GW2: Chuka and Champawat Vol. 3: Tigris: Naturalist’s Journal

The Naturalist’s Journal is a sub collection for the Chuka and Chamapawat Vol.3: Tigris Collection. This collection has 16 parts consisting of one crafted item and 15 journal entries.

I highly recommend you use a character that has 100% map completion, including the Heart of Thorns Maps (Verdant Brink and Tangled Depths needed) as this will make it much easier and faster to complete.

This took me about an hour to complete as it is similar to the Hunter’s Journal, some parts involving the same places as you’re retracing your steps. If you’re fine with jumping puzzles then this shouldn’t take you too long.

This is what the collection looks like in the achievement’s panel:


Crude Leather Book: Craft another Crude Leather Book and take it to Cymbel in Fields of Ruin. You will now be able to complete the entries in order. Cymbel is found at Cymbel’s Rescue grounds south of Deathblade’s Watch Waypoint as shown in the screenshot below.


Entry 1: “Cymbel suggested that I restart at the beginning of my hunt to better understand what happened to the tigers. I’ll return to Metrica Province and follow their trail backward into the jungle. Members of the Aqualimit Krewe near Fisher’s Beach Bend might point me in the right direction.”


Speak to the Aqualimit Leader stood outside a tent located at the yellow circle. Travel to Rana Landing Comples Waypoint and head directly west.

Entry 2: “Memories of the Tigers are still fresh here – a local asura recalled seeing the tigers pass through. If I follow the river near Fisher’s Beach towards the jungle, I should find more clues.”


After speaking to the Aqualimit Leader, head further west and jump up the cliff to find the first set of tiger tracks leading over the cliff. Consult your journal for the next entry.

Entry 3: “I’ve found the trail! These Cliffside tracks appear to lead to the SCAR Bivouac in Tangled Depth. The path is difficult so I’ll take an easier route.”


Speak with Shrael Backstab at the SCAR Outpost. All events here will need to be completed in order to speak with him. Travel to SCAR Camp Waypoint located in SCAR Bivouac in Tangled Depths, if this waypoint is contested then the outpost events will need to be completed first (all events are located within the circle boundary).

Entry 4: “Tangled Depths is an extremely inhospitable place. While working with the Vigil to secure a foothold, I was able to find someone with a promising lead. According the Shrael Backstab, a pair of tigers passed through, hounded by a Squad of Modrem Guard. He first spotted them leaping down from the cliffs to the north. There may be more clues to uncover in Cascade Descent.”


Head east from SCAR Outpost Waypoint all the way up to the east wall. Here you will need to complete a short jumping puzzle. Jump up the mushrooms leading higher up the cliff here and follow the general direction of the arrows shown on the screenshot above. This will bring you out at the top of the waterfall and the den can be found within the rocks to the right of the waterfall and vista.

Entry 5: “I discovered a tigers’ den in ruins and found a Mordrem arrow among the wreckage. Are the Mordrem actively hunting tigers? Have other tigers been targeted? I remember seeing other tigers near Wyvern Cliffs in Verdant Brink, I should investigate there.”


Travel to Jaka Itzel Waypoint located in Verdant Brink. Make your way up the north most path on the level above the Fumerol Caves and onto the clearing of Wyvern Cliffs. Head east to the edge of the cliffs where you will find other tigers and some tiger blood.

Entry 6: “A revelation? There’s clear evidence at Wyvern Cliffs that Mordremoth is actively slaying tigers to strengthen his Mordrem army. The Mordrem forced the tiger pair out the jungle, but what caused their spree of violence? Other tigers I observed avoided interaction with intelligent races. At Cymbel’s suggestion, I’m retracing my steps. First stop: Oola’s lab in Metrica Provence.”


Travel to Cuatl Waypoint located in Cuatl Morass in Metrica Province. You will need an Energy Crystal to be able to open the gates to the mini dungeon to in order to reach the tiger tracks located at the end.


Alternatively, if you have the Springer mount, you can travel to Akk Wilds Waypoint and use the Springer to jump up the cliff to the end of the mini dungeon to interact with the tracks without needing an Energy Crystal. Unfortunately this wasn’t an option when I did the collection, so I had to do it the hard way!

Entry 7: “I don’t recall reports of violence from the tigers during their stay here. They caused fear and were a bit of a nuisance, but there weren’t any attacks. The nearby lab turrets are a real issue for me, and I suspect they were for the tigers as well. The tigers were next spotted near Dreamdark Enclave in Caledon Forest. Maybe I’ll find something on the cliffs near there.”


Travel to Spiral Waypoint in Caledon Forest. Here you will firstly need to do the Morgan’s Leap Jumping Puzzle located at Morgan’s Spiral. This puzzle is fairly simple and will bring you to a chest around the area where the first arrow on the screenshot above ends.

Next you will need to head into Dreamdark Enclave and complete the jumping puzzle inside. Make sure you use the mushrooms to descend into the Enclave as the drop will kill you and gliding is disabled. A few enemies will be at the bottom so do your best to avoid them . This puzzle can be quite tricky with a few difficult jumps and it can get quite high, so if you fall you could die and have to start Morgan’s Spiral again. When you get to the end of the puzzle, head east and drop down to a lower level of the cliff. You will find the tiger den there.

Entry 8: “At Dreamdark Enclave, I found the beginnings of a small den, apparently abandoned before it was completed. What sort of predator did these two fierce animals fear? As I recall, the tigers didn’t commit any real violence here, either. Perhaps Southsun Cove will provide more answers. The tracks I found at Southsun were on a sandbar below a plateau. I hear there’s a path the get above.”


Travel to Lion Point Waypoint located on the north coast of Southsun Cove. Here you will need to complete another jumping puzzle (starting at the arrows) to get to the next tiger den.


This is quite a tricky jumping puzzle, particularly at the start as you have to do it quickly in time with the springs. Some of the rocks are also a bit slippery later one, so just take your time with it if you haven’t done it before. The tiger den is located on the west side of the island in Southsun Straight. If the Champion Wind Raider is there, I suggest you walk around the north edge as the step after this is to defeat it. If you kill it before interacting with the tiger den, you will have to wait for it to respawn.

Entry 9: “Another den, this one also abandoned. The tigers weren’t here when I previously tracked them this far. Something else must have driven them away. I’ll search for powerful creatures nearby.”


Now you will need to defeat the Champion Wind Raider. It will spawn somewhere in the blue circle, so if it’s not there then just wait for it otherwise you will have to do the puzzle again to get to it and try again. I remember finding this difficult alone so I advise you kill all the smaller enemies in the area first so you don’t aggro them during the fight and bring friends with you if you can.

Entry 10: “I found the creature that drove the tigers out. Could the powerful fauna and the lack of weak prey be the reasons behind the tigers’ hunting of settlers? Each step seems to bring more questions. I’ll hunt for more answers in Verarium Delves in Sparkfly Fen.”


Travel to Ocean’s Gullet Waypoint located in Orvanic Shore in Sparkfly Fen. Head west and enter the cave where the Hero Point is located and pass through to the clearing at the other side. Here you will see some ascending stones taking you into another cave. When you come out of this cave, immediately turn right and drop down to the next level. The tiger den is located here.

Entry 11: “Another den, also clearly abandoned before completion. Is it normal for tigers to put such effort into their shelters? I think I caught up with them too quickly for them to leave any real clues here. On to my next destination, Twoheaded Meadows in Lornar’s Pass.” 


Travel to Demon’s Maw Waypoint in the south west corner of Lornar’s Pass. Head south following the arrows into the ettin territory and you will come across the tiger den on top of a small cliff on the south wall.

Entry 12: “I ran across another den here, but it was barely started. It seems the ettins took an immediate interest in the tigers. Still, I feel like I’m on the edge of a discovery! Rather than search the Shiverpeaks, I’m going to head quickly to the Crimson Plateau.”


Travel to Redreave Mill located in Reaper’s Corridor in Diessa Plateau and head south. You will need to do this jumping puzzle again like for the Hunter’s journal (roughly following the arrows) but instead of dropping into the clearing you need to jump onto the platform above with the big tree. The tiger den is located under the tree. If you drop into the clearing, you will have to start the jumping puzzle again.

Entry 13: “Nestled within the roots of a large oak, I found yet another den, which they abandoned a day later. They were obviously set on finding shelter from something. I’m so close to a breakthrough! I think I’ll skip camping tonight and head straight to Lorclaw Expanse.”


Travel to Loreclaw Waypoint located in Loreclaw Expanse in the south of Plains of Ashford. Climb the cliff to the east and head into a cave where you will come across another jumping puzzle. This one has traps in, so be careful not to get it as they can kill you pretty easily. Thankfully you don’t have to do the whole puzzle this time. You will soon come to a narrow beam to walk across leading to some steps ascending to the right and an opening in the rock in front of you. Head through the opening and you will find the tiger den.

Entry 14: “Each place they stopped was more remote than the last, yet nowhere seemed to provide the protection they sought. I hope to find an answer at Halkor Meadows, the last place the tiger stopped before I ended her rampage. I have no idea what to expect, but I’m ready for anything.” 


Head to Rosko’s Campsite Waypoint located in Gillfarn Plains in the north of Fields of Ruin. Head east into the camp and up the scaffolding onto the cliffs. Cross onto the eastern cliff using the tall stones, head up the cliff past where you fought the tiger before and turn left at the edge of the cliff. Drop down slightly to a lower level and just round the corner you will find the last tiger den for this journal.

Entry 15: “The last piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. This wasn’t the revelation I expected. I was wrong, I wasn’t ready for anything. I am a fool. This wasn’t some mindless rampage. The tigers weren’t bloodthirsty man-eaters, and they weren’t hiding from some mysterious predator. My pursuit left them no choice – here, in the final den, barely clinging to life, are three tiny cubs. Their fates were sealed from the moment I saw their parents as trophies. With the three helpless cubs loaded in my pack, I’m returning to Cymbel as fast as possible. I hope she can save them!”


Return to Cymbel in Fields of Ruin and speak with her. You will still need to complete any events in Cymbel’s Refuge before you can talk to her and she will reward you with the Completed Naturalist’s Journal.

Entry 16: “I’m a foster parent! Cymbel saved the cubs! They’re in her care until they regain her strength. Once they’re strong enough she’ll help me raise them. I owe them that much. It’s bittersweet – I close out this journal with regret of my actions, but also with excitement for the future. I originally set out to prove my prowess as a great hunter. Now I find myself starting a greater challenge as a foster parent to my game’s children. Signed Ivanna Karasu, Naturalist.”

Congratulations on completing your journal! The next step will now be moving onto Volume 4, so stay tuned for more posts on the Chuka and Champawat collection!

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    1. The Hunt was definitely the best part! This is similar but not as fun as it’s a bit repetitive of the Hunter’s Journal. I was aiming to craft the final Legendary last year, but got distracted by LWS3…

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