, Awakening the Druid Stone, Sprouting the Druid Stone, A Henge Away From Home), so check those out if you haven’t completed them yet. Please be aware that you have to complete these achievements in order to unlock the next one and you will not be able to do these all in the same day as some items can only be bought once per day.


3. Scouting Party Supporter – Complete the Renown Heart “Help the Scouting Party” at Scout’s Clearing in Savage Rise. Once you have completed the heart, talk to Tactician Tunelle and purchase the item from him for 7,000 Karma.


4. Fiery Liberator – Complete the Renown Heart “Help the Prisoners” located in Heathen’s Hold. Once you have completed the heart, talk to the heart vendor and purchase the item.

5. Enemy of the Inquest – Complete the Renown Heart “Infiltrate the Inquest” located in Rata Arcanum. Once you have completed the heart, talk to the heart vendor and purchase the item.

6. Friend of the Golems – Complete the Renown Heart “Assist the Ancient Golems” located in Ancient Hollow. Once you have completed the heart, you can talk to the heart vendor and purchase the item.

7. Searing Ascender – Complete the jumping puzzle. The start of the puzzle begins at the Searing Ascent POI at Titan’s Throat, and the end is located at the south west side of the map (close to the Burial Chamber POI in Golemancer’s Tomb). This is a difficult jumping puzzle as it relies heavily on Oakheart Essence grapples which need to be used in specific places otherwise you will run out and have to start over.


I did not have the time or patience to do this myself since I’m terrible at using the grapples, so I decided to use LFG to find a Commander advertising ports. All I had to do was join the party and use the “Teleport to a Friend” item to port myself to the Commander who was stood by the chest. Easy. This was very common at the time of completing this collection myself (about 5 months ago) but I’m not sure how easy this will be to find now.

8. Ancient Asuran Wrench – Defeat the Devourer Champion located in the Golemancer’s Tomb on the upper level in Draconis Mons. You may need to wait for it to spawn and you will also need a few people to help you. Shout it out in map chat when it spawns if you need more people as there’s nothing significant nearby to draw other players in or to even notify them that the event has started.


9. Depleted Power Source – Found in Zinn’s Stashes located around Draconis Mons. Although this isn’t particularly difficult, it can be rather expensive and time consuming depending how lucky you are.


Firstly, you need to purchase the Technomagical Detector from Supplymaster Hanjo located next to Mariner’s Landing Waypoint for 1,000 Unbound Magic and 1 Gold.


Next, speak to Tactician Tunelle (the heart vendor) located at Scout’s Clearing in Savage Rise. You will need to have completed the heart before you can purchase an Ancient Asuran Power Source for 700 Karma. You must have purchased the Technomagical Detector for the power source to become available.


Activating this power source and using the “scan” ability will direct you to the nearest stash with the aid of a green line. You can activate it again using the icon “scan” above your 5th ability for the green line to appear again until you find the stash.


Once you have found the stash and opened it, you may or may not receive the Depleted Power Source. If you don’t receive it, you need to keep repeating this process until you get one, purchasing a new Ancient Asuran Power Source for each stash.

If you have a power source in your inventory, you may open chests that other players have located without the need to scan or consume a fresh power source you have purchased.

10. Ignis Heart – Defeat Ignis to unlock this item. Ignis is found at the Seething Pillar POI located on the lower level at the west side of Draconis Mons. Both Aestus and Ignis spawn at the same time during the group event “Defeat the Destroyer Lieutenants”.


11. Aestus Heart – Defeat Aestus to unlock the item. Legendary Aestus is found at the Frothing Pedestal POI located on the lower level at the east side of Draconis Mons. Aestus and Ignis spawn at the same time during the group event “Defeat the Destroyer Lieutenants”.


12. Bloodstone-Charged Lava Wurm Scale – Defeat the Bloodstone-Charged Lava Wurm located at the Wurm’s Furnace in Heathen’s Hold. This event spawns regularly and is fairly simple to complete.


13. Spirit Bough – Defeat the Greater Spirit of Nature located at the Eternal Pool on the middle level of Draconis Mons to the south. This is fairly straightforward to complete but you will need some people to help you. There are 3 phases to this event, the first being an escort event, then you will need to defeat waves of oakheart spirits before the Greater Wardbough will spawn.


14. Albino Orchid Blossom – Gathered from Primordial Orchids. Keep harvesting the Primordial Orchids located around the map until you pick up one of these. You might be lucky and get one straight away, but if not just keep trying.

I’m much later getting this post out than I originally imagined, but I hope to continue with more guides on Aurora and Chuka and Champawat even though they are being released less frequently. This is mainly due to not having the time to play Guild Wars 2 as much as I used to.

Hope you found this helpful! Stay posted for more guides coming soon!

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